Iraq: That’s It!


The World body’s Security Council has–eventually–given a near unanimous approval to the lifting of sanctions on Iraq and the United States and Britain obtained permission to run the country with its oil riches–perhaps till eternity.

Some countries especially France, Russia, China and Germany had some reservations over the original draft and they apparently dropped their objections following some so-called concessions by the United States to pave the way for its approval. However, these insignificant concessions have little practical relevance as far as aggression, occupation and governance of post-war Iraq are concerned.

These are believed to be only a face saving device for the countries opposing passage of the resolution, as there are reports that dissenting voices were silenced through different means of coercion.

France that played a leading role in preventing adoption of the UN resolution that would have given legal cover to the United States and Britain for their naked aggression against a defenseless nation, is already facing US economic, military and diplomatic sanctions as a punishment.

Similarly, Russian President Putin too is trying to mend fences by declaring that he would work with his US counterpart on all fronts in a bid to repair relations marred by disagreements over Iraq.

It is, therefore, quite understandable that Russian and French support to the latest resolution is aimed at neutralizing negative effects of their earlier opposition to US designs about Iraq. Different nations are extending support to the United States and Britain in post-war activities in Iraq because of the dictates of the ground realities.

However, there is no denying the fact that passage of the resolution for lifting of sanctions and authorization to the two countries to exploit natural resources of Iraq is nothing but an act to legalize the aggression.

It is ironical that Iraqi people, to whom the oil wealth legitimately belonged, were barred from exploiting this resource for 13 long years. During this period, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis especially children and women perished due to non-availability of medicines and malnutrition.

However, the conscience of the world community and especially the United States and Britain did not prick. Now immediately after occupation of the country, they have managed to do away with the sanctions. This clearly proves that the war was all about oil and that “might is right” is the order of the day–as has always been envisioned by the pragmatic world.

So, that’s it–an epoch with Lincoln’s axiom, ‘government by the people, for the people n’ of the people’ ends–indexing centuries’ old system into the pages of history–opening a new chapter–in the East India Company style–yet cruising through the pedestal [of United Nations] in place of a Vessel or Yacht. Its’ the Columbus style!

‘When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot n’ hang on’ [Franklin D. Roosevelt]

All the best to you–Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, the sparkling marines–with the twitchy people of sanctified soil of Iraq who must have couched the maxim of theorist of his epoch, Coach Don Scula in their minds:

‘Success is not fore-ever and a failure is not fatal’.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.