Iraq Wins: USA Loses

As we sit in SHOCK and AWE at the brutal carnage of the Iraqi invasion by General Tommy Franks and our troops and as we sit in amazement at the demonstrations around the world against us and our war, we cant help but wonder just who are the real losers here?

While Saddam might get killed and the Baath party might get dismembered and the Iraqi people might get their country back, and George Bush Sr. and his Carlyle group might get control of the oil, we have to ask ourselves, what did we, US citizens, get out of this?

We will never be the same again. We have overtaken Israel to become the most hated nation in the middle east and the world. We have lost our credibility and earned the wrath of the whole free world in the process.

Our country is deeply divided. Families are being torn apart. The issue of war transcends partisanship. One is no longer just Democrat or Republican. Nowadays one is either pro peace or pro war. Senator Joe Liebermann is a fine example of a pro war democrat. Not a few members of the Bush administrations diplomats have resigned in disgust with our bully foreign policy.

Nobody wins here but Paul Wolfowitz and his Zionist team. Nobody wins here but Ariel Sharon and his “thousand eyes for an eye” policies. The unjust Iraqi invasion will only further embolden the “man of peace” to attack his neighbors using Israels WMD. We ignore the fact that Israel has broken dozens of UN resolutions.

We invaded Iraq for breaking UN resolutions and we just broke the biggest UN resolution that the world has ever known that was asking for more time for the UN inspectors to do their job. We also managed to make enemies with our allies France and Germany, not to mention Russia and China.

As we see it we Americans are the biggest losers in this gulf War part II. Even in death, Saddam will be a hero to some in his country and in the Arab world while Bush will go down in history as the most hated man on the planet. Saddam will rest in peace while we Americans, will have to spend the rest of our lives living in fear and terror from George Bush’s belated fathers day gift to George Bush, the elder.

Mr. Joseph Ysrael (pseudonym) is a freelance writer. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.