Iraqi Children

you wanted a villain 
so you got him 
you wanted to create a monster 
so you did 
life is not a Hollywood movie 
and the desert was not a backdrop 
of a studio 
Armed forces were not the extras 
(They are now suffering from the desert storm syndrome) 
there were no props and cuts 
Baghdad was not a movie set 
Where the real bombs were dropped 
Did you ever go back to see if the splinter 
Of bomb had licked the life of a civilian 
or a child. 
what do you care you just wanted to show 
your military superiority 
so you did. 
A little country smaller than your toe has 
Kicked you so hard that you have to invite the whole world To attack her. 
Was it an experiment of a new weapon? 
Baghdad is a not laboratory. Baghdad is a history. 
The economic embargo is the biggest racist notion.
I have ever seen in the modern history. 
Iraqi children are drinking milk and eating food 
Laced with your arsenic. 
You have sown a crop of hatred and I am afraid 
When it is going to be the harvest time.