Irony of Iraq & The history of New World Order

Sept. 11 2001’s terrorist attacks on the American soil that had reshaped the history of Afghanistan and then Iraq. Critics are of the opinion that it was US foreign policy penchant towards Israel and other US backed favorable nations that had forced people’s perceptions against America.

Nations can either build trust or weapons not both, but the invaders of Iraq wants both the supremacy over the oil rich poor nation (Iraq) with the help of weaponry command and the trust of the other developed nation like France and Russia to get assistance of financial grounds for the rehabilitation of Iraq. Although America had successfully executed its biased theory of “War against Terrorism,” but what it had failed to achieve is the deliberate policy measures to satisfy the wants of the rehabilitative modus operandi in Afghanistan and Iraq. That shows that giving coup-de-grace to the original plot of Iraq is far away specially after the attack on United Nation’s headquarters in Iraq killing 20 of its personnel’s on August 19, 2003.

Although, few but the strongest nations of the world condemned this act of individual interest i.e. the supreme command over Iraq. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the US-led offensive as a “Serious political mistake.” On the other hand German chancellor Gerhard called it a “defeat for politics.” But the question here is why the coalition forces are so monomaniac over the issue of Iraq rather than the fragile and realistic issues of Palestine and Kashmir.

Analyze the situation back to August 1990 and closely review the Gulf situation when Iraq’s the then President Saddam Hussein attacked and annexed Kuwait and began the worse chapter of gulf crisis. Because Iraqi action was against the rules of international law governed by the United Nations in that case UN declared it “Null and void” and started suppressing Iraqi president Saddam to withdraw its forces from Kuwait on or before January 15, 1991. That was the era when the so-called “New World Order,” emerged globally.

The invasion of Kuwait provided enough justification of initiating a war in the Gulf region. The post Cold war period, the surrender of the Soviet Union as a super power and the victory of the US in the Gulf war all resulted in opening a new chapter of political and economic power for the US in the world affairs. The coalition of the US and British forces to invade Iraq in the beginning of the technical century is just the page of a history when US troops landed in Middle East in the uniform of savior and made the US strategy optimistic that it is not going to be challenged scenario which emerged after the destruction of Iraq. The then US president (senior) George Bush confirmed that a “New World Order” had emerged. On Sep 11, 1990 President Bush in his historical speech to the congress stated “A hundred generation searched for an elusive to peace but now a New World Order was struggling to be born. We are now in sight.” The vague picture of the NWO is that there is no rival to his power of US.

The Gulf war gave the US an unqualified status. It further demonstrated that it is not only the sole power, but also possesses the will to conquer its political, specifically economical objectives whenever the need arises and the current invasion of Iraq is the outcome of this self created status. When ground troops rushed towards Baghdad, the severe second day’s air strike over Basra and Baghdad and the mother of all bombs showered over the innocent civilians is the practical exercise of the then NWO declared by George Bush in 1990’s. It had once again proved that there is not a single rival party in the front line of US. In reality it has nothing to do with recognized principles of inter-state conduct but is largely being shaped on the basis of perceptions, policies and objectives of the United States.

From the above discussions I had clearly mentioned the main objective of the NWO i.e. the supremacy of west over the weaker but economically (oil rich) territories. However executing or implementing the invasion of Iraq besides the support Islamic Nations of using its Airfields are making the south Asian strategic political modus Operandi and geographical position more fragile. By using the Muslim nations against the invasion of another Muslim nation had made the western political strategy in such a way that could hold their power over the entire South Asian region ad infinitum. These strategic could be:

– Control supply of arm in the entire region so they do not challenge US interests.

– Exercise decisive influence on the availability of prices (specially Oil price).

– Prevention of acquisition of sophisticated technology especially nuclear technology. (Bio-chemical technology in case of Iraq).

– Facilitation of the solution of political problems in the best interest of US.

– Maintenance of the US military presence in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

– Decreasing the strengthening position of the new regional power

Given the present reconstruction policy by US is the real perception of the invasion of Iraq, mush likely in terms of the sovereignty of the economic and political objectives.

After giving the open but perplexed ultimatum to the president of Iraq by the president of another nation (President Bush) to leave Iraq with his entire family and lately rejection of this bullying offer by the Iraqi president Saddam, gave the full fledged authority to the US and British coalition plenipotentiaries on March 20, 03 to order around 280,000 troops in the Gulf star to strike on Iraq. It was nothing but the absolute failure of the worlds leading super power nations who claimed themselves as the torchbearers of peacekeepers and the main responsibly of this failed mechanism goes to the United Nations who carry number of weakened resolution within itself to carry the motion of invasion by a nation to a nation.

The active and much charged partners of the so-called “War against terrorism,” had found their new way to invade Iraq by using UNSC resolution 1441 calling for military ‘de-fanging,’ Iraq upset the entire global consensus. Already ignoring the drafts prepared by the UN chemical inspectors that Iraq had fully supported on all the ground. The resolution 1441 of the UN is nothing but the opening of the new chapter for the world’s strongest nations to act, as “Individualism” when ever need comes to fulfill its political agenda. It does not matter whether the interest is demanding the hostile military suppression over the weaker territories or the unwanted intervention in the economical and political objects of any nation residing any location in the entire globe. Although it was clearly stated in the charter of UN passed unanimously by the 50 nations on June 20, 1945 after the failure of the League of Nation that; “Combine efforts should be made for the assurance of the global peace.” However in case of Iraq the major economic power like France, China, and Russia along with the Security Council are regretting on the hostile attitude of US and Britain towards Iraq.

In particular case of Pakistan, this changed situation is challenging and perplexed specially by the immense demand of sending Pakistani troops for the reconstruction of Iraq. It is therefore necessary for Pakistan to review its foreign policy in terms of the wants and strategic political and regional objectives of the superior nations. Before the Sept 11 incident on the US soil, president Junior Bush repeatedly stated his hatred over the nuclear advancement in the South Asian region particularly Pakistan and India. God knows what lies ahead in the ponderosa box for India and Pakistan if America continues his support for Pakistan in silhouettes of War Against Terrorism at one side besides not pressuring India to resolve the issue of Kashmir the a way they raises other issues to resolve.

However, after Sept 11 shock, US had badly needed the full support of Pakistan on “War against terrorism,” specifically to capture Afghani terrorists. According to the political analysts what US need at this time is the absolute assurance and much favorable support of Pakistan till the achievement of its optimum strategic goals i.e. political, regional and economic strategic agenda over South Asian Oil rich nations. It has been in analysis since the Clinton administration that the two issues are on the top of the US agenda one is the Afghanistan Sega and the second is Iraq. Somehow they had managed to attain the certain level of satisfaction over Afghanistan issue. But the tickling matter of Iraqis rehabilitation is still in the pipeline.

Post war scenario:

Started at dawn of March 18, 2003 and ended with in weeks. It is hard to be discovered who had actually won that war. As the issue of Weapons of mass destruction’s possession by Iraqi govt. is yet to resolve infect it is getting complicated after the death of Kelly and the bon mot statement of Hans Blix that Iraq destroyed all of its scary weapons more than decay ago. But one thing is crystal clear that a new war has just begun in Iraq, the war of struggle for the independent land where there would be no share of allied forces. In this regard Iraqi’s had straightaway rejected any candidate nominated by the US government to govern them as they possess little faith on him as they consider him another player of the west?

Now! What will be the future of Iraq? Who will get the absolute sovereignty? And whom Iraqi people will trust to handover their land are some of the trifling questions that need the dire attention or will face consequences. As time had proved that WMD’s was just an excuse to quite the international media along with the UN that according to Hans Brix (UN chief of inspection to Iraq) had repeatedly stated that although Iraqi govt. had provided extended support to inspect, still they had nothing to discover.

After the fall of Iraq, brutal massacre of Uday and Qusay ended at Hollywood style capturing Saddam, the devastation faced by UN loosing its number of personnel’s, the massacre of Shiite leader at mosque and the casualties faced by the coalition forces at regular bases had open the new fears for the coalition forces to review its withholding strategy once again as the administrative responsibility is yet to achieve., the new Iraq has just emerged where there’s a greater influence of the west than the original due share of Iraqi’s as no of a oil related investment projects are given to the major int. agencies over the import and export of Oil.

Now people are following wait and watch criteria to fully recovered peace in Iraq. So taking lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan, it is the high time for the west to think before invades and for Muslims including Pakistan and specially Iran who is at the brink of diplomatic war, to review its foreign policy under Islamic jurisprudence and virtually exercise it and no matter what economic and political state of affairs they are facing internally it is their bound duty to support Iraq financially and morally with or without United Nations support.