Is Osama a fugitive? Or operation Noble Eagle has economic interests?

“Osama bin Laden may be the most dangerous non-state terrorist in the world.” Said Sandy Berger, U.S National Security adviser in August 1998. Bin Laden had inauspicious beginning in an auspicious family, born in Riyadh in 1957, Osama’s father, Mohammed bin Laden had moved from Yemen and on the backing of the royal family, became fabulously rich, it is said his father had constructed the most difficult and tedious road link from Mecca to Taif, while inaugurating the same, King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz asked Bin Laden how much profit he has earned in this contract? Simple Mohammed bin Laden remained silent to this query from the King, the King asked the Engineering department to put up a breakup of the completion cost of this project, who informed the King that Bin Laden has suffered heavy losses but he did not compromise on the quality of work involved. The King rewarded Bin Laden for his integrity and honesty and this established the name of Bin Laden in Saudi construction domain and it is reported that construction of most of the American bases in Saudi Arabia were also awarded to him.

While a student of Management and Economics at King Abdul Aziz University in early eighties, he came under influence of a teacher é Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian, Azzam introduced Osama bin Laden to the intertwined world of Arab politics and religion. After the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets in December 1979, bin Laden found a chance to express his faith and commitment in service to humanity, he started funding and building schools and shelters for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. By the mid é 1980’s, e had moved into Afghanistan itself, building roads, tunneling hideouts for the Muslim rebels, or Mujahadeen, who resisted the Soviet invasion, this also had American backing. Gradually, with increasing American support bin Laden moved to fighting. The Soviets even reportedly put a price for his head as the Americans have done it after the bombing on U.S embassies in Nairobi and Darus Salaam. These battles with active support of United States through Pakistan cooperation brought an end not only to Soviet occupation in Afghanistan but the fall of the Soviet might. His teacher Sheikh Abdullah Azzam had died in this warfare.

Osama bin Laden was widely honored as a hero of the fall of Soviet Union by Americans as well as the Saudis when he returned back to Saudi Arabia to take control of his construction business. In 1992 he claimed responsibility for attempting to bomb U.S soldiers in Yemen and attacks in Somalia in 1993. By then the Saudis wanted him out of their country, which took him to Khartoum and later Americans as expected exerted their pressure on Sudan to expel him. He left Sudan for Afghanistan in the spring of 1996. On 7th August 1998, U.S embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed. A total of 226 people including 12 Americans were killed. U.S blamed Osama for the attacks; this suspicion was based on embassy bombing date with 1990 when President Bush deployed U.S troops in the operation desert storm. Later U.S investigators found all connections leading to this attack on Osama, one wonders the same teams of investigators who cost heavily on tax payers money have never been able to unearth any such conspiracy in advance, may be due to requirements of political expediency the allow these to happen as has been the case of black Tuesday in New York and Washington.

Whatever has happened in New York and Pentagon on 11th September was devastating and unacceptable to everyone with little respect for dignity and value of human life, thousands of innocent people including hundreds of Muslims, no body has questioned the failure of super powers most sophisticated air defense and control system, which gives birth to suspicion that this may have been a plot to launch their offensive in the East, which we have been reading in through books and think tank reports under discussion over the years in USA. Reading between the lines, can one imagine the air space of New York and Washington without any emergency contingency plan for over an hour on the frightening Tuesday morning or this was a deliberate attempt to let the so-called attackers succeed in targeting World trade Center and the Pentagon to provide justification in their tirade against Islam and Afghanistan the gateway of Central Asian Republic overseeing the Silk Route. Now that media is exploiting all avenues to defame Islam and Musalmans as barbarians and an Operation called Noble Eagle has been announced little realizing that the facts concealed behind this whole game plan has started unfolding their contradictions involved in this conspiracy pointing towards their own involvement which can not be easily ruled out. These counterproductive events will sooner or later expose the hidden hands behind this plot on which the U.S administration is trying to build a case against Muslims in general and Osama in particular as a prime suspect in the case without any concrete and material evidence to the fact of his personal involvement in the attack, which he has categorically denied. We hold no brief on Osama’s innocence, if he is guilty he should be brought before the bar of justice in a fair trial in a neutral country and onus to prove his guilt lies squarely on the U.S administration.

Need of a fair trial based on requirement of norms of justice, is the essence of the claim made by U.S, which have been denied by Osama, many loopholes in the case leading to suspicion have been noticed by common man around the globe, the way Muslim community in USA has been targeted with ulterior motives, little realizing that more than 3000 Muslims worked in the twin tower on daily basis. Nobody has questioned as to who was the man on the scene at about 8,45 a.m. with a cam-coder making the film of the first attack. How come he was there at the right place at the right time? Whereas the American Air Traffic and Air Defense Control were not available to rescue the situation from unfolding the remaining horrors in this tragedy. Involvement of media, which is owned by a particular lobby cannot escape notice by investigators, who may have planned this horror to launch another crusade against Islam as predicted in various prophesies and think tank reports in their frenzy of economic and political control of the world.

CNN and other electronic media was quick in maligning Muslim for this tragedy that stories were planted, they are typical é Arabic, Quran, Passport of the hijacker flying on a domestic flight. However based on briefing from multiple law enforcement agencies, CNN reported that Adnan Bukhari and Ameer Bukhari of Vero Beach, Florida, were suspected to be two pilots who crashed planes into World Trade Center. It was later reported that Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida, where the FBI questioned him. A federal law enforcement source has reportedly now told CNN that Adnan Bukhari passed a FBI polygraph and is not considered a suspect. Ameer Bukhari, his brother had died in a small plane crash last year. Also there has been no mention of any description given by dozen of passengers calling their kith and kin’s from the hijacked planes in the last few minutes of their lives. Something must have been said? Nobody calls his family and avoids the question of who is doing this? They must have mentioned his accent, his skin, tone, his nationality, and the language he was speaking with his colleagues.

I would like the readers to asses the looming dangers attached to the operation Noble Eagle, from the outset of this tragic incident of 11th September one thing is strange coincidence President Bush and the Secretary of State General Collin Powel are talking of a long duration of war, which amply means that the aim and target of Operation Noble Eagle are much more than what is being claimed under claim for Osama dead or alive by the Americans, the aim being driving economic and security interest. World conscience is sleeping over the atrocities committed by USA in 2nd world war and bombing of Hiroshima, massacre in Vietnam and Korea that after half a century the effects of American barbaric acts are still seen in newly born handicapped babies in these areas é Nobody has ever talked to put the American to face the bar of justice. Why? People killed by Israel in Palestine and Kashmiris by India are not considered loss of human beings under the strategic and political expediency of the West.

Now Osama phobia has exposed true American colour of human right and advance urban civilized nation when not only Waqar was shot dead in a grocery store in Dallas for his fault of being a Muslim and Pakistani and Sardar Balbair Singh was killed in Arizona because his turban looked similar to Osama cap, like many other such like incidents provoked by media in U.S. All Muslim communities including the Arabs have been forced to live under siege in United States, where is the pride of American Statue of liberty gone? People have experienced revenge and hatred from their fellow white American people, which is worst in its kind to happen to somebody, it is a slur on the face of the so-called civilized society in America. Stooping so low to secure their economic interest, most likely involving Muslim on one side and non-Muslims on the other. Escalation is made more likely if aspiring Muslim core states compete to provide assistance to their embattled coreligionist. A more dangerous source of a global inter-civilizational war is the shifting balance of power among civilizations and their core states, the rise of China and the increasing assertiveness of this biggest player in the history of 21st Century has placed tremendous challenges to the stability of Money Mafia in the early 21st Century. The emergence of a strategic alliance and cooperation among China, Russia, and Iran has paved the way for China becoming a dominant power not only in East, Southeast Asia but the whole world, which is contrary to American and World Jewry’s interest as they have been historically controlled. We have to save ourselves from this situation and hope sanity prevails with the Americans. God may bless this Universe from any disaster.