Is PA legitimacy an affront to the New World Order?

The situation that is playing itself out in Palestine is not unique in Islamic history. We’ve read it all before, still we forget. When the Palestinian people elected Hamas to administer their affairs, perhaps they didn’t understand that at that moment, they had stepped into the crosshairs of the new world order, challenging, in fact threatening, the very premise upon which the idea and success of a single world government is staked, that being that only governments that are secular, (even if they operate under the cover of religiosity like Zionist Judaism and Christianity), that are co-opted and cooperative, and that meet a certain ideological, and perhaps even racial criteria can be allowed to have authority in a world that is to be dominated, in fact dictated to by the neo-cons in the US, Israel and the EU and their various proxies, strategically selected, armed to the teeth and trained to serve the Order in various regions of the world. The people, our groups, our movements, our organizations are not allowed power, and especially not if they are Islamic.

The tidy little plan to dominate and dictate through brute strength, and the threat of nuclear annihilation, as well as the creation of self serving laws, and various other legal, moral and cultural paradigms like legalized torture, blatant racism, and social Darwinism, to be stuffed violently if necessary, down the throats of the “others,” a moniker that describes anyone who dissents, or disagrees with the one world mantra, which includes the right of Israel to exist and expand through conquest, and the criminality of individual sovereignty, civil liberties and human rights, especially the right to be armed and to resist militarily the illegal occupation of your country by any of these illegitimate authorities, acting unilaterally or in coalition, is threatened by any type of successful moderation, normalization and/or inclusion of Islamic groups. For people to confer authority to these groups is an absolute new world order “no, no.” The reason for that is pretty obvious. For those who don’t get it yet, it has something to do with belief in “ONE” God, who has authority over the “One” world government coalition. It has something to do with a book, called Qur’an that serves as a guiding light to its readers, and that steers them away from physical, spiritual and psychological subservience to other created beings and things. In other words, Islamic government and groups are not acceptable authorities because a world order that is created through fear, and intimidation, and intellectual, and spiritual enslavement to weird and dark ideas, cannot compete with a way of life, and laws that uphold virtues as the most honored human merits, and that promises eternal life near God after death, which essentially takes away the fear of death, rendering that type of fear a useless tool of coercion. It teaches that God is the bestower, and the sustainer, and that He allocates wealth according to His plan, taking the teeth out of the threat of economic sanctions. He describes Himself as the friend of those who have no friends, and the protector of those who have no protector, He endears Himself to His followers until they love Him, and once they Love Him, and He loves them, no one can stop them. He said in the Qur’an, “when they give up hope in everything except God, God will send them leaders.” That might be what happened in Palestine in January of 2006.The Qur’an also empowers the human imagination to breech limits, and to destroy paradigms, and it trains hearts and demands that they have faith and vision, that believers trust God, and follow the guidance of an unseen entity that is all powerful, and empowering, and who rewards every action performed for His pleasure with eternal life. Neither Olmert, Bush or Blair can compete with that, and neither can Rice and Kissenger and Albright, or Rumsfeld, and Cohen, or anyone else, including the Elders of Zion. They know, even if Muslims don’t, that Islam cannot be conformed to their objectives, and that its adherents cannot be enslaved to carry out their bidding, and that the Islamic ideals of freedom, and individual power, and sovereignty and liberty are standing guard over one of the richest, and most coveted regions of the world. Hamas should not take its struggles personally. It is what God promised, so rejoice.

If you don’t believe this suggestion that some influence is attempting to remake the world in the image of evil, and that this same influence is arranging to be an all powerful created entity that will act on earth as a sovereign god like entity, ask yourself why the US Constitution allows, in fact says that the citizenry should be armed, that we should have militia, and that at all times the power of the state must be balanced, and checked by the power of the people, who have the right, collectively and individually to protect their collective and individual rights, borders, and way of life, yet the US is busy working to deny these same rights to others, and also to its own citizens, as are many of the other co-opted governments who have bought into the neo-con worldview.

Who would have guessed that our President, regardless of who he is, would ever act to legitimize torture under any circumstance? Even worse, who would imagine that the argument to allow torture would be “what if we know that someone knows about an imminent attack and we want to get the details out of them before innocent people are hurt or killed?” How would anyone know that someone knows the details of an imminent attack without also knowing about the attack ourselves? And if we don’t already know the details, how would we know if they would tell us the truth, keeping in mind that a person being tortured is more likely to tell us what we want to know. As we have seen, such misinformation can also endanger people, just as it has in Iraq. Just as it has hurt and killed nearly 3000 dead US soldiers and Marines, and the thousands more of our children who have been disabled and maimed and psychologically damaged in a misadventure that was guided and supported by lies and false confessions. In fact entire countries of people, with one vote by an errant, deceived and power drunk Congress, have been made to co-sign an immoral legislative justification of an act that the world has deemed criminal and immoral, and who, as a result, now stand unknowingly in the path of divine retribution that will come one day to take its toll, and manifest as justice, which is a divinely conceived and revealed concept, and not one dreamt up by men that can be cancelled by a vote. While we’re killing and torturing, God is probably plotting a lesson or two for us. There is a hadith that says “be careful of the prayers of the oppressed since there is no barrier between the oppressed and God.” He hears and answers their prayers for justice in ways that we may not be able to anticipate. We cannot claim to be a Christian country, and act as though we are oblivious to the idea of justice. And the Jews, aren’t they the people that God taught, “If you kill one innocent person, you kill all of humanity, if you save one, you save all of humanity.” They have been killing all of humanity through their evil acts carried out against the Palestinian people, and we can look at Israel, and the US and the rest of the world and see that humanity is reeling, and staggering from the burden of so much spilled blood…and for what?

Hizbollah and Hamas did not begin as governments, but rather they began as movements that sprung up as non-government entities, which came into being to serve societies of people whose government’s or leaders either could not, or would not meet their obligations to provide and protect, or where no governments existed, as in Palestine. They are legitimized by the popular support of the people, and in both situations, in Lebanon and also in Palestine, surviving an electoral process where voters had a choice, and cast a vote has also legitimized these movements, and their roles in governments, and as governments. It does not get more basic than this in any conversation about democracy, self determination, freedom, etc., which makes Condoleeza Rice’s blatant attempts to undermine the PA a mockery, and a vulgar demonstration of rudeness, arrogance and racist supremacism. How can a Secretary of State of a government that claims to be waging a war on terrorism hoping to spread freedom and democracy, be working so openly and arrogantly to overthrow a democratically elected government? Why should we believe the US when our State Department and President says democracy defeats terrorism, while they call both Hizbollah and Hamas terrorists, and then deny them the rewards of acting democratically? Is the problem that their theory works, or is it that these groups are not terrorists? Since we see clearly that Rice and others are determined to overthrow or force the Hamas government from power, and to attempt to force the disarmament of Hizbollah, that these groups are not the so called terrorists groups that our government is waging war against, and they are not targeted to undergo democratic transformations. Why would the world believe such ridiculous rhetoric, when right before our very eyes, our Secretary of State takes off to the Middle East to tell Hamas that it will not be allowed to govern unless it will recognize Israel’s right to illegally occupy its land, and to acquire its territory through military conquest, both violations of the Geneva Conventions. How can they ask the Palestinians to surrender the Palestinian right to self-defense and resistance against the illegal occupation, when every law of God and man sanctions these rights? Obviously the issue is not democracy, it is authority, and the rule of the neo-con jungle is that no one is allowed authority or nuclear arms in the jungle except the neo-con Beast, and its little beastlings. Iran and North Korea can’t have nuclear weapons, but Israel can…why? Their own people cannot even democratically elect Hizbollah and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and FIS to power. Why not?

The United States should either mind its own business, or get on the side of what is right and just, since that is the side that will win. Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah movement should recognize that Israel can’t be trusted, and that Abbas is headed, or being pushed down the same path as the late president of the PA, Yasser Arafat. Why doesn’t Abbas understand that Israel can have peace anytime it chooses? The PA doesn’t have to recognize Israel’s right to exist if Israel exists within its legal boundaries. The PA doesn’t have to renounce its right to self-defense, if Israel will end its violence, and criminal activity against Palestine. All Israel must agree to do is withdraw to its 1967 borders and leave Palestine alone, and something similar is perhaps true in respect to Lebanon and Syria. Why didn’t Rice tell Israel to end the occupations, and to stop robbing the Palestinian banks, and stealing food from the mouths of starving Palestinian children, and kidnapping the elected officials, and raiding towns and villages killing innocent civilians. If the so-called world governments will not act justly, the people will act to limit government power, with the hope of achieving liberty and the ability to decide their own destinies, and that is exactly why Hamas and Hizbollah are threats to the authority of the new order. Such attempts to be free, and to act independently of empires in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness were the inspirations that gave rise to the American Revolution. We have no reason to expect that God’s inspiration would be limited to us only, or that we would have either the right, or the power to deny others what we deemed worthy of life and death, not so many years ago ourselves.

The world is desperately in need of an honest dialogue between the governments of the West, and the people of the Muslim and Arab world (they have already co-opted most of the governments). Dialogues between North Korea and the US, or Iran and the US etc., cannot replace the need for a dialogue between the nations of the West and the people of the Middle East. We need to discuss independence, power, authority and rights, and non-proliferation, and also de-militarization. We also need to talk about democracy, and the rights of people to select their own governments, and to chart their own destinies, free from the threat of economic sanctions, and military attacks from the US, or anyone else. We need to talk about the responsibility of governments to their people, and also to the their neighbors, and the world. We need to talk about peace and a new world order where all people are considered equal, and where our mutual cooperation is guided by equitable and enforceable international laws and treaties, and we need to exchange the idea of One world government, for one world goal, that goal being the betterment of all mankind, and a unified struggle to eradicate poverty and disease, and all weapons of mass destruction, including economic sanctions, and other methods used to prevent social, political and economic development in that region of the world.

The people of the world must support the PA and demand that the US, Israel and EU end their wrong and hateful and illegal interference into the affairs of the Palestinian people. How dare they act to nullify the results of the Palestinian elections and to cause poverty and death and oppression in Palestine, while refusing to demand that Israel end its illegal occupation of Palestine, and return to the security of its 1967 borders, and also to return the money it stole from the West Bank’s banks to the people of Palestine. For its part, the PA must turn to the Qur’an, and seek its wisdom, while appealing to the people for patience, and calm. Those of us outside of Palestine must do what we can to diminish the intense pressures that Israel and its patrons are imposing upon Palestine in an attempt to illegally undermine the PA, and to split the Palestinian people into warring factions.