Is there anybody who doubts that Michael Jackson is sick?

It seems nothing short of amazing to see corporate television, the same medium that hypes shows like "Queer Eye …" and celebrates Ellen Degeneres as if she was some major entertainer, would never question Michael Jackson’s claim of "innocence" in his stated desire to sleep with young boys visiting his "ranch". Apparently, the media thinks that Michael Jackson is making up for some lost aspect of his unhappy boyhood by inviting young men to sleepovers at his boy ranch.

One has to wonder if any stir would arise whatsoever if Michael also slept with young girls …

Even so, one has to wonder — how many young boys like to sleep in bed with other young boys as part of their normal growing up process? Our family had four boys, and we had family friends with sons who would invite us over for weekend stays at their homes. I cannot recall ever sleeping in one of my friends’ beds, nor wanting to. My friends would sleep in their own beds and my brothers and myself would sleep on sofas or in sleeping bags on the floor. We did not sleep with our hosts in their beds. We got our camaraderie playing basketball and baseball and exploring nature and going to movies and doing all sorts of things while we were awake. We did not sleep together with youths from other families. We played "murder the man with the ball" and I once accidentally broke my friend’s leg with a hard tackle while playing that game, but I did not sleep with him before, afterwards, or ever to prove my friendship.

So, when Michael Jackson considers sleeping with young boys as part of his missing childhood, it has to cause questions as to how he happens to think that sleeping with boys is part of his missing youth. We know from his trial that Michael Jackson has been known to shower with boy guests. It would be no big surprise to hear that he has been known to bathe with them as well.

No, there is nothing healthy about Michael Jackson’s interactions with young boys. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. If it acts like a pedophile and thinks like a pedophile, it is a pedophile.

There is something very sick about Michael Jackson in word and in deed. We don’t need "Entertainment Tonight" to vouch for his normalcy. We know his words, and we know his deeds, and we know that innocence is not part of the equation.