Is there really an "Islamic Resistance" in Iraq?

Many Muslims might remember when Imam Khomeni reached out to the Muslim world, and asked all Muslims, regardless of their particular take on Islam to unite against tyrants and oppressors, and particularly against those who were oppressing Muslims, and not only Shiite Muslims, in the Muslim world. Knowingly, or unknowing, he set off a response from the nationalist Arab governments, and monarchies. These governments and monarchies spent millions, paying their lackeys to initiate a campaign that distorted everything that Imam Khomeni taught, and that created hatred and tension between Muslims of the various sects in Islam. They had a simple goal in mind. Unfortunately, many Shiite writers and intellectuals stepped into their trap, and retaliated, furthering, rather than hindering the goals of the nationalist and communists antagonist, who had draped themselves in Islamic garb, and lingo, sometimes posing as religious authorities. Their goal was to divide the Mu! slim people, to cause us to hate one another, so they could continue their domination over the Muslim mind, heart, territories, and resources. When it served their needs, they loved the West, made peace with Israel, and condemned the real Islamic resistance. They conspired and collaborated with the enemies of Islam to capture, torture and kill the leaders of the Islamic movement, while they instituted laws that sealed the mouths of Muslims through campaigns of terror and intimidation. They squashed popular movements for democracy and reform, killing Muslims in the hundreds of thousands because Muslims had supported such movements. They killed the people as they slept, because the people wanted to vote, and to control their own destines, and because they owned land where natural resources had been discovered, and because they supported a democratization movement that claimed its legitimacy through Islam. They denied the people rights, and tortured and persecuted and killed Muslim! s, women, children old and young, and anyone else who threatened their illegal and illegitimate reign, and they have not stopped. Yesterday it was Algeria, and Egypt and Jordan, and Saddam Hussein. Today they are in Iraq.

How can we avoid recognizing the similarities between the techniques that communist nationalist have employed in their so-called "Islamic insurgency," in Iraq, and the techniques and rhetoric that these devils have employed throughout the Muslim world for decades. Their techniques and rhetoric have not changed, and neither has their objectives. What has changed is that the Muslims are tired. Muslims are tired of the communists, and the nationalists who have dominated our territories, squandered Muslim wealth, and murdered Muslim people, while they hijacked our dress, and our language, and our faith. These people have played two-faced roles by instigating the Muslim world against the West, while they collaborated with our real enemies, yet on every opportunity blamed the West for the suffering of Muslims. They did this as they oppressed and killed Muslims, and fought against Islam, and spread lies against believing people. They were the first to call believin! g people fanatics, and terrorists. They were the first to call Islamic movement terrorism, and claimed that believing Muslims wanted to establish theocracies, and that we hated Jews and Christians. They called on the entire world to assist them in their war against Islam that began even before the so-called "war on terrorism." As strange as it may sound, the war on terrorism is to a great extent, a response to the request of these governments who, along with Israel received millions, and maybe even billions, from the US to fight what they called a war against religious extremism and fanaticism, even before 9/11.

We must ask these supposed defenders of the Muslims in Iraq to quote for us the verses of Quran that make it permissible for them to kill Iraqi civilians. What verse of Quran made it permissible for them to collaborate with the Zionists to attack the US, to sabotage and destroy the Muslim economies and industries in Iraq? Will they tell us that they can do such things because the US is the Great Satan, and because the US is the greedy capitalist nation that has caused the Muslim world, and other parts of the world to be in poverty? Will they tell us that they are fighting an "Islamic" war? If they do, they are lying. They are fighting for the supremacy of the communist ideal, and their vision of a Muslim world that is radically secular, and dominated by Zionism and Arab nationalism, two sides of the same coin, which is itself a form of political extremism and fanaticism.

For many years, the US was complicit in this plot, even if only because we continued to fund the lavish lifestyles of these despots, and to turn our heads, while their people languished, and suffered. We turned our heads to their suffering because we believed it was in our interest to cooperate with governments, acting against our own traditions and natural love for freedom, and for the weak and oppressed. The US, like many others, fell under the spell of the people who hate religion and who love communism, and power, and who hate freedom, and who work tirelessly to dominate and enslave the human will. These so-called leaders of the Muslims and the Muslim world, are the ones who visited the US and advised the US to support the repression of Muslims who prayed, wore beards and the hijab. It was Arab nationalists who convinced the US that Muslims who pray, fast, and wear Islamic garb are fanatics and terrorists. The first time Islam was called "terrorist" was ! in the Arab press, and it was an Arab nationalist who wrote it, not a Jew and not the US.

How is it that Muslims who claim to follow the Quran can be fooled by these devils. God has not allowed a single righteous soul to be misled, since He (God) said in the Quran, that he would not mislead a people after having led them to the truth. The daily murders of Iraqi people are not acceptable to Muslims. The Quran says that regardless of whether it is our mother or father who is committing an evil act that the Muslim must stand for truth and fairness and justice. It seems a blatant injustice that these communists and nationalist fanatics are killing Iraqis because they are Shiite, or because they want to work to restore their nation and to have peace. It is not their fault that the US, and others invaded their country, yet they are willing, even under these circumstances to put their trust in God, and to have the courage and the faith to work for something positive. What gives anyone the right to kill them? The killers of believing and innocent people,! cannot find sanction in Islam.

There is no Islamic resistance in Iraq-¦ yet. When the Muslim people of the world open their eyes, and stop being enslaved by the tired rhetoric of the communists, and Zionists, who have scripted this rebellion, things will change. When the believing people rise up against those who stand in the way of the legitimate Islamic movement, then the Islamic resistance will begin. It will be the real Islamic movement, the movement of Prophet Adam, and Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus, and Muhammad, God’s peace and blessing be upon all of them. The real Islamic resistance will be revived, when the righteous of all faiths answer God’s call in the Holy Scriptures to stand up against the tyrant and the bully, and the usurpers and renegades. God describes His cause as a war against those who would rule God’s earth, while denying God, and killing and persecuting innocent people, and robbing them of their wealth and freedom. The Quran says in 4:89, " if they turn renegades, s! eize them and slay them, and in any case, take no friends or helpers from their ranks." In the Quran, 4:88, it says: " Why should you be divided into two parties about the hypocrites?" The Quran says, "If a man kills a believer his recompense is hell" (4:93). The believing people have the option to fight back against any element within its ranks that claims to be Muslim and that turns against the people, becoming a renegade, violating the rules and laws of Islam. If we do not fight them, the Quran says that at least we are not to associate, or befriend, or become apologists for these people. In 4:91, the Quran says, " if they withdraw not from you, or refuse to give you guarantees of peace, besides restraining their hands, seize them and slay them wherever you get them; in their case We have provided a clear argument for you."

The Muslim people of the world are tired of violence, and tired of paying the price for the crimes of those who violate God’s laws, yet want to enjoy the support of a people who are Muslim because we love God, and His laws, and what He teaches in the Quran. The Quran says that we are Muslims because we have submitted to God’s law. No Muslim wants to see Muslims fighting Muslims. Yet, we must ask ourselves at some point, "why it is alright for them to kill the Iraqi people and claim piety, yet, when the Iraqi people consider fighting them, they say it is wrong for the Muslim to fight the Muslim? Keep in mind, that when a group within the first Muslim community became renegades, the Caliph Abu Bakr fought them. Even the Caliph Umar, who at first opposed Abu Bakr’s decision later said that Abu Bakr, was right to fight them, even though those renegades were Arab, and Muslim.

We, the Muslim people of the world, have an obligation to support righteousness. It seems in this instance that it is righteousness to demand that whoever is killing the people of Iraq, and attempting to disrupt their elections, and whoever is sabotaging and destroying their economy and industry, while claming to do so in the name of God, and Islam should stop, and turn sincerely to Islam, and away from unbelief.