Is Your Loyalty to Your Country or to Your Government?

It can be fairly said that all nations of the world demand a certain loyalty from their citizens. Disloyalty by citizens during wartime is called treason, and can be punished by death. These are serious issues.

But what if the citizens understand that loyalty to their nation requires disloyalty to their government? If the government itself violates applicable laws, misleads its citizens, puts citizens in harm’s way for false reasons, interferes illegally in the affairs of other nations, disregards and weakens the very constitution upon which its own sovereignty rests, and lies relentlessly to justify all these actions, then is not disloyalty to the government not a patriotic duty of the citizenry?

America as a nation was formed as a response to a bad, illegal, unethical, immoral government. The American constitution makes it imperative for citizens and their elected officials to impeach and to remove rulers in their government who commit high crimes and misdemeanors. Failure to remove governmental abusers of democracy and freedom is a form of disloyalty to the nation.

More and more Americans are realizing that their government has failed the nation, put it at increased risk, abandoned the principles upon which the nation was founded, and despised those very principles for all the wrong reasons. Waving the flag by the Bush Administration does not absolve this government of its crimes against America and against mankind. This government is among the worst governments installed over a nation in the history of the entire world. The Bush junta must go, and along with it the Democrats who aided and abetted the many crimes committed by this government. George Bush was right about one thing — if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. A good preliminary litmus test could be support of the Patriot Act in its various manifestations. If a congressperson or member of the executive branch supported those laws, they are deserving of removal from the government — they are disloyal to the nation.

Loyalty to America in 2005 means taking action to remove the disloyal government now in power. This can and should be done peacefully, within the established protocols set by our founding fathers. But it must be done if our nation is to survive this critical period of its history.