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It is interesting to observe that certain Christians are upset about the decision of the University of North Carolina to require incoming freshmen to read an assigned book about Islam. They do not appreciate having the secular University of North Carolina cramming a particular perspective on Islam down the throats of Christian believers.

What a pity that these same Christians were not equally concerned about having government jam “God” down the throats of innocent school children when the 9th Circuit Court in California ruled against the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

As an atheist and supporter of that unique American principle of government known as “separation of Church and State,” I would like to give my moral support to the Christian plaintiffs in this legal action.

One has to wonder if those Freshmen will be exposed to anything negative about Islam – the writings of Salman Rushdie for example and the fatah (sentence of death) pronounced upon him by a Muslim cleric.

Will they be informed of the continuing trials and death sentences being handed down in Pakistan for those hapless souls who dared to make some “heretical” remark about Islam. Those death sentences for blasphemy suggest that Islam lacks the moral and intellectual strength and integrity to defend itself against its critics.

Required readings in elective and non-elective courses in a particular discipline are the norm and certainly legitimate. Mass indoctrination of 25 percent of a university population in a particular interpretation of any religion is not. too.

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