Islamophobia: An Absolute Misconception

"The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are, a willful ignorance, and a steadfast refusal to face the truth.”

— George MacDonald

There is a general perception in west that before the horrific incidence of 9/11, there was either less or absolutely no extreme concept of ‘Islamophobia’ was driven in the western perception. The over heated status quo against Islam seems newly acquired, newly assembled expression that had led severe bitterness vis-à-vis misconception in the name of the most tolerant, disciplined and politically as well as economically flawless humanitarian religion for mankind in general and Muslims in particular, as it contains all the essential characteristics of good governance, legal cum judicious humans rights provisions. Hence widespread allegations against Islam is noting but an absolute misconception.

The myth or rather mis-conception related to Islamophobia is the outcome of terrorist philosophy western worlds had had originated in lieu of the rising insecurity against totalitarian autocratic nations of the world. Nevertheless without evaluating the reasons and repercussions of the ever exposed (in) security measures dragging or blaming ones religion depicts the real nature engaged behind the scene i.e. diverting the real intentionally created phenomenon of ill-will politically aristocratic policy penchant over the rest by the west.

Therefore targeting religion particularly Islam is a hand made tool west had ever coined to express the spirit of terrorism. Due to illogical expressions, Islam is now considered as the heaven of terrorism. Though, the wholly negative attitude towards Islam in the west has a long history but the reality is far different than the accusations.

Diplomatically speaking everyone is well informed about the real side of terroristic affairs against the west, as it is western foreign policy against the minority, extra judicial leniency towards its allied forces, economic suppression of the underdeveloped blocks, political hegemony, autocracy and totalitarian philosophy are the main concerns that had led the suppressed nations against the west and had divided the world in to two dimensions one is the west block and the other is labeled as Islamic block, it shows that the actual war is not between the west and the rest but west and the Islam. So highlighting and connecting phobias with Islam while leaving hostile policies is nothing but the policy of hiding the facts under the carpet.

What the west cannot test is the weakened pillars behind its policy formulation as phobias are made to remove not to extend, once the treatment would be injected to remove Islamophobia in the west, the exposed hatred by the people for their own plenipotentiaries may not be tolerated and may cause extreme destruction in the political as well as economic lobby of the west.

Mingling terrorism with Jihad, requesting for human rights implementation by the economically and geo-politically stuck nations as extreme liberal reforms, labeling Muslim freedom fighters as terrorists, adopting intolerable approach towards suicide bombing in Palestine while tolerating their legal judicious right of sovereign Islamic territory, calling Islamic scholars as Islamic fundamentalists, is this all west consider as “Islamic terrorism” or an irrational approach towards Islamophobia.

So far maneuverable propaganda against Muslims and their authentic religion had caused great suffering to Muslims across the globe in terms of economy, politics regional internal cum international security measures. On the contrary a rise in the puppet silhouette of hand made Islamophobia or a fear of Muslims because of their religion had gained zero-momentum to western interests and their political agenda.

Muslims whether belong to any part of the universe either moderate, bourgeois, religious scholars, extremists none had categorically divided but rather all are now considered as terrorists and the credit goes to the systematically targeting lobby to spread hatred against Muslims.

What Mahatma Gandhi depicted long ago for religion vis-à-vis politics that “Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is,” proved to be right now a days. To keep all the balls in the personal court and for all the time is the prime philosophy directors of Islamophobia are approaching. Fulfilling personal political strategy while forcing religion to face the front line may further damage the image of Islam.

Now the million dollar question is what kind of modus operandi should be adopted by the flag bearers of Islam to remove the stain of prevalent accusation in the name of Islam particularly when west is in no mood to revert its attitude and commitments to ensure the security and peace for all irrespective of their region & religion.

I personally believe that the maintenance of the particular image and most importantly religious image is more difficult than to make or break that image. It is the prime responsibility of the protagonists to secure the religious beliefs and remove all the exasperating perception west had developed against the Islamic followers as xenophobic.

Hence one must realize the core issue behind terrorism rather than mistreating the particular class of society i.e. Muslims. To eradicate the hatred against Muslims from the grass root level one should understand the real philosophy engaged behind spreading this religious phobia. Islamophobia and most probably anti-Islamic or anti-Muslim theory would neither evaporate nor halt the negative devastated policy of the west to the rest (Muslims).

In reality a wave of maltreatment has mainly enveloped Muslim community across the globe, whether it is Bosnia Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and now Iraq, in lieu of that Muslims are the main retaliating forces super powers had ever faced to combat. But one thing is quite certain who ever exercised the true Islamic code of conducts would never take support of human shield to convey their message but rather follow through proper channel of diplomatic dialogues, mediation and negotiations. Still if one is taking extreme measure under the banner of Islam would utterly face is totally persona non-grata treatment in Islam.

Efforts taken by the UN in confronting Islamophobia is one step forward to remove the evil spirit against Islam. While addressing the UN sponsored seminar on December 7 UN Chief Kofi Annan conveyed that “Islam tenets are frequently distorted and taken out of context.”

It is a tested case in bygone that extremism catches extremism as war was conducted, fought and retaliated at equal strength whenever and wherever rival and retaliating forces comes vis-à-vis. Therefore not to repeat the history extremism in Islam in case of suicide bombing and freedom fighting forces could only be removed when the western extremism would take back seat and would evaluate all the annoying factors Muslims had ever faced at the hands of the super powers, before accusing any religion for spreading terrorism.