Israel and the World Court


The world is waiting for the decision of the World Court to be announced on the legality of the Israeli apartheid wall being constructed on Palestinian land.

There are those opposed to the idea that the World Court even has the authority to deliberate on the issue of this heinous structure and whether a decision rendered by the court would hold any authority of law and have filed statements in opposition as such before the court. Their argument is based solely on the belief that by doing so, the court will ‘politicize’ the wall and that any such discussions and final decision as to the status and or permanency/routing of the wall must be left to the parties in conflict and their negotiating table. Curious argument politicizing.

What hypocrisy and fantasy that is. In reality it is Palestine that has no willing ‘negotiating partner’ – not Israel, not the United States, not the European Union, not the United Nations and not Arabia; nor does the entire planet have a respected and trusted member in good standing in Israel. The Palestinians have been left to their own devices to defend themselves against the worst creations of war supplied willingly and complicitly by the government of the United States and the collective world is afraid of the United States government and Israel. Israel characterized by one government official as that " … shitty little country"!

Politicize? What a despicable and self-serving for Israel lament that is.

So, politicize is it? Israel has been in violation of its very charter and raison d’existence that allows it to even exist in the first place. Since partition Israel has been in constant, intentional, flagrant and calculated violation of seventy odd United Nations and Security Council Resolutions over the past fifty plus years, yet the world does nothing – remember, holding Israel accountable by action, implementing and enforcement of international law must not be politicized. It is that good old standby anti-Semitism tag that Israel has learned to wield as a strategic weapon that holds the world at bay.

Lie, steal, cheat, rob, rape, pillage, genocide, massive violations of numerous international treaties protecting the rights of individuals and governments, including the Geneva Convention – Israel has violated every single one of them, flagrantly and openly in utter contempt and derisive mockery of the rest of the planet, save the wretched protectionist policies of the United States government. But do not politicize the barbaric and wretched behavior of Israel. If you do, duck, because the tired and worn out charge of anti-Semitism will soon follow.

The collective governments of the world are well aware of the plans and intentions of the Israeli government past and present and fully aware of what it means for the Palestinian people. But the collective response of the governments of the world has been one of denial and out right fear. Arabia is afraid of Israel as is Russia, China, the U.K., the U.S., and as is every country in the world. The common mantra among them all is: Do Not Politicize! But there is another more insidious reason. The back room antics of the United States exerting pressure and the promise of monetary, or military aid, to those governments that do not oppose the actions of Israel, or the wishes of the U.S. government.

Israel is intentionally destroying everything belonging to, or any semblance of representation of the Palestinian people. At the same time they are intentionally destroying and killing as many Palestinian men, women and children as possible under the guise of providing security for the Israeli people and fighting terrorism and those Palestinians not falling into those categories, the government of Israel makes certain that they have nothing — virtually nothing — except abject poverty and hopelessness. The terrorism Israel claims as an undeniable right to confront and fight with outlandish atrociousness is called revolution and resistance. Sadly, the process of the final transfer is well under way and the world watches impotently while the Palestinians suffer the brutal consequences of constant attack, injuries and killing by United States supplied armament and the policies of the Israeli government attempts to strangle the very existence and breath out of every single Palestinian man, woman and child. And the world does nothing.

Lies and more lies … Take for example the massive Palestinian riot in which huge numbers of Palestinians were throwing stones at harmless, defenseless and peaceful Jews in prayer at the Western Wall. Such a massive riot that the IDF and police had to storm the Palestinians and beat and kill to prevent the mass killing of Israelis. The reality? Two stones thrown and one glancing hit.

Or, that the recent bloodbath in Gaza in which 14 Palestinians were reported killed and scores wounded, was reported as that the IDF came under heavy fire and intense attack by Palestinian terrorists using automatic weapons, anti-tank missiles and rocket propelled grenades for hours on end. The poor innocent Israeli soldiers had to ‘defend’ themselves from such a relentless and ferocious Palestinian assault. The reality? Not one IDF soldier was killed, or even wounded. And the fact of the matter is, the Palestinian Resistance does not have anti-tank missiles, or RPG’s, and very few automatic weapons. More lies.

How many Palestinian children and youth have been wounded and killed in the past six months? The average Palestinian lives on barely $2.00 per day, yet the Israeli government organizes the robbing and looting of several Palestinian banks of millions of dollars — fighting terrorism you know. And Israel continues to illegally hold hundreds of millions of dollars in Palestinian tax money from the Palestinian people. The Palestinians will never see the return of any of that money. None of it.

Now the coup de grace. Prime Minister Ariel ‘Arik, the man of peace’ Sharon has entered into an agreement with George Bush to hold off on his pull out plans from the Gaza Strip until after the upcoming November, U.S. presidential election. That’s not politicizing?

So the question begs — When the people object to their oppressive, repressive, or tyrannical rule by elected, or self-anointed rulers, it is forbidden because it politicizes the process and that’s not allowed? But yet those very same politicians and rulers — and the very distinction between the two is becoming more and more blurred — can manipulate, rob, kill, and pillage at will under the protections of unscrupulous and malevolent political systems, yet the people have to willingly submit and subject themselves to this treatment and carnage in muted silence? Everything a politician, or ruler does is a political process and is politicized. Everything the people do is in response to those political vagaries and it is the people who suffer the consequences and they are always dire. Ask the Palestinian people!

The World Court will render a decision and the people of the world will see what that will be. Will it serve international law and accountability and thereby serve the protection of the people of the world, of which the Palestinian people are a viable and worthy part, or will the decision be watered down to favor that blatantly belligerent little country Israel and its partner in crime the United States government?

Impose complete and stifling sanctions on Israel until it complies with every single resolution related to its very existence and the securement and protection of the Palestinian people.