Israel First, Sen. Lieberman & the Republic

On Jan. 2, 2005, with respect to Iraq, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) predicted, that the phony election now being rigged for that country would be successful and that the resistance there doesn’t have any “popular support.” Since he made his patently deceptive remarks, the governor of Baghdad was assassinated and 21 more U.S. troops have died in combat ( Lieberman has also just recently met with Ariel Sharon, who wants the U.S. to attack Iran, the day after the Iraqi War ends (,,3-469972,00.html). Sharon is the same unhinged Zionist, who boasted, in Jerusalem, on Oct. 03, 2001, “We control America” (

Who is Sen. Lieberman? One can say, without fear of contradiction, that he is a rabid Iraqi War Hawk. He is also a promoter of draconian laws: like the U.S. Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the Intelligence Agencies Reform Act, that have and will curtail the rights of every Americans. But if we wanted to know who Lieberman “really” is, – the larger, hidden truth – we can look through the writings of Dale Peter Scott and his thesis on DEEP POLITICS? Scott says, “DEEP POLITICS are all those political practices and arrangements…which are usually repressed rather than acknowledged… Conspiracies are part of our political structures, not exceptions to it.”

As an example of DEEP POLITICS, let’s go back to Nov. 24, 1963, and the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by one Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission, (which was into government damage control, just like today’s 9/11 Commission), falsely portrayed both men “as loners,” and insisted Ruby had “no organized crime” connections. In DEEP POLITICS AND THE DEATH OF JFK, Scott reveals the truth. Ruby was a member of the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate. He was into dealing drugs, gambling and political corruption. Like Oswald, he was an FBI informer. Ruby received protected status from the Feds for being an informer, the same as Boston’s mobster and snitch, James “Whitey” Bulger (

Scott also suspects that, back then, the FBI’s primary institutional goal wasn’t the prosecution of crime, “but the surveillance and repression of political dissent.” His book also touches on other fairly recent examples of wrongdoings connected to the M.O. of DEEP POLITICS, like: Contragate; COINTELPRO; Watergate; the CIA plot to murder Cuba’s Fidel Castro; the killing of Black Panther, Fred Hampton; and the framing of Leonard Peltier. The author delves into the symbiotic relationship that then existed between crime syndicates, a complicit media, corporations, intelligence agencies, governments, politicians, unions, drug dealers, the FBI and other groups. His book didn’t try to answer the question of who killed JFK, rather it wisely examines, “How could American institutions harbor and protect such evil?” All we now know for sure is that after the assassinations of JFK, his brother Robert, and Martin Luther King, Jr., a power vacuum was created. Today, unfortunately, it has been filled by the likes of the jingoistic Bush-Cheney Gang, a mostly craven Congress and the scheming Neocons.

Fast forward to the key question: “Who is Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman?” Based on Scott’s books and well documented views on DEEP POLITICS, and what I know and can reasonably infer and speculate on about this cunning politician, I believe that Lieberman is an Israel Firster, who is embedded in the Zionist Movement juggernaut itself. The phrase, “Israel Firster,” is used here to represent an individual, who puts Israel’s interests before the interests of the American Republic. Dr. Alfred M. Lilenthal, an expert on Zionism and the Israel Firster phenomena, labeled America’s Iago, Henry Kissinger, as the “original Israel Firster” ( if that is true, then Lieberman can’t be far behind. As for Zionism, it has been defined as a political cause, international in scope, with a “greater state of Israel” as one of its goals (

What does the public record show? If a UN Security Council Resolution condemns Israel on Monday, Lieberman will have a Congressional “Resolution” ready on Tuesday to offset it. The U.S. could go broke, too, giving our money away to Israel – try over $138 billion in cost to the taxpayers since 1948 – and Lieberman would come up with yet another scheme to extract billions of dollars more from our treasury to serve the interests of the Zionists Cabal ( If another repulsive traitor, like Jonathan Pollard, gets caught stealing our military secrets on Israel’s behalf, Lieberman will be sure to play it down. Israeli bulldozer operators could run over and kill a hundred American-born activists, like Rachel Corrie, and you would never hear a peep of protest coming from Lieberman. Zionist Israel could also continue to make millions more enemies in the Muslim World for America by its brutal treatment of the Palestinian people and Lieberman wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. And, when the matter of the USS Liberty is brought up, you can also count on him to give a deaf ear to any pleas for justice and the truth on behalf of the survivors of that deliberate and murderous Israeli attack (

Nevertheless, it’s important to underscore that not all Zionists are Israel Firsters and not all Jews support Zionism ( In fact, many Jews, like the highly respected Rabbi Yisrael David Weiss, whom I have had the privilege of interviewing in Washington, D.C., (, are outspoken critics of Zionism. They consider it “a heresy,” as the “antithesis of Torah Judaism,” and, worse, they say it encourages “dual loyalism” (

Remember, too, that it was Lieberman who derailed, the then-hopeful presidential Democratic primary candidacy of Howard Dean, in 2003, because he had dared to urge that the U.S. adopt an “evenhanded policy” in the Middle East. And, don’t expect Lieberman, a knee jerk defender of the Apartheid Wall, in Occupied Israel, to look into the suspicious activities of those so-called “Israeli Art Students” ( and, particularly, those five Zionists who got caught cheer leading and videotaping, on 9/11, over in New Jersey, while the World Trade Centers were imploding and thousands of Americans were dying from that highly suspicious disaster ( Why were those creeps acting like they “knew” the WTC was going to be attacked?

Our Republic, sourced by the blood of our Revolutionary War patriots, promotes “the general welfare” of all the people. While on the other hand, the elitist Zionist Movement, led by the likes of Sharon, is inherently undemocratic. It exalts “only” one race ( Keep in mind also that America didn’t have any enemies in the Islamic World prior to the creation of Israel. If this noxious Israel First ethos, via Lieberman’s divided and twisted psyche, is permitted to continue to influence the policies of our country, it will, like a cancer, unless stopped, eat away at the vitals of our Republic.