Israel & Iraq

In the rising criticism of President Bush and the “neo-cons” for taking us into the war in Iraq with its nearly 600 dead and 3,500 wounded, one subject is always overlooked.

When 27-year CIA veteran analyst Ray McGovern was on Joy Cardin’s Wisconsin Public Radio program in July 2003, among many interesting things he had to say was that Israel was the only country that had benefited from the carnage.

Some of the things he had reference to were the following:

1. Israel was given an outright grant of one billion dollars in addition to eight billion dollars in loan guarantees to stay out of the war.

2. Israel has been able to substantially cut its defense spending because Iran and Syria pose much less of a threat than Iraq ever did now that it has been neutralized.

3. Not one drop of Israeli blood has been shed in the war hatched by President Bush and his neo-conservative “graduates” of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs a.k.a (JINSA).

In 1948 Americans could go in peace anywhere in the Muslim world. Today the opposite is true – courtesy of America’s being a lackey of the State of Israel.

Retired South Dakota Senator James Abourezk was certainly right when he once made the observation that “calling Israel an ally is like thanking the arsonist for helping put out the fire.”