Israeli Democracy is a Fallacy

The most common adjective used to describe Israel by George W. Bush and his administration is a democracy or better yet the paradigm for other states in the region to follow in this democratization process that seems to be happening globally.  If Israel is the model democracy for other countries to emulate then I am sad to report that democracy is a severely flawed system of government. 

Since its inception, Israel, under the direction of the World Zionist Organization, has effectively engaged in a campaign to ostensibly appear to the world as a democracy, yet its essence totally contradicts this notion.  In its Proclamation of Establishment in 1948, Israel states “full social and political equality of all citizens without distinction of religion, race or sex.”  This statement corresponds with the fundamental tenets of a democracy, however in reality Israel has never attempted to comply with such principles.  This was literally a statement, not a law, so there were no legal implications that would force the government to adhere to these standards.  During those first years of its erection, there was tremendous infighting among the religious zealots and the more contemporary secularists.  The leaders of these groups could not agree on a Constitution, so there were three fundamental laws that were established as a framework for the government.  The Law of Return gave all Jews the right to enter Israel without formalities.  The Law of Citizenship provides for the acquisition of Israeli citizenship.  The Status Law authorizes the World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency to assist immigration and development.

In theory these laws sound viable and applicable.  The only problem is that they only applied to Jews.  Palestinian Arabs who at the time were over two-thirds the population were left out of these laws that were passed by the Knesset.  Palestinians were ostracized from the proceedings and were given second-class citizenship in their indigenous land.  Once again we see there lies more diminution of the rigid democratic ideals.  Majority rules with minority rights was a democratic virtue that was obviously ignored by the framers of this government.

The Zionists intentions were to create a Jewish homeland and essentially eradicate any Palestinian or global resistance.  They were well aware that the auspices of democratic state was a critical ally.  They were equally aware that they could not overtly have laws that discriminated against the majority, as was the case with Blacks in South Africa.  So they masterfully devised a system of propaganda and obscurantism to conceal the unfair and unbalanced form of government that they had created.

The crucible of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the somnolent disposition that the United States and other global organizations displayed while evidence of these political discrepancies became obvious.  Main stream media organizations turned there head to these inconsistencies for the fear of being labeled anti-Semitic.  I may be labeled as being anti-Semitic for my rants and raves.  However, that characterization is as false and as unsubstantiated as the Zionists and U.S. claim that Israel is a democracy.

Mr. Girard Newkirk contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from North Carolina, USA. He writes on most of the issues regarding the Middle East, religion and its tremendous impact on the world as a Political Theorist.