Israel’s Clean Break

In the now infamous “Clean Break” policy paper crafted by Benjamin Netanyahu, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and other notorious Washington and Israeli Zionists, a strategy was spelled out for the US and Israel dictating the war in Iraq, regime change for Sadaam Hussein, and attacks against Iran and Syria. The purpose of these wars was to ultimately lead to the elimination of both Hamas and Hizbullah, Islamic movements that had originally found power and legitimacy through popular international support, and most recently through democratic elections. The paper mentions that Iraq, Syria and Iran are governments that support terrorism, giving meaning to Clinton’s cooperative Executive order, issued the same year that the policy paper was drafted, in violation of the Geneva Conventions by essentially criminalizing these movements in the US, declaring them both terrorist organizations. Strange isn’t it that Israel would feel that these two organizations are its primary foes, since according to most estimates, neither have military arsenals that equal Israel’s arsenal of US weaponry, yet it explains why the US and Israel have gone to so much trouble to deny so-called “enemy combatants” Geneva Convention rights, claiming that since these are not conventional armies, they have no rights under the Conventions, that they can be tortured, and have no rights to trials. Israel’s obsession with Islamic movements seems to also support the idea that “terrorism” in the US and Israeli military lexicon is indeed a word used only to describe any act of militarism carried out by Muslims, especially those who feel they have a right to self-defense. Anyone who has read Theodore Hertzl’s ” The Jewish State,” not only understands this obsession, but knows that Israel exists for this reason, and that “Clean Break” means more than an end to Israeli dependence upon the US, it might also mean the final payment of the debt, the promise made by Hertzl to the British, that in exchange for British and US support for the establishment of Israel, Israel would complete for the Zionist Christian Church, which rules both Britain and the US, what it had failed to accomplish on its own in the Crusades, that being the elimination of Islam, and the subjugation of the Muslim and Arab flock. Who is most indebted to who is the only question left to answer on this topic. Has the US reneged on its obligation by refusing to serve again as Israel’s proxy, as called for in the Clean Break doctrine, or to join Israel’s war against Hizbullah and Hamas, thereby breaking clear of the strategy, and agreement unilaterally? Or is this Israel’s final payment on its agreement to once and for all time, eliminate Islam in fulfillment of Hertzl’s promise to Britain and its other Western patrons?

The big idea behind the now 13 year old Clean Break strategy, seemed to be, that once these supposed threats, or rather barriers to Israel’s domination of the Muslim world are gone, Israel will no longer need to rely upon US and EU taxpayers for foreign and military aide, or perhaps not as much. According to the theory, once these major Arab and Muslim players have been eliminated, there will be no other viable military competitors in the region, and Israel can easily rule the Arab and Muslim roost in the Middle East as intended and planned. Whereas the Western media wants to portray Israel’s attacks against Palestine and Lebanon as attempts to retrieve kidnapped soldiers, war against terrorism, and to create buffer zones, etc., most people are pretty know the truth. Having learned its lesson in Iraq through the unwarranted, and unnecessary deaths of more than 2,500 US soldiers and Marines, the US, who was originally scheduled by Zionists to carry out all of these attacks and wars as Israel’s proxy, has already initiated the first steps in the desired Clean Break. This means that now, Israel alone must prove that it is worth the sacrifice of billions of US and EU money, moral capitulation, and undermining of both domestic and international laws, all sacrifices made with the hope that one day Israel would fulfill its purpose, ending once and for all time Islam’s challenge to white Zionist supremacist domination of the world, and its doctrinal threat to Zionist Christianity and Judaism. Hence forth, they expect Israel to stand mostly on its own, supported by the Zionist church and synagogue, through charity rather than government assistance and military aide. In that case Israel will have earned it’s desired status of respected as friend and ally, and eternal military outpost against the resurgence of Islam.

The only problem with all of this grandiose conspiring is that just as Israel’s final installment on its Middle East mortgage has prematurely come due, brought about by shocking political victories for both Hamas and Hizbullah, and also Islamic victories in Somalia, Egypt and other areas of the Muslim world, its patrons, the United States and Britain are suffering from serious losses in credibility, and popularity. Both are heavily involved militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, and both governments are mostly out of favor with their own people, and also the entire world. Israel’s final mortgage payment has come due, just as the leftist movement in Latin America is experiencing a popular resurgence that has a strong anti US, anti-imperialist and pro-Palestinian flavor, and the left in the US and internationally has as a matter of policy, come out against all military occupations of sovereign nations, and peoples. It has come due just as North Korea has tested missiles that are capable of reaching major cities in Asia and Europe, and just as Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan and India are said to have forged, or are about to forge a new Asian security alliance. Also, Islamic movements are coming to power throughout the Muslim world, in spite of attempts by the mostly Arab secular nationalist governments to demonize, vilify and sometimes violently suppress these movements. Israel’s final payment might be too much, too late, and attempts to fragment Muslims by instigating sectarianism, and to prevent India and Pakistan from enjoying peaceful co-existence and a mutual agreement on Asian security, while further demonizing Iran, and Syria wont help to make Israel’s work any easier.

A strategy forged during the days of US sole superpower status, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, during a period of starry eyed optimism and naiveté among Islamic activists who sought dialogue and peaceful co-existence, is no longer reasonable, considering the Clean Break presumption that either Israel, or its patrons has the bully power, or the real power to play the role in the Muslim world they once seemed destined to play. In the present international political and military climate, the only hope for all concerned is peace in the region through a real peace process that will be negotiated by interests who are equally eager and desirous of a real, just and comprehensive peace. Such a process cannot be fruitful until Israel realizes that there is no military solution, ends its aggression, and comes back to the negotiating table. Attempts by Tony Blair and Kofi Annan to place troops in Israel to help against the Islamic movement, are not likely to end the violence, and are more likely to expand the conflict, leading to World War III. Convinced that the US and Europe are capable of eliminating any challenger to Israel’s predominance should Israel fail in its mission, is perhaps the delusion that causes these people to prefer a World War over Israel’s defeat, just as they preferred war in Iraq in pursuit of non-existent WMD, over a diplomatic solution. Should the war expand and become a world war, it would not be the first time that miscalculations have led the world into such sorrow. Hitler was notorious for underestimations, and famous for his fall.