Israel’s "right" to exist

Does Israel have a “right” to exist? One would imagine with all of the emphasis being placed upon this supposed ‘right” that the idea of a Jewish only state is an idea that had been voted and agreed upon by a majority of the indigenous Palestinian population and their descendants prior to the occupation, and not in response to the threat of starvation, and at the point of a gun, a tank, an F-16 and a nuclear arsenal, backed up by threats and the political mischief of the United States and Europe. Use of the word “right” implies that a law exists somewhere that mandates the establishment of a Jewish only state in Palestine. To those who argue that indeed the British mandate represents such a law, I answer that Britain had no right to mandate a Jewish only state on land that it also had no “right” to either partition, or to give away. Israel is an entity that by normal legal standards was established illegally, including the esoteric argument in respect to who it was exactly that followed Moses out of Egypt, and whether or not the exodus was an exclusively “Jewish” phenomenon. There really is no legal, or other basis for the recognition of this supposed right of Israel to exist as a Zionist implanted entity claiming rights to sovereignty in Palestine, and also to dominance over the Palestinian people. Whereas in most cases the need and desire to move forward discourages too much hindsight, since Israel, the US and the EU feel that recognition of this non existent right is the basis for recognition of the very real, and non-negotiable human rights of the Palestinians, not to be starved to death, and continuously rounded up, and victimized by home demolitions, murder by illegal Israeli military raids and operations, and targeted assassinations in Palestine, it seems that resolving the issue of “right” to exist is the jumping off point for what might be called, the basic agreements in respect to Israel and Palestine as competing interests. Whose claimed right to the disputed land is the legitimate right? There is a body of international law that makes the legal parameters for this discussion very clear, and that gives us some clues as to how legally this dispute might be resolved, yet since it does not play to the favor of Israel, these laws have been symbolically buried beneath the more emotional, hysterical and racist rhetoric of the Zionist and pro-Zionist ideologues and their Arab puppets, who never saw a law protecting the rights of Gentiles, and especially Christians and Muslims, that they didn’t hate and seek to either abolish or force into obsolescence.

Peacemakers will no doubt, if read this, scratch their heads and ask what is to be gained by such a discussion. The answer is quite simple, the absurdity of the demand that Palestine recognize a right for Israel to acquire land by military conquest, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and every other international law that seeks to discourage military domination of smaller and non nuclear nation/states by larger more aggressive and nuclear armed nation/ states, dictates such an examination of the law, and discussion if not negotiation on this issue of rights to exist. There is a strand of thought which suggests that capitulation to Israel’s demanded and self created and defined “right” to exit is nothing more than a another attempt by Zionist to abolish international law through so-called negotiated agreements which in their opinion, nullifies all relevant law on such issues, even though the Geneva Conventions rules out negations on topics already settled in international law, and especially such negations between a belligerent occupier, and its victims. The reasons for this Geneva Convention approach are obvious, and particularly so in respect to the Palestine/ Israel conflict.

Since there is no body of law to support Israel’s illegal behavior, its self created rights, etc., Israel’s legitimacy, and acceptance of its’ Talmudic justice is dependent upon negotiations where they call the shots. By self-admission, Zionism is aimed at securing the supremacy of the Jewish race over all others, and to acquire a land wherein their supremacist ideals can take root and expand. The only means by which to attain the legitimacy and recognition that Israel, as a Zionist state, desperately needs and desires is to force Palestine into recognition of the fictional right. It is very sad that the EU and the US, aided by the so-called “Church” are willing to concede, not only to this racist, but also self defeating idea. It is even sadder and shameful that these same interests would actually act to abolish through fraud, all international law relevant to the relations between nations that seek to protect sovereign borders and to define the sovereign rights of all people, and not only Jews. To accept that Israel has a right to exist in Palestine, means that we also recognize the right of Israel to exist as a so-called “Jewish Only” state wherever it lays claim to its rights according to a fantasy map which outlines its desired borders, which includes Iraq, Sudan, and most of the Arab lands. To legitimize the map, Israel also has created a history that existed only in the minds of Theodore Hertzl, a secularist, and those who realized that his scheme to illegally confiscate land, and to establish an exclusively Jewish Only state, created by non-Jewish East European Zionist in the heart of the Muslim and Arab world, could succeed, so long as the powerful Western nations could be convinced that a well armed Israel, not bridled by laws, morality or custom could serve Zionist Christianity and its subservient European and US client governments, as an outpost in the Middle East against the spreading influence of Islam.

With Islam now spreading both East and West, and manifesting not only as the religious but also the political choice of a growing number of adherents East and West, it should be clear that Hertzl’s plan did not work, and that Israel is not capable, even with nuclear weapons to stop the spread of Islam. What it has achieved is an unparalleled hatred of the US for our, until now “unconditional” support for the criminal Zionist project, and also for our cooperation in its illegal occupation of Palestine, and its proxy wars in Iraq and Sudan.

There is hope. Rather than to premise the human rights of the Palestinian people upon recognition of the fictional right to exist of Israel, it might be smarter to leave discussions of Israel’s right to exist to negotiators who would decide whether to seek to resolve this issue through the international court who could determine the legal borders of both entities and where any right to exit does legally exist for both interests, according to international law. Negotiators might also decide to attempt to resolve the issue of borders themselves, guided by the law and only within legal parameters which would who automatically return the Israel to the 1967 borders, since it is illegal to acquire land through military conquest. The result is that we would be left to examine the British mandate, and to decide either to cure its defects, or to throw it out completely, deferring instead to the UN partition of 1948. Its basis is also flimsy, but in comparison to world war, it is more desirable.

This issue of borders, once resolved automatically leads to a renunciation of violence by both the Israelis and the Palestinians, since there would no longer be any border dispute that allows for ambiguity as to the illegality of military operations on the lands of either by the other.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a serious mistake if he continues to press for a popular referendum on a solution to this conflict at this stage, or should he continue to promote the Israeli prison peace plan. Why he feels that either of these approaches are worthy of his time and effort escape most people, and he should reconsider, taking into consideration that not only will Palestine be affected by his ill conceived actions, but also the entire Arab world. We should get the cart and the horse in their proper positions before any talk of peace can ensue. That means that we must first legally define Israel, and where it has a right to exist, and the same for Palestine.

The Palestinian people of course have the right to determine what their own political definition and configuration will be, whether that is a state, or a bi-national state, etc. What is not purely a Palestinian issue is Israel’s right to exist as a Zionist entity in the Muslim world that will expand through military conquest into other Arab and Muslim lands, and that is the issue that stands before us today, and unfortunately the human rights of the Palestinian people, which are unalienable, have been put at stake the United States, EU and Israel in an attempt to isolate Palestine, and force it into submission. Once accomplished, Israel will, as before seek to complete its conquest of the lands in which it has claimed already, and arbitrarily to own rights.

After so many years of hell in Palestine, a little purgatory can’t hurt much worse. It’s time to set the stage for resolution of this conflict, and that requires a legal definition of rights to exist, issued either by the ICJ, or through negotiations on borders, and where Israel will exist, first.