Israel’s support is the main factor behind India’s recent arrogance


Whatever India might do to keep its relations with Israel away from the glare of publicity so as not to disturb its ties with Arab and other Muslim countries, the high-level friendly exchange of visits between the two cannot go unnoticed.

The visiting Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres told a Press conference at New Delhi that if India chose to declare war against Pakistan it would find Tel Aviv on its side.

The statement does not surprise anyone conversant with Islamabad’s firm commitment to the Palestinian cause

The ensuing deal about three state-of-the-art AWACs, whose sale to Beijing had been vetoed by Washington, but has been approved in the case of New Delhi, in the present inflammable climate in the Subcontinent sounds a note of warning at the growing nexus between the two countries. .

Tel Aviv has already been providing advice to New Delhi in intelligence and suppressing the freedom struggle in India-Held Kashmir on the lines it is following in dealing with the Palestinian protesters.

The defense co-operation between New Delhi and Tel Aviv has been growing at a fast pace. Already the second biggest supplier of weapons to India, Israel might soon dislodge Russia as its main source of military hardware.

Mr. Peres’ visit has taken place at the right psychological moment for India to sign defense deals with Israel, with grave implications for Pakistan’s defense.

Israel’s support is the main factor behind India’s recent arrogance, refusal of dialogue and un-ending war hysteria. The world leaders should stop Israel to indulge in South Asia affairs otherwise the peace and security of  this nuclear zone will be at great risk.

Will Muslim Ummah come out of hibernation to rescue Pakistan from Hindu/Zionist threat?