Jewish Leadership Opens a New Front against Muslims

There are more than fourteen million Muslims in Western Europe. There are twenty million Muslims in the European Union. They are also the second largest religious community in three power centers of Europe – Germany, France and United Kingdom. There are more than seven million Muslims in America. In America like Europe, they are also the second largest community after Christians.

These numbers irk the anti- Christian anti-Muslim Jewish leadership in Western Europe and America. Even before Sept. 11 events, Jewish leadership was not happy with the visible presence of Muslims in these two continents.

Then there are anti-immigrant groups in Western Europe and in the United States. They are not for any immigration or very limited immigration from the World of Color –” Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

Sept. 11 events provided the long-desired opportunity to the anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership to join the anti-immigrant forces to cleanse Muslims from Western Europe and from America. This is at present done in the name of ‘national security’ and ‘terror war.’

“Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization in the Untied States, made a quick trip to Israel, in late July 2004 in support of the building of the Wall through the West Bank. Hoenlein, in Ma’ariv as ‘U.S. Jewry’s most prominent leader,’ (July 16, 2004) told the Israeli newspaper that he was extremely concerned about the growth of the Islamic community in the United States. Ma’ariv quotes Hoenlein as saying that ‘Europe is the current Muslim battlefield, but America is their ultimate goal. There are already 10 Muslim schools in New York, and my feeling that growing post- 9/11 awareness there is still a degree of naiveté among Americans. I warned against the growing US Muslim community 10 years ago, but nobody understood then. It is estimated that there are currently around 10 million Muslims in the U.S. illegally and the authorities are finding it very difficult to find them. It’s like a game of cat and mouse.” Editorial by Michael Lerner, Tikkun, September-October, 2004)

And Michael Lerner asks a question and a very pertinent one.

“Imagine what the Jewish reaction would be if the person we believed to be the most prominent Islamic figure in the United States were to issue a statement warning about the growth of the Jewish community in the United States. Imagine if he pointed to Jewish schools as a part of the danger and decried the naiveté of Americans in not recognizing the degree of threat these Jews posed. The outcry would be overwhelming.” Editorial by Micheal Lerner, Tikkun.

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Chair of the Conference of Major American Jewish Organization is not the only one who paints Muslim as a ‘threat’ to America. Every Jewish organization has been painting Muslims as a threat to ‘America.’

“It must be added that reliable data on the precise number of Muslims currently living in the United States is extremely difficult to come by. For reasons that appear simultaneously self-evident and self-serving, spokespersons from the organized Muslim community regularly cite the figure of six million Muslims. The number is chosen because it constitutes both a form of demographic riposte to the hated figure of the six million Jewish victims of Nazism that Muslims believe confers vast moral and political advantages on Jews and, secondly, it allows Muslims to claim they have already achieved numerical parity with American Jews. But many demographers and public opinion survey specialists find this figure specious, and place the number far lower. Lower estimates range from three and half million to as few as two and a half million, with the bulk of the Muslim population being African-American converts to Islam, not immigrant Muslims. We will not chose among these radically differing figures, but only point out that even the lower estimates suggest that given high Muslim immigration Combined with low Jewish fertility and high level of intermarriage, rising Muslim population already represents serious threat to the interests of the American Jewish community, and the danger will only increase with time.” (Stephen Steinlight, Center for Immigration Studies, October 2001)

Give credit to Dr. Stephen that he dares to say that Muslims are a threat to the Jews. Otherwise, Jewish leadership pretends to fight the war against the enemies of America without having his own horse in the race.

Note in this context the deportations of thousands of American Muslims for immigration violations –”arrested as ‘suspected terrorists,’ recent strict immigration policies in Germany, prohibition of “Hijab” in France, Conservative Party strict proposed immigration measures in U.K., and now anti-Muslims wave in Netherlands after the killing of a Dutch filmmaker by a ‘suspected’ Muslim.

All these anti-Muslim measures minimize the chances of Muslims becoming a viable community in the United States and in the Western Europe. These measures are also a determined effort by the Jewish leadership to marginalize the Muslim in the politics. Result? There will be less threat to the Jewish monopoly over the both continents.

The big question that Muslims should ask to the policy makers of Western Europe and America is this. Why are the alleged acts of a Muslim or Muslims used as a collective punishment for the entire Muslim community? Why a simple case of cigarette smuggling from one state to another state in the U.S. ends up as an act of terror?It does not happen to other communities when their members are charged with murder, smuggling, kidnapping, and other criminal acts. In these cases, their religious denomination or their parent country is not highlighted. They are described by their first or last name.

The same pattern of blanketing the entire Muslim community is emerging in Netherlands. Alleged act of a Muslim is used to punish the entire Muslim community. And who is leading this hate campaign and anti-Muslim crusade? He is Geert Wilders of Wilders Group. Even before the killing of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh on Nov. 2, Mr. Wilders was not a friend of Muslims. His coalition partner, Liberal Party, backed the candidacy of Turkey in the European Union. This act offended him. He opted out.

Killing of filmmaker Gohh gave Mr. Wilders a golden chance to implement his anti-Muslim agenda. He is poisoning the country atmosphere by declaring that democracy is under assault. He is alerting the nation that Muslims will topple the country’s democratic system. He is telling the nation that Muslims are intolerant people. He is teasing his nation that Netherlands has been too tolerant to intolerant Muslims. He is proposing a five-year halt to ‘non-Western immigration.’ He is threatening the Muslims to leave the country and if they do not leave, he will send them away. He is proposing the closing down of mosques. He is advising the Muslims that do not choose “radical Islam” if you want to live in Netherlands.

Mr. Wilders should know that Islam is Islam. It is neither “liberal” nor “radical.” It is neither “political” not “militant.” Islam is Islam just like Christianity. Christianity is Christianity. Islam is Islam. Devine religions cannot be compartmentalized.

The irony is that Mr. Wilders is one of the most popular politicians of Netherlands. This anti-Muslim agenda is upping his popular in the country. And he is not the only politician who used the anti-Muslim agenda to further its political agenda. Muslim blood on the hands of the politicians has become the sure path to victory. Note the rise of Sharoon, Vajpayee and Putin to power. They proved to the electorates that they would be tougher against the ‘terrorists.’ And it is not a chance that ‘terrorists’ in all these cases are Muslims. Note also President Bush second election victory. One factor that drowned Sen. Kerry is that he could not sell himself as ‘tougher’ as president Bush is on ‘terror war.’

Mr. Wilders is no exception. It is reported that if election is held today, his Group would win 24 seats in 150-member parliament. Before the killing of filmmaker Gogh’s, polls were suggesting 19 seats for his Group.

Who is capitalizing the killing of filmmaker Gogh? Again the Jewish leadership through its media. Instead of ignoring this act of an alleged one person, they are flashing it as a Clash of civilizations and Islam Clash Hits Holland.

“After serving for three decades as the unofficial capital of Europe’s anything-goes, post modern culture of tolerance, the Netherlands has been transformed with astonishing rapidity in the past three weeks into ground zero of whatever it is that is coming next. Some call it the painful, haling birth of a new era of realism. Other call it the beginning of Jihad on European soil.” (Rachel Levy, Forward, November 26, 2004)

The title of the article is ‘Clash of Civilization’ Hits Europe. Islam Clash Hits Holland. And remember Forward is a Jewish weekly.

If anti-Muslim article is not enough to fuel hate against Muslims, Jewish Forward thinks it proper to editorialize the events in Netherlands. Instead of appealing peace and tolerance, it instigates the anti-Muslims forces by painting Muslim as evil in Netherlands.

“We Americans have tended to be of two minds as we have watched events unfold in the Netherlands in the three weeks since the murder of filmmaker and anti-immigrant provocateur Theo Van Gogh. Half of us look at the mounting tensions surrounding Europe’s growing Muslim minority, the incidents of jihadist and anti-Jewish violence, and the ambivalent response of Europe’s leaders, and we see the continent on the eve of fourth reich, blind as ever to the evil in its midst.” (Editorial, Forward, November 26, 2004).

Title of the editorial also proves that the Jewish leadership is determined that Muslims blood must shed in every country of Europe and in every city of America.

In Netherlands Muslims are one million. Jews are only 25,000. Total population of Netherlands is 16 million.

The fact of the matter is that Muslims have very tough choices in the Western Europe and in the United States. There are more than 30 million atheists in the Untied States. What does it mean that every 6th American is non-believer? Numbers of atheists in Western Europe should also be in millions. These atheists and their secular brothers ridicule religions to provoke Christians and Muslims.

Once demonization of a religion starts, it has no end. Note what happened in New York City in the last decade. Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon Him) was portrayed in a very bad situation. The most respected mother of the prophet who is respected all over the world by Christians and Muslims was also portrayed in a very bad situation. Protest of Christians and Muslims could not stop the display in both events. A catholic Mayor Jullani could not do any thing. The world was told that these types of disgusting and insulting displays were ‘legal’ under ‘freedom of speech.” The most visible supporters of these ignoble acts were anti-Christian and anti-Jewish Jewish leadership. Jews are the only one who do not believe that Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon Him) and Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) are prophets.

There is a silver lining in the United States. Christians who are 90 percent of the population are demanding the role of religion in their political system. They have noted that secularism of 80 years have broken the fabric of the society. They have realized that women are raped after seconds and are murdered by their own boy friends or by a known male person after minutes, every thirty fourth male adult is either in jail, on probation, on parole or under criminal investigations, family institution is broken from the seems and so on.

Muslims in Western Europe and in America should join these Christian forces to stop the atheists and secularists to paint or to make films that insult prophets or religious communities.

Muslims should highlight the poison that is spread all over the world by anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership and Jewish media. Muslims should prove to the world that no body could outmatch the anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish leadership as spread of hate is concerned. They can achieve this objective by quoting and reproducing the hateful material produced by the anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership.

It is a fact that for centuries Christianity was the main target of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim leadership. Now Islam tops the list as a target of hate by the anti-Christianity and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership and Jewish media. Show anti-Muslim and anti-Christianity material by Jewish leadership and Jewish media to every human being you come in contact so reality should prevail. So Jewish leadership dares not say that Muslims or Christians are hate mongers.

Another point. Jewish leadership is right that grilling ‘Zionists’ and ‘Israel’ is a cover to grill Jews. When the Jewish leadership emphasizes that ‘Israel’ is a ‘Jewish State’ then why the patriotic forces all over the world, which expose the tyrannical nature of the Israel, should not criticize Israel as a Jew State. Why to say ‘Zionists’ are doing this and that. Why not to say that Jews are doing this and that. When the Jewish leadership can coin labels like “Muslim terrorists” and “Islamic terror,” why then the Israel terror cannot be labeled as Jewish terror? Jewish terror reflects a race. "Muslim terror” and "Islamic terror” reflect a religion. No Muslim is blaming and demonizing Torah. The demonization of a religion hurts more. For Muslims it will be less painful if anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership label a Muslim by his nationality or by his race instead of coining the labels like ‘Muslim terrorists’ and ‘Islamic terror.’ So Muslims all over the world do not be shy to tell the truth. You are not living in occupied Palestine, called Israel.” You are living in America and all over the world. If the Jewish poisoning tongue can spare no body on this earth that disagree with it, at least you have the right to reproduce what they say and why they say. Only Allah is Aleam and Basear.