Jews, Arabs and the Impact of Mass Media

The power of media can be incredible. Jews are amazing people because they have been able to control the most powerful medium in the world. The vast majority of people don’t really know what is happening around the world. Average Americans, whether simple workers, plumbers, carpenters, drivers or sales assistants don’t even know what is happening outside the United States. Most people acquire information and knowledge from mass media channels, whether Internet, TV, radio or newspapers.

The mass media is controlled by a small minority. The media moguls that belong to that small minority decide which reports should be sent out to the mass population. They create cultural heroes, decide which facts people are allowed to know and determine which countries are dangerous and classified as terrorist countries. Those media moguls, who make up less than one percent, determine the climate of public opinion.

The political influence of mass media channels can be enormous because the people’s thought can be greatly influenced by newspaper articles and television reports. We all know that the people’s attitudes to political issues are shaped through the media. The main question that arises is who actually holds control of the mass media. Who are the people that determine what is watched on TV or printed in the daily papers? The answer is simple: They are the Jews!

This article is under no circumstances motivated by anti-Jewish sentiments because in Islam Jews are seen as the "respected people of the holy book". The roots of prejudice against the Jews are complex, but let me clarify right in the beginning that Arabs are not engaged in a religious conflict with the Jews. The struggle is political because Arabs, whether Muslims or Christians, oppose Zionism. All that they are asking for is an end to the illegal occupation of Arab land and that Western media channels start adopting a more objective approach when covering Middle Eastern affairs.

It would be wrong to say that Jews outnumber non-Jews in all sections of the media, but they certainly control the most important media channels. Let us just mention a few names, like the Jewish Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who has been able to consolidate his hold over the media in America. Murdoch’s satellites deliver TV programs in five continents and he as well publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and the Times of London. Murdoch is as well the owner of Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network and 35 TV-stations that reach more that 40% of America. Not many people know that through his control of the media he was able to influence public opinion on the American-led war with Iraq. Bush was praised as acting "morally" and "correctly" for going to war with Iraq.

So far Jewish media control has determined the foreign policy of the United States and permitted Jewish interests rather than American interests. Fact is, that without Jewish media control there would have been no Iraq war or any Western support for Israel. The three most prestigious and influential newspapers in the United States are the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. They set the trends for all the other papers and all three of them are as well in Jewish hands. Also the prestigious Time magazine and the Newsweek are in Jewish hands. There might be quite a few television and production companies that are not owned by the large Jewish media corporations, but still they are controlled by Jews as well.

Another known fact is that most of the publishing houses, whether in London or New York, are owned by Jewish companies. Even Hollywood is owned by Jews. Time Warner, the largest media conglomerate, was founded by the Jewish Warner brothers.

One might argue that there should be no problem with Jews controlling the media, but people seem to forget that they are running things to fit the Jewish agenda. This control is doing enormous damage to countries in the Middle East and other parts of the world because it gives people a distorted view of the world and of the Arabs. Palestinians are branded as terrorists and not as freedom fighters. The killing of Palestinians is justified. Attacks in Afghanistan are justified because according to distorted media channels there is an urgent need to uproot terrorism in Afghanistan. Clever pro-Israeli academics swarm Western news networks and Western newspapers and talk about democracy, liberty and freedom. But their real goal is to justify the denial of democracy, liberty and freedom to others.

On very few occasions we come across Jewish academics, like the great Jewish-American intellectual and political activist Noam Chomsky, who speak about the crimes that are committed against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and express views which the powerful do not want to hear. Arabs welcome the support for Palestinian rights by Jewish intellectuals and human rights activists, but fact is, that most of the time Western media focuses on reporting one-sided stories about dangerous Arabs. People get confused, divided and misled and start believing that all Arabs are terrorists. The sad thing is that so long as the Jews control our mass media they will influence politicians, whether in the United States and Europe and be indirectly able to control the policies of Western governments.

World media, as we all know, should build bridges, but so far it has created divisions. Dominant Jewish media has done its best in playing a negative role in terms of building those bridges. We should ask ourselves why we should permit Jews to control the mind of every citizen and give them the power to influence Western political systems? After all, media channels can be more powerful than the pope, kings, presidents or high priests because the power is not impersonal. Media reaches into every home, whether in America, Europe, Asia, Australia or the Middle East.

Arab have so far done little to combat bias misrepresentations of the Arab and Muslim world. Not much has been done to influence Western media. The main reason is that Arabs fail to enter the media field. In Arab and Muslim countries everyone want to become a doctor or an engineer because such professions they believe are far more prestigious than professions in the media field. In the Middle Ages medicine was the highest achievement of the Muslims who have been greatly influenced by the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed pbuh, who encouraged the gaining of medical knowledge. One should also remember that Arab and Muslim contributions were very important to the science of medicine and that the whole world has benefited from them. Famous Muslim scientist are the Persian Al-Ghazi, who was in the Middle Ages the first to introduce the use of alcohol for medical purposes and also the first to use opium for anesthesia. Another famous Muslim doctor is Ibn Sina who is regarded as the father of modern medicine. His encyclopaedia of medicine remained in Europe a standard textbook for centuries. Also Ibn Al Nafis wrote the comprehensive book on medicine and Al-Zahrawi is called the father of surgery for having written a medical encyclopaedia and having developed many surgical tools that were used for centuries throughout the world. Back then, medicine was a central part of medieval Islamic culture. Hospitals were built in all major cities, such as Cairo and Baghdad. They later spread to Europe during the crusades because they were inspired by the hospitals in the Middle East. Back then, Muslims were considered the greatest thinkers and medical scholars in history.

But the world has changed. In the Middle Ages radio, TV, Internet and other media tools did not exist. There was no need to enter the media field. Today we look at Arab countries and discover that there are far too many doctors and engineers. There is nothing wrong with studying medicine or engineering, but it is high time for Arabs to enter other domains, especially the media field. We need to learn from the Jews who invest colossal sums of money in media training.

In order to establish a real dialog with Western powers, Arabs need to build new media not under Jewish control. Arabs will not be able to regain control of their destiny and survive as people if they don’t participate in mass media campaigns. They need to build their own media and make it more effective so that Jewish media won’t be able to mislead and divide the world anymore.

Many Arabs argue that they lack the resources to engage in this important undertaking, but that is a poor excuse because many Arab countries are agricultural. Some Arab countries have food, others minerals and yet others oil. They all have a good geographic location and are able to sell to everybody on every side. Arab nations, if collectively united, can be self-sufficient. We also need to remember that the rich countries such as the UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia possess the financial resources to sponsor such serious media initiatives. And we are certainly not lacking great Arab minds.

Jews have understood the impact of the media in the world, Arabs can learn too. All that is needed is an alternative source of facts accessible to the great mass of people so that people are not presented with one single view anymore, but are given the chance to form their own opinion and not that of the Jewish media masters. All that the Arabs are asking for is the recognition of their rights and to live in peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.