John McCain is scamming the World (With Bush) Regarding Torture

If anyone in the world believes that Senator John McCain is leading the U.S. Federal Administration away from torture, they are fooling themselves. McCain is playing along with President Bush in a scam to create the false appearance of "improved" U.S. policy in order to make people erroneously believe that the U.S. is acting legally, ethically, morally.

It is like a "good cop / bad cop" routine, with Bush playing the bad cop and McCain playing the good cop. Bush says publicly that anything goes and McCain steps in and says we’ll play by the rules, but when all is said and done, Bush is allowed to make up the rules as he goes along, and McCain pretends that the rules Bush abides by are legal, moral and ethical, when he knows full well they are not.

McCain and his colleagues in the Republican Party and their collaborators in the Democratic Party know full well that they are violating the U.S. Constitution by denying Habeas Corpus to detainees who have never been accused, much less proved guilty of terrorism. These people know full well that the alleged "war on terrorism" is no such thing because none of the victims have ever been proved to be terrorists, and only some are serious "subjects" who may be charged with terrorism-related activities or associations.

The sad truth is that the American government has created an illegal system in which people can be punished for their entire lives despite the fact that the U.S. government knows they are not guilty. Hundreds of people are being held apparently solely for the purpose of creating an illusion of terrorist "threat". If only proved, actually threatening "terrorists" were held by the U.S. the whole group of "terrorists" could probably be held in the brig of a single U.S. warship at sea somewhere. But it aids in the appearance of a "war" to have hundreds of captives, thus inducing fear in the heart of the deceived American public that the war is genuine and the threat is real.

The American government is playing games with the American people, but the games are not fun and they are not funny. Real lives are being destroyed for no good reason. There is no decency and no honor in the detaining of large numbers of innocent victims of America’s "War on Terror".

Bush tells the American people we are at war, but he fails to state that much of our warfare is aimed at people who are not and never were our enemies, but are innocent people who may become enemies due to our immoral and brutal treatment of them and their kith and kin.

John McCain knows all of this, and he is practicing a scam to hide the fact that he colludes and collaborates with grotesque wrongdoing. Is John McCain thus collaborating with Bush in hopes of replacing Bush in the next presidential election? Don’t be surprised if it turns out that way and if Bush ultimately endorses McCain as the next Republican candidate for President.