Jordanian PM highlights gov’t efforts to protect public money

Jordanian PM highlights gov't efforts to protect public money

Jordanian Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, Image from Petra.

Amman (UNA-OIC) – Jordanian Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz on Sunday vowed that his government will not back down on its efforts to combat corruption and protect public money, stressing that the anti-graft fight is enshrined in royal directives and demanded by the public.

In a televised weekly message addressing local affairs, Razzaz said: “In principle, the protection of public funds is demanded by all, but once it comes into effect, it faces intense opposition and resistance from some.”

In the next few days, he added the government draft legislation and ratify an international agreement to exchange information on tax evasion and double taxation to curb tax evasion and money laundering using tax havens.

Razzaz stressed that the agreement will substantially curb money laundering and illegal transfers to tax havens.

Speaking on recent domestic crimes, the prime minister said that despite introducing stiffer penalties, these “unfortunate and painful incidents” still take place, announcing that the government will evaluate all procedures and parties involved, in cooperation with the National Council for Family Affairs, to crack down on crimes.

Also, the prime minister pointed out that an official announcement will be made this week on the re-opening of airports to answer questions and address concerns, underlining that “bringing home Jordanians stranded abroad is a top priority.” The government is working on increasing the capacity of operations without risking Jordanians’ health or that of their families, he added.

On-street vendors, Razzaz stressed that they need to demonstrate adherence to public health and food safety guidelines and must not block roads or pedestrian walkways or park near shops, noting that the current economic situation requires boosting markets and allowing street vendors in specific locations.


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