Kashmir: The Jugular Vein


With the advent of newest sorties–shelled in a fabulous zest–by the leaders of the influential world é most explicitly by the US n’ UK to overcome the perilous scenario é shaped by the Indian ferociousness – in South Asia, the chivalrous people of Jammu and Kashmir State have set-in-motion the ‘Accession-to-Pakistan Week’ with a fabulous resolve to affix their final destiny with Pakistan – at all costs é to transform the glorious visualization of the Quaid-e-Azam vis-é-vis the elegant state – flanked by the steadfast peaks of Himalaya – into an absolute n’ perfect truth.

Spectacular rallies, inspiring seminars, pragmatic symposia and the hoisting of the prideful Pakistani flag é atop each and every edifice é is the hallmark of the week-long events é all over Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and even beyond oceanic, wherever people with Kashmiri-origin dwell. This is é in deed – a matchless characteristic of Kashmiris, who observe the occasion every year to re-iterate their earnest belief about their outlook, austerely in line with the historic resolution, adopted at a momentous session of their popular political party, the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference which took place on this day in Muhallah Aabiguzar, a vicinity adjacent to famed Dal Lake in the fascinating city of Srinagar, 55-year ago.

On July the 19th in 1947 a meeting of the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference was held at the Srinagar abode of the noted Kashmiri leader, Sardar Mohammed Ibrahim Khan, which was chaired by the veteran leader, Ch. Hamidullah Khan because the apex leader, Quaid-e-Millat Ch. Ghulam Abbas Khan had been put behind the bars -by the nasty ruler Hari Singh- for voicing the bona fide will of the people against the Dogra regime.

The celebrated resolution of the ‘ State’s accession to Pakistan’ was presented by audacious Khawaja Ghulam Din Wani and Abdul Rahim Durrani é with 59 bold n’ representative leaders–in attendance. Of them nine é including the noted historian Allama Mohammed Yaqoob Hashmi, are alive. The resolution–which reflected the pragmatic n’ bona fide will of the people was é instantaneously é adopted with one-voice amid booming slogans of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ (God is Great) and “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long Live Pakistan) by the participants as well as copious Kashmiris, approximating the venue of the moot with a definite ray of hope to have a peaceful and bright future with the end of the century-old tyrannical Dogra- clout, which had clandestinely surfaced with the inking of the notorious Armitsar Treaty é between the British-rule and their sycophant Gulab Singh – on August the 16th in 1846, setting off a ‘ Pandora’s box’ for the guiltless people é specifically é the Muslims.

The resolution expressed Kashmiris absolute confidence in the dynamic leadership of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah with the words ‘we salute him (The great Quaid) and congratulate him é from the core of our hearts with mammoth delight and soul satisfaction – on the auspicious occasion of the establishment of Pakistan.’ The state of Jammu and Kashmir, the resolution had recalled has been linked with Pakistan by the Nature through all perceptions, religiously, geographically, territorially, commercially plus via the unshakable bonds of civilization and culture with a singular fact the heartbeat of each of every Kashmiri synchronizes alone with their brethren in Pakistan.

Airing a stern warning to the then Hindu Dogra ruler, the valiant people of the state – with more than 85 per cent Muslim populace é asked Singh to declare the state’s accession with Pakistan é without any vacillation é before August 14th 1947 or get ready for a cataclysmic fate if this popular voice is neglected or mistreated. The dim-witted ‘Maharaja’ had to meet a dreadful end é for eschewing the popular will of the bona fide citizens of the state – as the New Delhi warlords é through a hideous act -resorted to an illicit invasion of the state, while the heroic people had stood up é like a unyielding rock é against the atrocious Dogra regime.

This culminated into the establishment of Azad Kashmir é as a base camp é for the liberation of the rest of the states’ territory from the brutal Indian yoke. This is é in essence é shall remain a lasting theme of the fabulous vision of the heroic Kashmiris at the galaxies which are held–every year–to mark the significant occasion of the ‘ Accession of the J n’ K State with Pakistan’ in every nook-n-cranny of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, the Indian Held Kashmir and elsewhere.

The focal topic at such assemblage has always been that Kashmiris must be given their birth right of self-determination to save the South Asia region from a catastrophic peril. Kashmiris urge India to quit Held Kashmir immediately ‘if at all it is serious to avert the potential catastrophic risks in the region’ at once. They also call upon the comity of nations to fulfil its outright pledge by ensuring the immediate implementation of the United Nations’ resolutions é adopted more the a dozen time é with a clear-cut commitment of plebiscite in the Jammu and Kashmir State, under the aegis of the world body, enabling Kashmiris to exercise their birth right of self-determination to establish their destiny for all times to come.

India is fully aware of the fact that not a single Kashmiri shall vote for New Delhi and that-is-why ‘the treacherous Indians are evading the UN resolutions’ with one sham ploy n’ excuse or the other’. This will, however not work now é whatever the way India swindles é as New Delhi stands fully exposed to the world today é explicitly in the light of the remarkable appeal, inked unanimously–last year–by almost 492 members of the British Parliament for an immediate solution of the Kashmir dispute, a paradigm first time happening in the British political history – which abundantly realizes the acts of the Indian hoax along with the constant aggressive posture of the New Delhi warlords, which has not only put the peace in the South Asian region in a disaster-prone scenario but has also created possibilities of engulfing the entire world é with an ill-fated tragedy é if a skirmish erupts between the two nuclear-armed neighbours at the behest of India.

The best course for India thus remains is to accept the global voice and bend before the ground reality that the solution of the Kashmir dispute is as essential for the survival of the global peace n’ as indispensable as the breathing of a life-line. This fabulous voice of the Kashmir people, inscribed on a vivid banner with the glorious words “Kashmir is the Jugular vein of Pakistan” shall persist–at all costs n’ till the States’ total accession with Pakistan. Hence all deceitful acts by India would–eventually–prove nothing except toxic nails in its coffin.

Now when a process of ‘normalization of relations’ has been set in motion, prima facie to end the decades-old stained ties, its’ the most apposite time for New Delhi to quit IHK at-once, paving vistas for Kashmiris to translate their zestful dream into a reality by annexing their fate with Pakistan–the singular n’ sanctified aim for which they have been n’ are still offering supreme sacrifices–which are being indexed as a unique golden chapter in their history–never inked by any-one any-where on the world atlas in any epoch.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).