Kashmir without Kashmiris

Today Kashmir is the flash point and may be followed by Taiwan and Palestine. It is a law of nature that the land belongs to its inhabitants and so do Kashmir, Taiwan and Palestine. Why not the powers that are and the petty meddlers in politics withdraw their interest and leave them to their fate.

We have suggested in these columns that leave Kashmir to the Kashmiris. India and Pakistan withdraw their forces from the disputed land of Kashmir, the Kashmiris on both sides of line of control should join hands and sit together to determine their own fate whether to remain with India or Pakistan or retain their independent status, if they can and become a Switzerland of Asia, or become a dagger pierced in the heart of south Asia.

This requires a tremendous stature of the leaders on both India and Pakistan and a statesman like approach to thee Kashmir problem and not a political approach to retain power cost what it may to the nation and the country. If this is the aim of powers that are on both sides of line of control a tremendous amount of their budget will be saved in maintaining an Army for military adventurism. As a matter of fact the huge army both in India and Pakistan would not be needed and thereafter a No War pact is the solution of Kashmir problem. Will the General in Pakistan be able to do it and will Mr. Vajpayee riding on the crest of atootang be able to do it? Economic co-existence has been the aim of the founding fathers of the republics of Pakistan and India.

The fallacy of Mujahideen being raiders from Pakistan must go. They are fighting their battle to the finish and this is what India is waiting for to see the end of the Mujahideens and then rule the graves or bring in Hindu settlers from India, this is a short sighted policy, nations do not end like this. History records that more Mujahideens will be born and Indo-Kashmir war will engulf South Asia, which will become a veritable hell never to freeze. The choice before Mr.Vajpayee is peace and prosperity for India now or continuous hell to save his rule. Only a statesman can exercise his choice in such a situation. Is Mr. Vajpayee a statesman? American are dabbling in Kashmir as well as they are prone to do anywhere and every where to justify and prove their superiority. This is the natural urge of man. The chairman of American foreign relations committee is on record to say on BBC radio in his new years resolution that no country will be allowed to challenge the sovereignty of United States, but at the same time United States dabbles in the sovereignty of every other state in the world through their fiscal might. To live is their policy, but not let others live is also their policy. The lust for power makes every American to resolve to convert the planet of the earth into one world government with America on top. It is to stem this tide of superiority in the Americans that Asia has awaken to form an alliance of Russia, China, India and Iran. Pakistan is also been invited to become a member of this comity of Asian power and we should accept this offer unless we do this Pakistan becomes another state of US. It has already lost its solidarity, let us protect its sovereignty.

Economic stability and power is going to rule the roost in 21st Century. Nations without economic stability will not be able to back their armed might and carry on their programme of vast territorial expansion. The rulers in South Asia may not be able to feed their hungry masses with the continuance of the hundred years war.

Another flash point is the dagger of Israel in the hearts of Arabs, who backed by the American masters are let loose on the peaceful population of Palestinians in their homes. Day in and day out hundred of Arabs are being killed and they are not allowed to perform their prayers in the mosque which has been their Qibla once. The problem with the Islamic world is that there is no unity among their ranks. Andalusia became Spain not because of the armed might of Ferdinand, but only and only because of the traitors and disunity among the Muslims of Andalusia. Gharnatta has been renamed as Granada and Qurtaba became Cardova, while we in Pakistan have still got Abbotabad —-to say the least. History records that non-Muslims have not killed more Muslims than the Muslims themselves, this is what happened in Spain and this is what happened in South Asia. It is interesting to note here that when somebody asked the great dramatist Bernard Shaw, which is the best religion in the world, his prompt reply was Islam, provided the followers are not Muslims; this is the tragedy of Musalmans. It is because of the great legacy and leadership of Prophet of Islam Hazarat Mohammed ( S.A.W.) that out of the world population of six billion, one billion are Musalmans inspite of the Muslims. I would suggest every reader to read a book Hundred Lives, in which in order of merit the top name is of the Prophet of Islam, the second is Sir Isaac Newton, the third is Jesus Christ, and fifth is Moses, this book has been written by a Jew and has placed the personalities taking into consideration the impact they have made on human society and mankind.

The spirit of Islam can be witnessed in Mecca and Medina, especially during the holy month of Ramzan, people bring iftar (eatables) from their homes to the Harem and invite every body irrespective of cast, colour, creed or nationality to join the feast. Love of Prophet, love of Islam and love for God is a sight to see and an example for humanity to emulate. But the pity is that the rulers of Islamic countries are more politicians than Musalmans. Let us be Musalman first, Musalman second and Musalman last, this is the only road to salvation.

The rulers of Islamic world and the rulers of the nations involved in the flash points of Kashmir and Palestine have to rise above themselves and be sincere and honest to the country and the people which God has enjoined upon them to serve and not to rule in royal moughal style.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.