Kashmiris Re LoC

Speaking at a breakfast meeting -” with media leaders -” in Davos, President General Pervez Musharraf beamed to the orb Saturday, a pragmatic facet that the Line of Control [LoC] cannot be a solution to the Kashmir dispute.

Simultaneously a bold and epic soul -” the symbol of the Federation of Pakistan -” aired zestfully his fabulous vision that ‘Pakistan and India will have to go beyond their stated position to resolve this long-standing issue.’ ‘LoC cannot be a solution, we have fought wars on it,’ he observed and posed a bona fide question -” How can a Dispute be made a Solution?

Taking into view this legitimate perception -” or one may phrase it as interpretation of the concomitant milieu in South Asia in the wake of ‘overtures for a thaw’ in normalization of -” to-date uptight silhouette, every realist would endorse this outlook -” as a podium of veracity.

As is often evaluated with elfin hopes -” yet with an icon of optimism -” as we move in the direction of resumption of dialogue with India, it is only helpful that we quietly clear the cobwebs that are a legacy of a past -” we better shed as good riddance.

Paradoxically, we have tended to be content moving in ruts, because -” in the gone-bye era -” we have lacked the audacity to emerge out of the illusory security of immobility.

One such pothole is the myth about the ‘Line of Control.’ Pragmatically, this line has no political import or status, hence without any validity or relevance to any potential dispensation. A dauntingly great deal remains to be discussed about the methodology of the deliberations that lay ahead -” may be next month.

Amidst a clear-cut message, beamed by the President with a spotlight on pragmatism that there can’t be any rapport with India on any facet sans the settlement of the core issue of Kashmir [which makes New Delhi ‘upset’ as n’ when a truthful voice emerges -” literally ‘disturbing’ the devious n’ cunning mindset of the Indian headship], a need for India to bend before the Atlas voice -” peace in South Asia -” becomes all the more essential.

Nonetheless, if there is agreement on the basics of a solution to the Kashmir dispute, progress in search of a final settlement would be smooth and steady, if not exactly swift.

In fact, any ‘avowal on alacrity’ would manifestly be reckless. Both sides should bring a high-minded and big-hearted commitment to bear on the negotiations. Going by the maneuvers, one cannot deduce at this jiffy what exactly the solution would be? But we do spot that only a fair solution will be sustainable with the valid support of all the parties -” involved.

In this perspective [of all concerned] -” first and foremost, are the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Only in the second position jointly stand the people of Pakistan and India. What all the related-parties can concur upon straightaway is that whatever the solution, it has to be one that is seen by all concerned as just, fair and equitable.

When placed in the parameters of the principles set out above, the ‘Line of Control’ ceases to have any weight whatsoever. It has not been drawn by the Kashmiri people. Nor can Pakistan or India aver to be its authors.

As a matter of fact, both Pakistan and India have, in so many ways, articulated inability to maintain the inviolability of the ‘Line of Control.’ India stands self-confessed as unable even to mount an effective guard on this so-called ‘Line,’ though it has 800,000-plus troops standing by.

Once we settle down to talk earnestly about a future solution of the core dispute -” on Kashmir, the ‘Line of Control’ would simply fade out of all reckoning. That would be the moment to address surpassingly delicate and sensitive issues, intertwined with which is the peace of almost a billion n’ half -” plus populace in this subcontinent -” composed of South Asia.

As a matter of fact, the ‘Line of Control’ is no line; it controls no worth or essence. Not only that a resolution -” still preserved in the acme index of the UN -” makes it crystal clear that no bar -” whatsoever -” can be imposed on Kashmiris’ mobility within the State, as they were constrained by the India-backed ruthless n’ tyrannical Hindu Dogra Hari Singh’s rule to leave their ancestral abode in 1947 n’ in a few follow-up years, taking refuge in Pakistan.

The grandiose n’ salient ‘Ceasefire Line Toor Doo’ [break the cease-fire line] movement by the top Kashmiri Leader, late Ch. Ghulam Abbas in 1958 [in Sikandar Mirza’s regime] is still deemed as fêted the world-over, which literally jolted the New Delhi rulers -” as they have had no bona fide way to hamper or obstruct it, specifically in view of the already -” aired global vote from the UN pedestal.

As a matter of fact, JL Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister after the exit of British monarchs from the Sub-continent felt a sigh of inhalation when Field Marshall Ayub Khan -” taking a basis of the environs of the then political scenario -” seized power n’ eventually convinced the awe-inspiring n’ vibrant voice of Kashmiris -” the late Ch. Abbas to put his crusade in abeyance for sometime as he [Ayub] would get the Kashmir Issue resolved in line with the ambitions of the dwellers of the fascinating Himalayan State.

In a way FM Ayub Khan did try through sundry means including via the Tashkant Summit -” yet the vanity of India -” in a way -” persisted and exists even today -” as on the one hand it speaks about ‘allure for talks’ yet on the other amplifies rather magnifies the magnitude n’ scale of its brutalities on the innocent people of India-held Kashmir [IHK] with the advent of every dawn n’ hideously applies one ploy or the other to get the lucid n’ cogent solution of the Issue tardy. Thus New Delhi’s ‘zest for a dialogue’ seems nothing beyond a trick to con n’ dupe the world.

With mounting pressure from every sane nation n’ more explicitly with the unfolding of the factual reports by world’s human rights champions focusing ‘the instant settlement of the nucleus issue of Kashmir as the only way for ensuring a durable peace in South Asia to the eventual benefit of the globe’ -” India stands fully exposed -” as stripped as a natural phenomenon.

The only n’ best course left for it is to bow before the ground realities by eschewing typical rhetoric like pseudo accusations -” of miscellaneous nature -” as such a polluted frame of mind of New Delhi has not only been attested as superfluous by time but simultaneously has been abhorred by every pragmatic nation the world-over.

Above all such ferocious alleges of India has no significance before the focal party -” the Kashmiris, who have never accepted a Line in any silhouette -” may it be a Cease-fire Line or a Line of Control.

Well-acquainted with Kashmiris’ obdurate resolve, New Delhi has of-late gone into yet another vile ploy to inflict a cavity in the fabulous ranks of the APHC -” by inviting Mirwaiz Omer Farooq and Maulana Abbas Ansari -” the glamorous stars of the indigenous struggle for freedom in held-Kashmir.

Though they did ‘oblige’ the Indian ‘aroma’ -” overtly -” for pacification to bring the despotic rule in IHK to an end, New Delhi is ought to comprehend that such a gesture -” in no way -” goes in its’ favor and it should not have any chimera or illusion on this aspect.

The epithet n’ raison d’être of such a course is perceptible. How can these sons of a sacrosanct realm forget the great sacrifices of their brethren, who clinched martyrdom just for raising a genuine voice for their birth right of self-determination -” and as a consequence nipped brutal bullets and ghastly guns, manned n’ veered by the Indian troops? Well aware of the splendid two-nation theory, how can they enter into a concord with India -” especially when it is now being ruled by radical BJP?

This actuality is manifested by the clear-cut avowal of their associate, cherished Syed Ali Gilani that -” in no case -” India can, any-more keep the people of the charismatic State in bondage. Very bluntly n’ brusquely, the grand emblem of the freedom struggle -” has also hinted -” to the pages of the History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir -” which stand as a rock-solid witness vis-à-vis the awful fate of Sheikh Abdullah and subsequently his son, Farooq who were kicked out in a mortifying way -” the moment India’s ‘peculiar objectives’ were clutched -” with Abdullah’s naughty abetment.

Fantastically, this delusion has been confessed by the grandson of Abdullah [the Jaffar n’ Sadiq of Kashmir] -” who, in an instantaneous retort -” aired by a television network -” in the post Advani-Ansari interface remarked; ‘all this shall prove futile -” as enormous interactions did take place in the past, yet eventually proved useless.’ It confirms -” that truth does gesticulates -” one way or the other.

Its’, I believe an apposite time for the resurgence of unity with harmony among the entire ranks of the APHC -” at least for the ultimate good of the people of the State, lest India places Kashmiris in infinite cage.

Now when the global settings have taken an abrupt shift and both India and Pakistan are cognizant of the ‘ground realities’ to solve the perilous Kashmir Issue -” one way or the other -” expectantly, of-course to the satisfaction of the aspires of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, any divergence of insight among Kashmiris’ sketch -” like the inspiring APHC -” may origin a colossal harm to the Kashmir cause -” which no one would like to taste or flavor.

Alongside this, let their be no mix-up about Kashmiri’s steadfast valor [even if a set of elfin species unknot their decades-old stance] and that too -” after making a hefty digit of innocents -” as scapegoats -” who did not feel averse even in offering supreme sacrifices of diverse nature -” in millions -” and even to the point of having been uprooted from their familial dwellings. Generations -” to come shall never forgive such creatures.

Nonetheless, every patriotic Kashmiri hopes that no-one, dealing with their fate n’ destiny would bow before any alien pressure of any magnitude -” and even it’s’ from the solo super power of the current epoch -” the United States.

Both India and Pakistan shall -” thus -” have to keep this reality -” as prime -” while they converse on this topic, in times ahead -” anywhere, anytime or at any-level. Whatever the decision is agreed upon [if it so happens, despite India’s animosity] -” must reflect the aspirations of the key party to this core Issue -” in a translucent fashion n’ without any qualms -” whatsoever they might be.

Any pose or posture -” negating this verity shall -” in no way -” be tangible for the lawful title-holders of the Paradise on Earth. They are perfect in their outlook -” as the UN commitments on Kashmir fully uphold this trueness -” as clear as the bang n’ translucent waters of River Jehlum -” with a basis of flickering helix -” like the alluring Spring of Veri Nag, flanking the dazzling n’ mesmeric -” city of Srinagar.

This will have to be acknowledged as a replica of the Kashmiris’ mood -” as an exact truth as their kick against the Indian assailants is ought to swell incessantly -” till the time the despotic manacles are splintered for all times to come.