Latest War Talk

With no hope of getting a second “use of force” resolution through the U.N. (one reason being that it would violate the U.N. Charter and subject members to potential war crimes liability), the Zionist/neocon war hacks in the U.S. are turning up their agitation. They still predict war, sooner rather than later:

(a) on the basis that Resolution 1441 empowers them to do this; and,

(b) as a response to an “Iraqui Scud millile attack on U.S. forces in Kuwait”.

Southern Iraq is currently overrun with U.S. “black ops” units and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few Mossadites weren’t running around there as well. It probably wouldn’t be hard (especially since Iraq has virtually no air recon) to bring in a few mobile launchers and fire them back at Kuwait.

Also, since the massing of these units is (in itself) a warlike act, the temptation to actually attack U.S. forces must be very great, although it would be suicide for Saddam. Like the Israelis in the 1967 war, it is easy to use such massing to provoke the desired response in one’s foes.

The risk of this is especially high as Bush is slated to propose his new “Mideast Peace Plan” that calls for an independent Palestinian state by 2005. Many hard-liners in Israel and in the U.S. Neocon camp will do ALMOST ANYTHING to prevent this.