Launch of the Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool

Launch of the Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Operational Tool

We are pleased to announce that a new Tripartite operational tool is available to support countries in the implementation of joint risk assessments for zoonoses, complementing the existing Tripartite Zoonoses Guide.

The Operational Tool on Joint Risk Assessment (JRA OT) has been developed by the Tripartite organisations (FAO, OIE and WHO) and technical experts to provide guidance on how to set up a joint risk assessment process at national level. While it describes step-by-step how to conduct each component of the process, it also provides model documents and templates to support its implementation by staff from national ministries responsible for management of zoonotic diseases.

What are the benefits?  

  • Bringing together a wealth of expertise and information from all relevant sectors to jointly assess risks from zoonotic diseases contributes to the understanding and management of shared threats at the human-animal-environment interface. 
  • The information provided by a joint risk assessment makes possible the implementation of preventative actions according to evaluations on event likelihood and impact.  

  • Thanks to the recommendations on risk monitoring, management and communication resulting from a joint risk assessment, decision-makers can implement science-based measures and align communication messages between sectors. 

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