Leave the Veil Alone — Get Ready to Pay Reparations

"First or last you have to repay your debt."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

To keep focus on Muslims and Islam intact, all of a sudden veil became a weapon of Mass destruction. For the past month or so, the debate about Islam’s most iconic symbol, the black veil drawn across women face, has been imposed upon general public all over British and other European countries. In other words, war on veil is underway as a side issue to keep demonization of Muslims and Islam alive.

The war on veil was kick-started by British ex-foreign secretary Jack Straw’s October 5, 2006 comments that Muslim women veil is “a visible statement of separation and of difference.” But it gained further momentum when five days later Prime Minister Tony Blair waded in, calling the veil a "mark of separation" that makes others feel uncomfortable.

"Difficult as these issues are, I think they have to be raised and confronted and dealt with," Blair said during his monthly news conference.

Italy prime Minister Romano Prodi joined the chorus on October 118 with an interview to Reuters TV, "You can’t cover your face. If you have a veil, fine, but you must be seen. This is common sense I think, it is important for our society. It is not how you dress but if you are hidden or not."

He continued: "The problem is to have clear rules, so that if they behave, if they respect the law, if they are good citizens, they can become Italian citizens."

No one believes these remarks and were accidental. Every comment by European politicians and news report and article by the press and media is carefully considered. But one question that one may ask is why Muslim has suddenly become a problem in much of Europe. Why has it been chased from public schools in France and Belgium, and veil been outlawed in a smattering of European towns.

Is this all to better integrate Muslims populations? Mark Rice-Oxley reports in Christian Science Monitor (October 20, 2006) that half the world away, Australia is also tending toward the stick to better integrate its 360,000 Muslims. Almost 1 in 4 Australians was born overseas, yet multiculturalism is seen in an increasingly negative light. Prime Minister John Howard, has spoken of moving away from "zealous multiculturalism" toward a reassertion of Australia’s national identity. "Multiculturalism and what it means has been caught up in the uncertain environment we live in," says Sharon Ride, director of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia. "People have a fear of terrorism, and multiculturalism has got mixed up in all that."

The truth remains that taking on the veil is not a sign of West’s looking to assimilation.

From Britain to Australia, unease is growing not because of the separateness of the West’s Muslim communities but because of the growing intolerance of the colonial masters who are facing resistance in the former colonies to their continued colonialism in the form of de facto colonization. They have no option but to begin taming Muslims’ resistance with domesticating Muslims living in the West.
Even if there’s some basis for claiming that multiculturalism is more of a feel-good philosophy than a real panacea for widening cultural divisions, the multicultural character of Europe was centuries in the making. Nothing special happened over night. The idea that Britain, France, Germany, Italy, or any other European country should now be justified in attempting to reassert its "national character" is nothing more than an effort by politicians to pander to those segments of the population whose mindset have been fully programmed against Muslims and Islam by the “mainstream” media. As a result they have choosen to deny that Europe is what it is because of its colonial past.

Britain’s prime-minister-to-be, Gordon Brown also backed Commons leader Jack Straw over his comments on Muslim women wearing veils. The chancellor told BBC political editor Nick Robinson on October 11 that it was important to "have a proper debate".

If Gordon Brown really wants to engage in a serious debate about British identity, a good place to start would be by acknowledging that he and his fellow are what they are because Britain is an illegitimate nation. Strip away all the cultural intrusions – from the Romans all the way through to the modern imperial legacy – and there would of course be no such thing as "Britishness."

Debates about cultural integration cannot be honest unless they include a clear recognition of how the Western cultural melting pots emerged. They aren’t the product of modern mobility but come from a long-standing sense of entitlement among Western powers that the non-Western world could be plundered for its resources. But when victims of the former colonization and present de facto colonialism come in search of better life opportunities to the West, they must be assimilated. They must forget their religious and cultural roots and begin living Western values and way of life from the scratch. It’s too late to start advocating some contrived semblance of cultural and material self-sufficiency. The former colonial and modern imperial centers haven’t even stopped plundering the rest of the world – let alone considered how if ever they are going to repay their debts to the suffering masses in the colonized world.

This is no time for veiling and unveiling Muslim women. This is the time to debate repaying the colonized world its debt. This is the time to admit that the façade of democracy has unraveled and it can no more hide the loot and plunder of the colonized world by the imperial centers. Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and trivial debate on veil can no more hide the real intentions of the colonial masters who see the writing on the wall. The time for them and their puppets in the colonized world is up. The only way they can sustain de facto colonization and the present unjust global social and political order is to wage wars abroad and engage public at home in debates such as the one on Muslim veil, so as to divert attention and focus on the contrived “Muslim problem” for leveraging support for wars abroad.

Debating and demonizing Muslims, Islam and related issues is irrelevant and will not help the colonialists avoid the real issue: The end of their so-considered perfect colonial rule since the World War II and fear of paying reparations to the plundered nations.