Lebensraum of USA

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) were a mere pretext (“bureaucratic excuse”) according to the Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. Likewise Iraq would be handed over to the Iraqis after the removal of Saddam’s regime, at the time they claimed “not even a day more”, but Iraq remains under US control for the foreseeable future. She is currently shaping Iraq in her desired image including the formation of a new constitution.


We were also told the war was not about oil, but guess who is in charge of it! Who is “awarding” the lucrative contracts to the US Multinationals (Bechtel, Halliburton etc whose board members are filled with the senior Republican party figures like Dick Chaney) in exchange for Iraqi oil? More importantly at what price and who determines that price? The “liberated” Iraqis or the liberators?


As the real (“Strategic”) objectives of the US unfolds in front of our very eyes, many of think tanks are scolding Bush for not emphasizing on the “Strategic” objective as oppose to publicly stated objective. Which translates to, why did he continue to emphasize on the lie? So for the believers of US, they can now contemplate on the confessed “Strategic” objective of this war, instead of generating the next spin about the status of WMD.


The US has Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and now Iraq under its belt. That leaves Iran the other major oil producer in OPEC in the region to be brought under control and hence the saber-rattling against her.


What the Nazi’s used to call “Lebensraum”, they call it “exporting” democracy and “free” market. The Nazis had concentration camp they have Guantanamo-bay. The Nazis had the SS, they have the FBI, who can use the Patriotic act to execute arbitrary arrest and imprisonment without access to legal representatives. The Nazis persecuted the Jews they persecute anyone opposing the American dream. 

The writer is a Graduate in Chemistry from London University and Technical Director. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.