Liberation Movement for Kashmir will continue

Musharraf’s todays speech was the best under these circumstances. He gave India a firm warning – stay off otherwise you will be dealt with Iron hand. His stand on Kashmir is fully justified. His proposal to allow Amnesty and other Human Right organizations should be allowed in Kashmir to stop India’s state terrorism.The UN peace-keeping forces should be posted to expose India’s wolf crying of cross-border terrorism.

India wants to brand Kashmir movement as terrorism, but Musharraf’s speech has hilighted this grave issue to world conscience once again.

He has banned jihadi outfits in Pakistan to show the world that the Kashmiris are fighting their own war of independence.

Lashkar was no doubt supporting Kashmiri struggle movement by sending volunteer fighters but the Kashmir movement is indigenous movement. It was before Lashkar or Jaish and it will continue without them until liberation of Kashmir from cruel rule of India.

Writer works for Islamabad Policy Research Institute.