Lies and More Lies

I have been lied to all of my life. That’s more than 59 years of lying. My parents lied to me, about Santa Claus (I discovered this when I saw them putting gifts under the tree). When I asked them how he would get into the house since we didn’t have a fireplace. They told me that the front door was left open for him. They also lied to me about the tooth fairy among other things. However, I don’t hold it against them because they were lied to all of their lives about nearly everything and by practically everybody as were their parents before them. Almost every adult I came in contact with outside my home and family lied to me, but then they were lied to themselves.

Outside the family atmosphere almost everybody barefaced lied to me as well. My teachers in school lied to me often not knowing they were lying, but believing what they were teaching was the truth. They taught the lie of evolution as they teach it today, life by accident, without design, or a designer, now unproven and unprovable. They expounded world and US history according to what they were taught from kindergarten through college. Educated through books adulterated with half truths, blatant lies mixed with facts because those responsible, not as much for the writing, but the editing have an agenda. That agenda? To throw into the "Memory Hole"(Orwell’s 1984) any truth so they may use their "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars."

The news media has lied to me since I learned how to read and I saw my first television more than fifty years. I long ago learned to believe just the opposite of what they broadcast brought me closer to the truth. Real investigative reporting has vanished, replaced by scripted broadcasts provided by a central source. If you flip channels at news time, you will probably see the same stories being reported almost identically by all news sources. They believe that selling their lives for the world (money) profits.

Our representatives for the most part (there are a few exceptions, but they don’t usually last long) from local all the way to the top, lie like you and I breathe. Sometimes they tell the truth with deceit in their hearts with the goal of attainting an evil end (the end justifies the means?) The human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. We are a nation of liars; most Americans lie daily, white or black, they are lies.

I believe I began to be aware of the lies from every quarter in my early twenties when I recognized the futility of participating in the popular vote for president. However my real awakening started in the early 1970’s when I began to question the truth behind the JFK assassination. We all remember where we were that day. I was 19 and riding with my oldest brother and sister-in-law when we heard the news on the radio. I, like many millions was sucked into the lone assassin fallacy and until I began to question and proved different, Once you learn the truth, it opens one door after another to enlightenment if you answer the knock when it comes.

Since that revelation more than thirty years ago, I have uncovered the lies, the deceit, the treachery again and again and discovered the truth often being taunted as a conspiracy nut, un-American and unpatriotic. Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City (Do you recall the Pulitzer wining photo of the fireman carrying the bloody crumpled body of a one year old innocent little girl victim) and the World Trade Center. The list goes on and on, even historically back to the lies at beginning of this nation, but especially from the Civil War until this very day.

It is said in the bible that if: "you know the truth, the truth will set you free" This is true, yet there is a penalty for knowing the truth. Good cannot come from evil, nor evil from good. So, until we stop telling lies, perpetuating lies, believing lies, we will pay the penalty. What goes around, comes around.

In closing, for our parents, teachers and leaders: "When a statesman denies his private conscience for the sake of his public duties, he leads his nation on a slow road to chaos." (Thomas Moore from "A Man From For All Seasons." as he spoke to Cardinal Woolsey)