Light Comes from the East

    Dreams and nightmares are faces of the same coin. Clearly the creation of the state of Israel is based on the Zionist dream, outsmarting both the international community, and definitely the Arabs. For the past century, the dream of Israel has depended on skillful manipulation, international deals and the use of force whenever needed. Among all states built on dreams or doctrines that are exclusive, xenophobic, racist, or religious; in case like the Soviet Union, Hitler Germany, Milosevic’s Greater Serbia, or Taliban, Israel has managed to survive due to constant support of artificial means, made possible through numerous and spread veins that feed it from remote parts of the globe. While the support of Israel’s uphill existence has no address, the state itself has one; an address in the heart of the most ancient, complex, and emotional part of the world.

    The fact that Israel survives on the manipulation of the public opinion of the west, western funds, and occasionally blackmail (Monika Lewinsky) means that it must sustain the constant pressure of such skills. This strategy is proving to be a costly endeavor, for both the parasite and the host. This also means that the host’s contribution, taxpayer money, is invested in a difficult address, drained, and wasted often with disastrous backfiring as we now witness.

    The creation of Israel can be described as a triple transplant surgery; the removal of most of the Palestinian people from their historic land, the transplanting of Oriental Jews out of their natural habitat in several Arab countries and into an artificially adhered society, and the incitement of the emigration of Western Jews, all to be concentrated within the a body that is naturally Arab. This complicated, ideologically based surgery is unique to human history; a kidney transplant conducted by a fanatic priest. The body has rejected the kidney for almost half of a century, and with all the painkillers and suppressive medications, the kidney remains a foreign object with recurrent rejection flairs as the current one. The question remains whether the body, with this surgical malpractice, is the Middle East or the World at large.

    Because the creation of Israel is based on the displacement of population, it is important that we view this experiment within its ecological context. Scientifically speaking, landscape in the Middle East has a very limited carrying capacity in view of its limited natural resources; water in specific. Not only that this carrying capacity has been outstretched to it’s collapsing limits, by numbers of Jews brought to the land of Palestine, it also reaching a breaking point outside the state of Israel (the reasons for the right of return are not purely moral or legal) due to the unnatural pushing of refugees into the Arabian Desert and away from the shores of the Mediterranean. This eminent ecological failure is also inflamed by different levels of water consumption (liter-per capita) of the western Jews who evolved in wetter landscapes.

    What is most alarming, ironic, or tragic, is the fact that every single Jewish emigrant that came from the west, came from countries in which water is much more abundant.

    This fact presents a vivid example of the ecological shortsightedness of Zionists, beside the drying of Lake Houla and “making the desert bloom” against its will.

    With all the Zionist scientific, intellectual, and calculative vision, the displacement of people against forces of ecology, into one of the world’s most arid regions is a recipe for a painful disaster, a collapsing invention on which nature will take no sides and will ultimately address no matter when.

    With this argument in mind, the synergy of the creation of Israel with the American é Red Indian case does not hold. To understand the difference it would be sufficient only to consider the different land/person ratio; the kilometer per capita of irrigatable land in both cases. A more meaningful comparison should be between Israel and Apartheid South Africa, or the failing colonial experiment in Zimbabwe.

    The world will pay dearly at every attempt to outwit nature. Nature and ecology will remain to say “no” no matter how much the American Administration would intervene. Ecology will not obey western pressure and definitely will not listen to the Bush Administration since this administration does not listen to ecology (Kyoto).

    Ecologically speaking, Israel remains a dangerous, unsustainable, and unviable experiment.

    Not only Israel is a dangerous, environmentally un-friendly, law-manipulative experiment, it is also an expensive one. Israel’s cost has managed to maintain an accumulating account; it sticks out as the most expensive endeavor in human history, both per capita and per square meter. These costs not only include impossible-to-add-up dollar figure of American and European tax money, the hereditary guilt-tax paid by each German generation, but also the human lives, destruction and delayed development of countries in the region. The bill can include Egypt of Jamal Abdulnaser, Jordan’s unrest in the 1970s, Lebanon of the 1980s, the Iraqi-Iranian war (1980- 1988) with the agenda of creating a lasting rift between Sunni Muslims and Sheit Muslims (a duty first performed by Saddam and then continued by Taliban and in both cases the Zionist inspired job-description got out of hand). The bill also includes, most importantly the Diaspora of the people of Palestine.

    Ideologically speaking, Sharon’s Israel is identical to Mullah Omar’s Taliban, as both are based on religion. Sharon’s attempt of cleansing Israel from the rights of stubborn Palestinians is identical to Mullah Omar’s attack on historic statues of another religion that preceded Taliban’s Government for centuries. What is alarming is that in Israel’s case the civilized world is deceived and manipulated into unquestionable support of this uncivilized doctrine (Zionism) dressed in a democracy that didn’t stop the return of a War Criminal as their leader. For extending its power of deception, Israel benefits greatly from the suicide attacks on both its civilians and army, in the way it uses it in the media. It must always be stressed that these awful uncivilized crimes, when a teenager blows himself (or herself) to inflict casualties, should never be defendable. On the other hand, this phenomenon should be deciphered and understood. In order for Bush to understand it’s proper context, it would be advisable to call upon experts, university research to investigate to which level of humiliation, frustration and feeling of deception, a human being has to go through, to commit such a terrible act. The explanations that Israel pre-casts for the white House consumption, linking this phenomenon with Islamic fundamentalism or Iraqi funding, is not valid; at least not for any one with average intelligence. Why fundamental terrorists in Egypt (Luxor), Ireland, or in the massacre of Hebron by an Israeli fanatic Jew did not resort to suicide? It is because the criminals in all there cases are not frustrated enough to kill themselves with the targeted unarmed civilians. As for the scenario of the Iraqi funding of the Intifada, it is clear that Saddam is so desperate to bail himself out of his bloody past. His cashing on this legitimate struggle for independence is an attempt to hide his grave misconduct, human right record, and being fooled to implement Israel’s plan for a Sunni-Sheit division (Knight of the Eastern Gate; hence his favorite Texan hat) a war which killed one million human beings, more than all the Arabs killed by Israel for the past 100 years. But his action was designed by Israel and advised by America, which explains the total silence and lack of interest in his human right record (gassing of Kurds, etc.) as long as he is on the job. Funds arrive to the Intifada from many other Arab Countries, but the accepting Iraqi funds to mix with other Arab money sent for the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people is a grave mistake that Arafat allowed to happen. It must be said that Israel’s technique of making the Palestinians desperate to a blinding degree has succeed in this case.

     As a secular, civilized Arab Muslim, Ayatollah Khomainy’s neo-Islam never appealed to me. I never liked their hybrid neo-Saladdin dress, especially that relating to the fashion of scarves, in a style, or better lack of stile, that is predominantly polyester. While at the same time I am fascinated with the Afghani dress. But now, after 20 years, the most important fact that the Arabs must realize, is that Iran of Today is not Iran of Ayatollah Khomayni, and it is moving away from that awful, Israeli style, religion-based, experiment of the 1980s and back into our common multi-ethnic eastern civilization; we must help it to do so.

    This tragically accumulative bill to fund a peculiar and astronomically overpriced existence has a carbon copy of moral costs. The moral cost of glucosing Israel with Palestinian blood, will keep adding up beyond estimated budget. The good-intentioned people of the west might wakeup, maybe soon, and shy away from sharing responsibility for a questionable morality on which Israel’s very existence depends. Israel harvesting of western support, through deception, is reaching diminishing returns.

    1-     The Israel experiment should be viewed within its proper size without any consideration to arms or hi-tech resources (the Soviet Union had more of both).

    2-      An account must be kept of the costs of Israel; in human lives, natural resources, financial resources, and (most important) moral costs.

    3-      It must remain the duty of every freedom-loving morally-sober individual in this world to point the finger to the American Government and hold it responsible as partner in Israel’s official terrorism, as supporter of illegal acts, and as a government that allows itself to be manipulated by Israel and to get Palestinian blood on it’s hands.

    4-      It must be remembered that the US has accumulated a record of unfair vetoes, has obstructed any attempt of international justice, and has refused any even-handed international peacekeeping forces. The US has allowed it’s policy in the Middle East to be hijacked by Israel and to be turned into a single-sided support for the state that has the longest list of unapplied UN resolutions. America’s very policy that gives unconditional support for only one side gets in return much of its criminal record.

    5-     The current attack on humanity as we see in the occupied territories, should be a wake-up call to people of the region, as was the case of the attack of 11th of Sept. to Americans. Although both are very similar in being immoral and criminal acts targeting civilians, In Israel’s case it is a premeditated, state-run act of terror with clearer record of evidence, weapons used and green lights given. What is happening in the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus and Jineen refugee camp is the Palestinian equivalent of the 11th of Sept. a terrorist attack on aspiration for freedom, put on hold for half a century. But Sharon’s terrorist attack is also different from the terrorist attack of 11th of Sept. in two ways. First that Sharon’s attack is backed up directly by the Israeli democracy and indirectly by the American one. Secondly the casualties in Sharon’s terrorism are left bleeding where they fall, in many cases mutilated by the Israeli army, and ambulances are not permitted on the scene.

    6-      The Oriental world, I dare not say the Arab World or the Muslim World should take the opportunity of this wake-up call and start a sustained, consistent project of thinking diversity. Globalization is an experiment more dangerous than that of Israel. The Orientals should use as a catalyst not religion, language, or color; but rather the same diversity that is maliciously used to separate them; cultural diversity, language diversity, technical diversity, biodiversity and diversity of opinion.

    7-      We should join forces to say no to globalization that erases our colorful mosaic of ecologically shaped cultures, no to genetically modified seeds (seeds that are eradicating a farming tradition that goes back to 10 thousand years), diminishing our crop-diversity and robbing us from our unique crops made fit through evolution and nature-friendly domestication, and putting our farmers under the mercy of global corporatism.

    8-     We should look to the East, to India and to other countries that are rejecting GM products. Cultures that have great talents of technical diversity, innovatively using intermediate technology that is based on accumulating knowledge rather than the replacement of it.

    9-      We should be careful of “experts” that come through “aid” which is now obviously tarnished in blood, and learn from us complex solutions to sell them back to us labeled and patented. Instead we should look for experts from eastern countries with similar problems and needs to exchange experiences in grass-root, sustainable, environment-friendly, energy-efficient and donor-agency-free development.

    10-  We should beware the flow and content of ” IT” as it has an extinctive effect on cultural diversity on the style of the silent invasion of GM seeds.

    11-  We should, as Orientals, better manage our landscape, create some degradation monitoring system and learn about it’s secrets, assets and potentials, beyond the out-dated economy of extracting commodities.

    12-  We should look for hope and economic vitality that can only come from inside and not as pre-packaged kit imported from outside. The fact is that no one can design a working kit specially not those who are enemies of diversity as personified in globalization.

    13-  We must understand that economic bailout through aid in bloodstained dollars is addictive and will only pull us into greater dependency.

    14-  We shall not fear devaluation of our currencies, for it is not as bad as devaluation of our morality, and we must realize that the strength of our currency is working ageist the creative in us, diminishing chances of the exporters and boosting the business of importers, raising un-employment and sending job opportunities abroad.

    15-  We must realize that Israel and America have cornered themselves in their own lacks of political option and the only face-saving way out for them, is an armed conflict with countries of the region, because we all know that their military might outweighs a thousand times their diplomatic wisdom. We should not bail them out through military confrontation. Let us witness the American Policy in the Middle East snowball into further failure, diminishing any leftovers of American credibility in front of the rest of the civilized and uncivilized worlds.

    16-   Terrorism is intentional deprivation of the life, legal rights, aspiration, freedom of movement, land, resources, and of the opinion of un-armed civilians.

    17-  We should not, after all call for the destruction of Israel, for this is unrealistic and definitely create a messy situation. We might bet on it being partially or totally, quickly or slowly, dismantled. Since all dogma-based states have some elements of reversibility. A partial dismantling that might, and should, start with the large number of illegal settlements, (many of which crept when the Arabs were intoxicated with the “Pease Process”) can best be performed by the same surgeon, who operated on this transplant; namely the UK and the US. The best thing we can do is to refuse taking the painkillers, the fever suppressing drugs, the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic pills so that the final life-saving operation becomes as eminent as death.

    18-   Ex Oriente Lux; light comes from the East