LittleJohn – Little Minded Fascist of Camp X-Ray

One of the defining features of Fascism and other forms of dictatorships is that the State can make arbitrary arrest merely on the basis of suspecting individual(s) of having committed or likely to commit a crime. Which means that the State views such individuals as guilty until they can prove their innocence. As everyone knows this is almost a no-win situation as proving a negative is very difficult and in many cases outright impossible.

Once arrested, they can be held indefinitely at the whim of their captors. Depending on how strong the State registers itself on the Fascist barometer, it may then resort to other forms of cruelty, such as torture and execution. This has been confirmed again by the recent reports published by the independent Human-Rights organisation with regards to the US activities in Afghanistan.

In the absence of genuine evidence – the arrest and subsequent indefinite internment on the grounds of mere suspicion is pretty much dependent upon the inherent bias of the captor. Many of the captives of camp x-ray have already been released without any form of compensation or apology, which demonstrates that the US had no evidence in the first place. As more than two years have elapsed without pressing formal charges it indicates that the US has been unable to gather real evidence(s) and hence it is now resorting to use kangaroo courts.

Therefore, the argument has shifted to justify such behaviour on the basis that suspected individuals are likely to commit such crimes in the future. So Donald Rumsfeld’s pre-emptive doctrine comes into action. One can certainly extend the argument of pre-emption by eradicating the Muslims in mass like their forefather Hitler was pursing against the Jews and the Slavs. Thus, making indefinite internment on such grounds is simply “guilt by association”, and a form of collective punishment that resonates the behaviour of the Israelis towards the Palestinians or the Nazis persecution of its opponents.

Donald Rumsfeld pronounced that the captives of Camp X-Ray, which included children and men over the age of 80 years, are the “worst of the worst”. Yet, many of these people were released subsequently. President Bush also declared that they are very bad men even before the trial, who is suppose to be impartial on the matter being final judicator on any of the appeals that are likely to arise from the military courts in camp x-ray.

Pronouncing such statements means either these men are telling the truth or that they are homicidal retards. Rumsfeld stated his ‘known and unknowns’ resembles a constipated SS officer in Hitler’s regime without the IQ of the SS officer. As for Bush, there is no need for anyone to prove that he is a genuine retard, just examine his statements. In reality, the entire world knows neither men can justify their statements, otherwise the captives would have been charged and the due process of the law would have been applied, instead they have began prosecution using kangaroo courts.

The return of the five British citizens from Guantanamo Bay has once again caused the supporters of the Fascist regime in the US that litter the UK mass media, to voice their usual racist diatribe against Islam and the Muslims. Only recently we had the fiasco of Kilroy-Silk, who I am sure like the typical racist football hooligan enjoying his Indian take way, whilst taunting the Pakis as smelling of curry. Another obnoxious columnist, by the name of Richard LittleJohn expressed his support to lock people up on mere grounds of suspicion in his article: “Thank God for Camp X-Ray (The SUN Newspaper, Thursday 9th March 2004)”.

Selectively targeting the Muslims does not automatically mean racism as being the primary motivation. However, a brief comparison with the activities of IRA (Irish Republican Army) may help to elaborate the accusation of racism. When the IRA physically attacked mainland UK, no such treatments were dispensed out towards the Irish community as a whole. There was no camp X-ray for them. The term “Catholic terrorism” was never deployed. In contrast the innocent Iraqis neither attacked the mainland UK or Australia, but the fervour of Anglo-Saxon thirst for foreign blood propelled by racism could not contain their enthusiasm to join the US led aggression. The right-wing intelligentsia within the UK have consistently demonised Muslims in general. Belmarsh is the UK camp X-Ray, where Muslims are facing indefinite internment. As for other secondary nations like Spain, Rumania, Ukraine acted! like cheap prostitutes looking for money by selling itself.

Maligning the Muslims is not restricted to newspaper columnists, it is also regularly voiced by the likes of Charlie Woolf on his Radio shows. A professed Zionist, shielded by “anti-Semitism” and like a wolf he has no fears expressing such sentiments. Every week he and his pro-Israeli right-wing guests malign the Muslim history in general as if the Muslims are the ones who built the gas chambers, and committed the Holocaust, pogroms and the Spanish inquisitions. If Muslims were to express such types of criticisms regularly on the Radio, they would be chained, gagged and shackled under the hysteria of anti-Semitism and possibly incarcerated in Belmarsh. The Muslim community without representation and a voice is an easy target for the likes of Richard LittleJohn, Kilroy-Silk, Charlie Woolf and David Aaronovitch.

Richard LittleJohn is no David Dimbleby, and it is rather perplexing as to why he has chosen to write on such issues rather than football or some seedy stories, in line with the readership of the Sun newspaper. LittleJohn actually advocates arresting these five Britons who have already endured cruelty without any charges being brought against them. What does that mean? They were all innocent as far the US and UK law is concerned. The subsequent arrest of these men in the UK is nothing more then public relations exercise by Blair to prove to his master Bush that they are also tough on ‘terror’. In addition, all these acts are a convenient diversion from the real question of the legality of the War on Iraq.

LittleJohn then argues that, these people may take out their frustration and drive a truck full of Semtex into a shopping centre, so with his little mind he says lock them up! Any individual who was locked up unjustly, treated like an animal would naturally feel bitter and may resort to exercising legitimate retaliation against the former captors and its allies. This is not peculiar to the Muslims but part and parcel of human nature. Therefore, instead of inflicting further cruelty by locking them up without evidence, as the likes of LittleJohn and Adolf Blunkett is so keen to exercise, the best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the victims get justice for the crimes committed by the US government.

LittleJohn’s little mind is also reflected by his superficial one-dimensional view of the recent conflict, as he constantly moans like a child about 9/11, Bali and Istanbul, and everything else is ignored, prior and in between those events. Basically, if the West is attacked it is evil and terrorism, where as everything else they do is legitimate and legal. No doubt even the recent fabricated war on Iraq to find WMD is also viewed as legal.

The entire world knows that the real murders and fanatics are sitting in the Whitehouse and the Pentagon, which includes the fanatical pro-Israeli neo-cons and the big corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel. Lets examine facts instead of resorting to outbursts and examine who has committed needless mass murders, prior and post 9/11. Does the massacre on the road to Basra mean anything? What about the satanic Madeline Albright’s approval of the murder of half a million Iraqi children? Palestine, where an entire nation has been dispossessed and faces complete annihilation like the Aborigines of Australia and the peaceful Native Americans. What about the innocent victims of post 9/11 in Afghanistan and Iraq that dwarfs the combined figures of Bali and Istanbul? These are just some of the examples but none of thi! s is any good because for LittleJohn, the non Anglo-Saxon victims are little people from land of Gulliver that does not register in his little-racist-obnoxious mind.