Living in Constant Fear and Constant Hope – Psyops –USA

For the better part of four years the United States of America has been conditioned to expect fear. Not just any small fear, but fear of total devastation and destruction. This “fear” has become contagious as it spreads throughout the planet.

If one were to look at the history of humankind, they will realize that terrorism, war and murder has been a constant. Much worse events have taken place than the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001 yet did NOT start World War Three, nor suppress collective human rights.

Yet, in an effort to create mass confusion and panic to cover up an illegal government, a stolen election, dropping poll numbers, a sour economy 9/11 was used to finish up and cover up old alliances, friendships, business dealings and hatreds between the fat cats on all sides of the ocean. Instead of comforting the people of the United States of America, Mr. Bush enraged them. Mr. Bush egged them on to retaliate. While the world offered their sympathy, the war lords offered revenge. As is always the case, the overworked, under-read American public fell for the lies connecting Saddam Hussein to the incident of 9/11. Afghanistan was blamed for it. Then Iraq. Will Iran be next? After all there is now an “axis of evil” created like a ghost figure under your bed, to keep you living in constant fear.

The flip side of the psychological operation on Americans is constant hope. The lies and distortions we are told on a daily basis about how much safer we are, how much better the economy is, and of course, how good outsourcing is for America. The other eternal “hope” tossed to the peasants is the upcoming s-election of 2004. Everyone is picking sides for the person that will make it all better. Bush or Kerry. Kerry or Bush. I personally would like to see a third box on the ballot “none of the above”. Then we as a nation could say “neither of these elite, millionaire, Skull & Bones secret society members, friends of Israel above our own safety, Pro War, Signers of the death warrant for our Constitution –”USA Patriot Act” is good enough to lead.

Of course, too many Americans FEAR that would be a bad thing. Too many Americans FEAR imprisonment as they should. Our prison population is higher now than ever before for minor offenses such as drug abuse. Yet, the big time criminals have no FEAR, because the Corporate Government and Corporate Constitution will protect them. Not much of a chance of them getting any serious prison time for breaking our country. For stealing pensions. For lying and cheating the American public out of millions of dollars. They don’t have any fear. They own the Candidates, the Congress and huge chunks of the revolving door Corporations that are all traitors to the United States and it’s citizens.

We have a treasure called America. It is a beautiful country. It is a rich country. It is abundant in natural beauty and resources. The people of America are hardworking, good and mostly fair minded people. Look in your own neighborhood. How much care your neighbors and yourself put into the beauty all around you. How natural it is to stop and help a stranger in distress. The joy of being happy for a stranger meeting a loved one at an airport. The people who help others in need. Smiling at a beautiful baby. Sharing a good laugh or cry in a movie theatre with your neighbors. Yet, our media tells us to be afraid of each other. Fear someone that’s different. Fear someone of a different color or sexual persuasion. Fear someone who may have an Arab sounding name. Why? Because fear is about control. In order for people to think they need a government or policing they must have fear! Without it, there would only be love and that isn’t a good thing for those who truly hate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness –” for all. Not just a select few. Not just for rich white men who hide behind large fences and walls. When we realize we have nothing to fear except those who mean to control us, we will then be free. Not a moment before.

How does a country with so much to give to the planet end up with such rotten, lazy, inept leaders? Men who are so far removed from “real life” they couldn’t relate to the average person’s life on any level? How do these men get chosen to “lead”? They have led us down a very dangerous, dark path. Yet, many people live in the “hope” that one of them will be their new hero and savior. Why have we settled for people that we did not choose to run for our leader? Who indeed does pick these candied-dates? Surely not you and I. In the book “David” by William Hoffman, it is abundantly clear that we have not had a President in the United States that didn’t have to meet privately with a retired banker before getting the nomination. Yes, a banker. David Rockefeller. Without the “blessing” of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, G8, Bilderberger’s a candidate doesn’t stand a chance. These people pick the candidate of both parties. To them it’s a matter of “which one will wear the suit”? They know and have known for a long time that it is they, the Secret Government behind the government that runs things (as Bill Moyers exposed years ago), and places the democrat/republican figureheads in office. Their agenda is always pushed ahead. Globalization, the new word for New World Order (George HW Bush’s phrase) or the One World Order. If their idea is order, I’ll take chaos instead.

Now with all the fear being thrown around by the attack on three buildings in America, people are rushing to stockpile antidotes for biochemical diseases (made in the U.S.A., perhaps the only thing left that is); put micro-chips in their kids, pets, arms, clothes, cars; spy on their neighbors; give up their god given rights; give up their rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution; allow themselves to be caged at protests; avoid venturing outdoors on high alert days (more fear) and not speaking their dissatisfaction. All because of fear. Thanks to the mass media for a wonderful job of constantly reinforcing fear all day long on radio, television, newspapers and billboards.

If the average American didn’t have to work constantly to try and exist perhaps they would have the time to educate themselves about our country, it’s laws, and how it’s all supposed to work. They would know that we have a right to a new government granted us by our forefathers when the present government no longer serves the people. When’s the last time the government did anything good for the people? I’m not speaking of CEO’s or corporations or their cronies –” I mean you and me? Aside from taxing us to death, sending our children off to fight their imperial/personal wars; cutting benefits to those in need whether they be elderly, children or our veterans? Must I continue?

How does one get out of fear and control? First you must get to the point where you realize you’ve been lied to pretty much your whole life. You must educate yourself as to the foreign policy of America for over fifty years, or which we’ve been told very little truth. 10 million people killed in peacetime covert actions by the U.S. since the cold war ended. Attempted coups in foreign lands. Plundering other nations resources with a sense of entitlement. Read Rogue Nation by William Blum. Demand candidates, not a fair vote. There is no such thing as a fair vote, and probably hasn’t been since the fifties. Read Charles Lewis’ book “The Buying of the Presidency 2004” for an eye opening experience. Everyone is “hoping” for a receipt for their vote in 2004. Hoping for an honest count. Hoping for supervisors to observe the election. Hoping to get back on the voter rolls. Hoping for people to come out and vote. An effort in futility, because we cannot hope for a people’s candidate. As the Collier Brothers wrote in their book “Votescam” –” “We can’t vote the bastards out, because we didn’t vote them in”. I would go further and say we didn’t nominate or select them either. It’s all been a charade for so very long.

Now we hear talk of possible cancellation of the election in 2004 due a terrorist act. The terrorist act already happened openly, it was the stolen election of 2000 and the reign of terror that has ensued every day since. Imagine if we the people cancelled the election? If we just said “none of the above”. If no one showed up and voted. Vote tossed for lack of interest. I can feel you squirm with that sentence, there’s that fear again. What’s the worse that could happen? The two Yalie cousins would have to duke it out? Co-rule over the peasants? Or worse, face the people as they throw them out and say “we want OUR party”?

I’ve got a real fear for you. If we don’t rise and say “no more” this war will continue. The war will escalate. Many have already called Iraq the beginning of World War 3. Our country will face more devastating attacks from within and without. Millions more will die.

While the wars are going on, water is getting poisoned. Food isn’t being produced. The air is becoming dangerous. The climate is upset. The Earth is shaking. The depleted uranium of Iraq has seeped into Israels’ water (not that they will admit that). Radioactive waste is going to be dumped close to 160 cities in the United States alone and will remain radioactive for millenniums. Our rights are going out the window. What you read and the books you buy are no longer private knowledge. Your home is no longer a “police free” zone. You can be held without charge as a suspected terrorist although a citizen of the United States indefinitely. Our country will become one with Canada, Latin America and Mexico in the American Union slated for 2005. Gone will be all we love about America. Our sovereignty like the sovereignty of the European Union countries will be gone as will our constitution.

The micro-chipping of the work force humans has already begun in Japan, Mexico and some third world countries. Fear sells. Think of Adoux Huxley’s “Brave New World” or George Orwells “1984” because we are THERE. It’s no longer a future far away or fiction it is real.

If you want hope, real hope then put faith in yourself. Put your faith and trust in the god given rights for all people on this Earth. Put your faith and hope in the Superpower of Peace that has become a permanent fixture on this planet due to the warmongering of the current administration. Put your faith and hope in your neighbors, your family, your local leaders and let it spread outward into the rest of the world. Let go of the fear, and get out there and do something. Print a flyer. Hand out information. Share books. Read a book. Give a speech locally. Write your local representatives who are still available and interested in “we the people”. Form a think tank group. Form a plan of action. Save resources. Think of the other person. Share and spread smiles and love. Send help to those in need overseas. Pray for an end to killing on all levels. Petition your “leaders” to stand for peace. Remind them what America is supposed to stand for and tell them you won’t stand for anything less. Always think globally and act locally. Support your local grocer/farm stand. Support independent shops, restaurants, newspapers, news sites. Cancel your pay television and tell them why. Cancel your subscriptions and tell them why. Put your money in local banks and let the multi-nationals know why you’re leaving them. As Beverly Conover of Online Journal and I would agree “starve a corporation and feed democracy”. You want to vote? Then vote with your dollars, it’s the only real vote we have. Know where your money is going and what exactly it’s supporting. Say no to war. Say no to the draft. Say no to bad leadership. Demand accountability.

Once you let go of fear it’s gives others hope. Never give up. This world belongs to all of us, not just a select elite few. It’s time to stand with the rest of the world and insist of life, liberty, happiness and real freedom from fear for everyone.