Madrid 3/11 = WTC 9/11: A Cabalistic Dirty Trick

Stunned pundits all agog over the mass bombing in Madrid – Was it ETA or Qaeda?

Sure it’s "Al-Qaeda." And sure "Al-Qaeda" is nothing but a cut-out, the clandestine tool of the fascist Bush regime. Remember the Reichstag? And remember who was behind Hitler? The Bushes, Prescott and H. W.

(Check out the Nazi Hydra in America

But 99 out of a 100 people can’t, won’t, make the connection. The brainwashing is too strong, and the truth seems too monstrous, too incredible.

Who benefits from a bombing just before the Spanish election? the fascist royalist Arnaz will win, keeping Spain in the Angloid axis. Angolia, also known as USUK, has got to have a third member in their "coalition", or it might become too obvious that the Angol hordes are overrunning the world all by themselves.

Why don’t we have a word for "agent provocateur" in English? A word for "inszenieren"? We have to do with clumsy slang like "set-up", "cut-out" or "stooge," or lame generalities like "arrange" or "direct," without such pithy constructs for duplicity as are embedded in continental languages.

Here is one theory why: being the world masters at intrigue (all the while posing as a light to the nations), Anglo-American opinionmakers don’t want a word for what they are really doing, and have been doing for centuries – the diabolically cunning but effective blows (for lack of a word like coups or Schachzüge) that have won them the mastery of the world.

They don’t want us to have the tools to see their tools. They like playing chess against duffers who can’t even see their moves – no contest!

However, they do have a word for any kibitzer who calls their bluff: it’s "conspiracy theorist." That disposes of you as effectively as the word "Checkmate."

3/11 is just as much a deed of the american dirty tricks commando as was 9/11. They even dare to sign off with their "illuminati" signature, the number 11. They can afford this little private joke. After all, they own the media, except for a few – conspiracy theorists.

Of course, they already own the American election, too. Kerry is just as cozy a member of the fascist clique, and the Skull & Bones club, as Bush is.