Manifest Victory

Congratulations to the Palestinian people. Who would have imagined that a people, who for more than 60 years, have been subjected to the greatest crimes, and injustices against humanity imaginable, could pull together and in an instant change the world? Forget about the hateful, and envious remarks being made by those whose hearts are so blackened, and whose sense of right and wrong is so skewed that they see nothing wrong with Israel murdering, and assassinating people for political convenience, and who are “shocked” that anyone would vote for change in Palestine.

Such attitudes and remarks serve only to inform us that the world we are living in is deeply troubled. Not only have we lost our moral bearing, but also all intelligent or reasonable understanding of right and wrong, and good and bad. The true ideas about good and bad, and right and wrong have been abandoned, and in their places is this sickening and slavish devotion to the criminal state of Israel that is rivaled only by our obsession with our own power and propensity for violence against those we deem weaker than ourselves. I’m talking about us, the US, my own country. The so-called “powerful nations” have made evil and weak synonymous. How sad. At least we should have one standard of evil for everyone. How dare us decide that only Israeli life is sacred, or that an illegal occupier has the greater right to kill, and destroy, than the victim has to survive. If it were not so tragic, it would be comical what the TV pundits have been saying over and over again, that Hamas called for the destruction of Israel, seeking to hammer into the US government’s head, that for this reason the US can never do business again with Palestine. If that standard of judgment is adopted, we must stop doing business with Israel too, since Israel not only called for the destruction of Palestine, they have been destroying Palestine for many years, and with the entire world watching, and doing nothing to stop them.

Bitter talk is bitter talk, but murder and genocide are real crimes. It’s too soon to tell how hard, and for how long Israeli, and US media pundits, propagandists, and US and pro-Israel and Christian right activists here in the US and abroad will work to prevent peace between these two people. Warmongering against Muslims has become the media’s, and the religious right’s primary preoccupation since the lead up to the Iraq war. It is mostly their hateful rhetoric, religious intolerance and blood lust that have prevented peace between Jews and Muslims in Palestine/Israel.

Today, the Muslim world should be proud. The people of Palestine have conducted a peaceful election where 3 out of 4 eligible voters turned out to vote. That’s more than turns out here in the US, the so-called greatest democracy in the world. Whereas there are no doubt very complex personal feelings being experienced by members of the rival factions, with time, God willing, such feelings will be reconciled, and the Palestinian people will pull together and take Palestine beyond dream to reality. It can happen. Never mind that we have been trained like cattle to believe that everything in Palestine is to be seen through Israeli eyes. It’s not true. The Palestinian people have the right to exist because God created them and they exist, equal to all other human beings, and complete with inalienable rights, among them the right to life and happiness.

Independence is not a piece of paper, or even a political description of a people’s political status or condition. It is a frame of mind, an attitude, and a courageous way of living that nothing can diminish in the hearts of those who really are free.

The Qur’an says that the people of God, the believers are the free people. They worship One God, obey His commands, follow His guidance, and they are free because the prophets brought the truth that released us from enslavement to falsehood and evil, and freed us from the self as idols Be free Palestine, live, survive and rebuild. Bring your hope to the world, and make us all believe again. Make us see God in your faces, and His words manifest in your progress and development. Succeed Palestine, and be at peace.

Congratulations, and May God Bless Palestine and the Palestinian people, and May God make this victory one of many, many more to come.