Many Faces of America

After showing further pictures and videos the US senators voiced their ‘shock’ and ‘disgust’ at the sadistic violence, grotesque sexual abuse, abuse of lots of dead bodies and other gruesome acts that were hinted at, committed by the US soldiers against the Iraqi prisoners. Setting the scene for the next Hollywood blockbuster. It was much worse than anticipated according to the senators and worse still is that all this represents only the tip of the iceberg. This is evident from the evidences and statements that are still emerging to the surface, not to mention of the crimes that will never be known about due to the absence of witnesses or the victims have simply disappeared off the register then ended up as another statistic of the war.

Senator Richard Durban said it was like descending into hell, and to complete the picture, Paul Wolfwitz is the gatekeeper, Donald Rumsfeld as the guardian with the key and Dick Cheney along with the American corporate sponsors holding the ultimate role of Lucifer. Therefore, Bush appears to have been correct when he expressed with his evangelical zeal that the war is between good and evil. On this point both Bush and Blair described by the mass media as devout (not ‘fundamentalist’ as such derogatory terms are reserved primarily for the Muslims) Christians must know the well-known phrase from the Bible: “by their fruits you shall know them”, for identifying ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

There are claims that General William Boykin another ‘devout’ (fundamentalist) Christian is thought to have a hand in encouraging the use of torture to extract information. Why not? After all, according to his earlier statement, the US army is the army of God and the Muslims are the army of Satan. So sodomise, rape, torture and execute the army of Satan; behave like a Satan to beat the Satan. This is the evangelical face of America.

The question is what really caused the ‘shock’ to the senators. Which itself has been another shock to the rest of the world. If it was the violence than why did it not invoke a similar response to the violence that has been inflicted at a much greater level to date and Fallujah was a very recent example? Robert Fisk also pointed out in a recent interview that torture of prisoners was well known and despite writing about it in newspapers it did not generate the same level of impact until CBS News broadcasted those images.

Donald Rumsfeld also acknowledged the powerful impact of the images during the congressional hearing. The impact of these images may be equated with the famous picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running way from the American napalm attack – depicting its inhumanity. The sanitized coverage by the complicit mass media has helped considerably to suppress the anti-war emotions. Furthermore, Hollywood can make the whole war business look glamorous, entertaining and moral. As it regularly churns out blockbusters depicting the GI Joes as upright and can do no wrong, who are on a benevolent civilising mission. This has contributed towards the delusion of its masses creating the naive face of the US.

Under the influence of the mass media could the self-delusion have led to the ‘shock’ expressed by the US senators who really believed the upright character of their soldiers and hence the rush to claim that these were isolated acts? Coming back to the real world, approximately 2000 pictures, videos, reports from Amnesty International, Red Cross and now Pentagons own admission that their procedures violates Geneva conventions clearly proves that this was systematic and deliberate. Soldiers could not have possibly behaved in this matter without the knowledge of their superiors.

Furthermore, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay already gave us a glimpse of the US committing such acts. The were video clips floating around on the Internet showing the American soldiers needlessly executing Iraqis and Afghanis that posed no threat to them. This entire war indicates clearly why the US has consistently refused to sign up to the ICC (International Criminal Court) but it is more than keen to try others under its jurisdiction. One law for the US another for the rest of the world!

The soldiers who have captured their sadistic and cruel nature on camera to date are ordinary Americans. Most of the soldiers have linked the Iraq-war with the events of 9/11, not that somehow Iraq was responsible for it, but it was revenge! As one American soldier stated on British television that I got my revenge for 9/11, so how did he get that? Just imagine the picture and incidences that were not captured on camera!

Hence, there is a clear discrepancy between what the US government has stated with regards to the Iraq-war and what the US soldiers and many ordinary Americans perceive. This is the hidden face of America about its perceived reasons for declaring the war on Iraq. A face that many of the Arabs/Muslims who were pro-war refusing to acknowledge. Those who have an element of sincerity must now be suffering from shock and the guilt for supporting a regime that was and is committing atrocities against their own people.

From the outside many would clearly see that the US is at odds with its own rhetoric but from within it is consistent. As an example the war was sold to the outside world on the basis of Iraq’s WMDs but at home it was a regime change and so it has done that. Similarly, it lectures the world about human rights and the need to uphold Geneva convention but it does not consider it suitable for American interests and thus it will never be an election issue. Such slogans are only to be applied against the enemy. Whatever face of America you look at, it is grotesque. I stated a while ago that Rumsfeld’s conduct and even his looks resembles a typical officer of the Nazi Gestapo, some may attribute this to his German heritage. All the evidences now points to him as the architect of horror chamber of Guantana! mo Bay, Bagram and Abu-Gharib.

After the violence, and the ‘scandal’ (horror) at the chamber of Abu Gharib the Iraqis/Arabs/Muslims are expected to accept the eventual apology from Bush and Rumsfeld along with the handful of marine that may get some sort of token punishment as evidence of ‘justice’ and democracy in action. Many of the docile coolie Arabs/Muslims are sitting back and admiring, but what else can one expect from the moderates with a coolie mentality.

So, is the right to kill exclusively belongs to the US? In light of the principle of “just retaliation”, the Muslims reacted. The mass media went into frenzy over the decapitation of Nick Berg as if once again the US were an innocent victim and nothing happened in Abu-Gharib. If Nick Berg was innocent than so were the vast majority in Iraq including those in Abu-Gharib. If those who executed Nick Berg are ‘barbaric’ than by the same argument so is the entire US army and even worse. In any case the innocence of Nick Berg is questionable given the fact that anyone attempting to make money in Iraq at present is like the vulture feeding on the dead carcases of Iraq.

There are already question marks over the video, circumstance and the timing of the actual killing of Nick Berg. Even than, if it was the Muslims, they have shown more kindness, as I am sure if given the choice a slow death by torture and sexual abuse like in the prison of Abu-Gharib or Bagram, against a quick death by decapitation he would have chosen the latter. His father also highlighted this point on TV. In addition, the treatment of prisoners like Jessica Lynch, Thomas Hamill and others by the Iraqis have been far better. Far better than the degenerate American soldiers that are behaving worse than the species on four legs and they are not even qualified to be sub-humans. After the revelation of the gruesome images in Abu-Gharib which Iraqis, Arabs or Muslims has the dignity or the self-respect to cooperate with coalition of thieves, rapists, sodomites, homosexuals, murders and criminals?