Mazar-e-Sherif to Fallujah


The gruesome pictures published the day after the massacre in Mazar-e-Sherif showed that the Taliban prisoners were shot at close range with their hands tied behind their backs. The eminent journalist Robert Fisk called it a “war crime” but war crimes are not applicable to those who run the UN like a mafia and dictate what UN resolutions are to be enforced and what is to be left rotting on the shelf. Execution of prisoners is a barbaric act recognised by all civilisations unless it is a measured response in just retaliation.

The residents of Fallujah may not have their hands tied behind their backs but in terms of their vulnerability they have less chance than the Taliban prisoners in Mazar-e-Sherif being subjected to the overwhelming firepower of the US military. Furthermore, the Taliban prisoners were just men, and did not include the vulnerable children, women and the old. Therefore, this ongoing massacre exceeds in the barbarity of those committed in Mazar-e-Sherif.

The bombings by helicopters, fighter planes, AC-130 gunship which are now using thousand pound bombs cannot be precision bombings when used in cities, and thus, the civilian casualties has been mounting. If the US marines were so brave and upright as Hollywood constantly depicts them to be, would it not make sense to send them in for a hand-to-hand combat against these untrained and under equipped ‘insurgents’? This would minimise civilian casualties, and also demonstrate some level of bravery of the well-trained and well-equipped marines.

However, bravery and courage the US has been lacking from its inception. The Native Americans were shot with mechanised weapons and then they were deliberately subjected to diseases for which they had no cure. The premeditated and wholesale targeting of civilians was an Anglo-Saxon/European invention as their track record shows from Dresden, Hiroshima, Vietnam to Iraq, long before the so-called ‘terrorists’ or ‘freedom fighters’ arrived onto the scene.

Unlike the resolute North Korea, Iraq did not have any WMD; it was a battered nation without even a good supply of conventional weapons. Even this overwhelming advantage was not enough for the Americans, Iraq was then stripped of what little weapons it had by the UN just before launching the war.

Then the US military continued top moan about the Iraqis acquiring the night vision goggles, as the ‘brave’ US marines preferred fighting against those who are blindfolded, relative to their own position. Now they are attacking a city with their overwhelming firepower. Then the US has the chutzpah to call those who sacrifice their lives in martyrdom operations as ‘cowards’. Perhaps, if the ‘insurgents’ indiscriminately bombed civilians from a secured environment of high altitude that would be regarded as brave.

The entire Arab/Islamic world along with the UN is simply passive spectators and some are secretly aiding the US to the war crimes that is being committed in Iraq for the last decade. It is appalling to see that the entire Arab and Islamic world could not produce a unifying determined voice against the Anglo-US aggression as was shown by the relatively small nation of North Korea.