Means of Placing Bombs on Target Distinguishes "Terrorist" From Superpower


Question: How do you distinguish a terrorist from a superpower?

Answer: A superpower has an air force.

The U.S. and Israel routinely deliver bombs, missiles, and artillery on targets of choice against their perceived foes. Press releases of this weekend confirm that Israel can now deliver nuclear bombs by submarine-launched missiles. The U.S. has had this capability for years, but both powers can launch their bombs from great distances at minimum risk to their delivery personnel. It is a rare event for a U.S. or Israeli airman to be shot down in the process of delivering a bomb. The vast majority of bomb deliveries, whether to targets on land, sea, city, military, civilian, industrial, government, or other targets are delivered with relative safety to the pilot of the aircraft or even the artilleryman or tank commander launching the attack.

On the other hand, in conflicts against the U.S. or Israel, an Iraqi or Palestinian or Afghan or Taliban or other combatant is in mortal danger every step of the process of attempting to launch an attack. If a Iraqi attempted to launch a mortar or artillery attack, U.S. forces have sophisticated sound gathering technologies that can quickly and accurately determine the source of the incoming artillery shell (or "bomb), track it to its source, and quickly launch devastating counter fire with grossly disproportionate firepower.There is no operational air force in the Arab or Muslim world that would dare launch sorties to attempt bombings of American or Israeli forces or facilities. Incoming sorties of such attacks would be discovered by airborne warning aircraft and shot out of the sky long before such aircraft could launch such weapons.

Thus, the most dependable way that Arab or Muslim freedom fighters could attack U.S. or Israeli forces with "bombs" is to hand deliver the bombs either on the person of the bomber or in a motorized vehicle or some sort. In almost every case, the bomber expects to be killed in the process of delivering the bomb, with is totally unlike the experience and requirements for bomb delivery by American or Israeli bombers. Would the U.S. or Israel ever be able to staff their military forces or air forces if pilots were expected to give their lives in order to attack the enemy successfully?

Iraqi freedom fighters have been killing the colonizing American and "coalition" forces on a regular basis, often by detonating bombs hidden under roadways or by "suicide bombings", called "martyrdom operations" by those involved. For so doing, they are labeled as "terrorists", even when targets are military. On the other hand, if the American military bombs civilian targets, the results are called "collateral damage" and denials are given as to the culpability of responsibility, no matter how convincing the evidence that such attacks may have been deliberate.

The news media makes no intelligent attempt to sort out what sorts of bombings are "terrorist" and which are "the good guys" at work. Terrorism is not defined by technique or by motive or by result. The designation of "terrorist" bombings is ultimately strictly a political designation. The Israelis have been calling Palestinians terrorists for decades simply for resisting illegal and violent land grabs by the Zionist movement. If Geronimo and the Apache Indians of North America were still operating armed resistance mode in Arizona as they did 125 years ago or so, they would be labeled terrorists, even though they were defending their own homelands from invasion by the U.S. Army. If Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse were alive today and fighting for their treaty rights, which were abrogated by the U.S. government after the discovery of gold in the Black Hills around 1870, the Lakota freedom fighters would be called "terrorists" in today’s terms.

Terrorism is a political concept. One nation’s terrorist is another nation’s freedom fighter. One nation may break international law, illegally determine to change the regime of another sovereign nation, invade and colonize that nation with use of brutal force, and the nation that resists the invasion may be labeled a "terrorist" nation despite its legal right to defend itself by use of force.

Such is the world we live in today. The concept of a "war on terrorism" is largely a smokescreen to cover brutal subjugations for purposes always intentionally disguised. The use of the term "terrorist" or "terrorism" has a propaganda effect designed to legitimize what might otherwise be morally repugnant. The oppression, suppression, and repression of the Palestinian people into brutal subjugation for decades is a prime example of commission of true terrorism under the guise, the smokescreen, the facade of battling against terrorism.

To sort out who the true terrorists are, who the victims of terrorism are, and who has the moral high ground, one must mentally discard the use of the meaningless political contrivance of the word "terrorism". One must seek for truth, understand history, understand motives, and understand lies and tactical deceit. One must follow the money trail, the trail of dispossessed peoples, and the trail of the flow of blood. Land theft, murder, and political intrigue, international conspiracy, international dereliction of duty, and financial profiteering, when properly analyzed, reveal who the real terrorists are and who the victims are.

Let us not confuse victims and resisters of terrorism with perpetrators of terrorism.