Media Calls Defenders "Militants", But Occupiers Are Not Categorized At All

If you are an Iraqi who does not approve of armed invasion of your homeland, and you pick up arms to defend the sovereignty of your country against foreign invaders and their installed Vichy-style government, you are labeled a "militant". If you are a Palestinian who cannot quite accept the fact that the State of Israel from its earliest founding decades ago was carved immorally from your lands and then dramatically expanded to this very day by armed, one-sided military conquest and brutal subjugation, and you pick up meager small arms or small bombs to try to make a defense, you are a "militant" or worse yet, a "terrorist".

Why does the media not consider the U.S. and its leadership and wanna be leadership, including John Kerry, to be militants? Has not John Kerry specifically approved in advance of his election the terrorist apartheid wall being constructed by the State of Israel in violation of all norms of human decency? Has not Kerry joined Bush in not only accepting the illegal invasion of Iraq for the purpose of regime change leading to exploitation of Iraqi resources? And has not Kerry decidedly argued for expansion of the occupation by bringing in additional foreign troops to save expense and lives of U.S. soldiers and taxpayers?

George Orwell understood perfectly well the use of language in framing opinion, and the use of clever lies and distortions and deceptions to defend the indefensible and propagandize the masses. The American people have been deceived and made to believe there is something noble in militant fundamentalist Christian conquest in the Middle East. No wonder the Muslims considers these people to be Crusaders! It is literally true that the Crusades have reappeared in the twenty-first century as militant Christians try to reclaim the Holy Land for themselves and for the militant Zionists (a redundant term if there ever was one!)

Rationalization is the key to militancy by the Western Crusaders. There are no legitimate reasons for these Crusades, but there are plenty of rationalizations — Saddam was a bad guy (surprise, surprise); Saddam used to have a weapons of mass destruction program (purchased from Western Crusader-types for use against fellow Muslims); Iraq invaded Kuwait (after the U.S. prodded Kuwait into economic war against Iraq); etc., etc., etc. The U.S. militant Crusader Government is operating under Crusader rules — two wrongs makes a right, and might makes right. There is nothing intrinsically right, moral, ethical about Crusader militancy, so it has to be "made" right by rationalization.

And, of course, the ultimate rationalization is that war and conquest is profitable and good for the investor/class who would much rather invest in bombs and bullets than in schools and hospitals and roads. When you invest in weapons and their use, you create a never-ending investment opportunity, because the intended use of those items essentially guarantees further use; thus self-perpetuating wars against "militants" and "terrorists" are much preferred to making peace.

As long as the taxpayer funding sources can be duped by the rationalizations, and as long as Quisling Arabs can be procured to run imbedded governments that represent Crusader interests, the shell game can and will continue. The CIA has every reason to continue to cultivate foreign assets, such as Alawi, because who knows when the CIA in their home countries may appoint such men to leadership roles! Imagine that! Spend your life working for foreign interests and get rewarded by representing your foreign benefactors as installed ruler of your homeland! If the situation were reversed, Prince Bandar would be President of the U.S.

No doubt on the evening news, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings and even Ted Koppel will look at the audience with their knowing looks, perhaps with a subtle nod of the head to indicate surety, and the anchormen will report further resistance by "militants" and "insurgents" and "terrorists", resulting in the lives of one or two or a few more U.S. soldiers. The American people will renew their anger against those terrible "militants" and many will reaffirm their willingness to sacrifice American soldiers and treasure to root out those militants. Prime Minister Alawi has vowed to "destroy" them. No prospects of peace — no hope of resolution because the REAL militants are in charge.