Mêlée in Iraq

Confronted with an awful milieu, the US officials in Iraq are now ostensibly seeking a truce with Shiite mutinous leader Muqtada al-Sadr after a cease-fire in Fallujah amidst continued resistance to US occupation from Iraqi fighters. Under an agreement with the Shiite leader, the coalition forces will, prima facie, not enter Najaf, where Mehdi Army has vacated the police station. As is known to all, as many as 600 Iraqis and 61 US soldiers have been killed since April-1.

Scenario vindicates that the coalition forces are, in a way, plummeting in spongy killing fields of Iraq with every passing day. The galaxy of the Iraqi people, both Shias and Sunnis are putting up gritty grapple against the occupation forces, it seems that, exploding the myth of US plans of ruling Iraq by dividing the two factions.

Not to talk of the ‘realities on the ground’, even, President Bush has conceded that the past week was ‘tough’ for the US forces in Iraq, as retaliation to the killing of four American contractors and desecration of their bodies in Fallujah has proven quite costly for the solo super power, the United States, which has since been compelled to seek ceasefire even with Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose arrest orders it has [already] issued.

A perilous element of hostage taking has emerged in the ongoing war and as many as 30 nationals of different countries including Japan, US, Russia and China are in insurgents’ cage. With such an horrendous environ, a large number of foreign civilians are leaving Iraq in haste in the wake of kidnappings.

If analyzed in a pragmatic style, the persistent state of affairs in Iraq is, as a result, a serious setback to US designs. The message is earsplitting and lucid for Washington. One hopes that the US will recognize the vinegary truth that amid such a situation, it [the US] cannot be the victor in the war against the Iraqi people nor can it perpetuate its control over Iraq’s jugular vein, the oil wherewithal.

The longer its charismatic and charming young and cute marines in the silhouette of troops stay in Iraq, the deeper will be the divergence and scuffle, resulting in unabated losses on both sides. The fact is that US has no option left now, other than to wind-up from Iraq and let the United Nations restore peace, order and normalcy in the war ravaged sacrosanct realm.

Iraq has suffered colossal death and obliteration in the name of ‘liberation US style’. It’s, therefore, time for White House to grasp the ground realities in proper perspective before the situation explodes into a total catastrophe. Washington, as the ‘champion of liberties’ must admit its blunder with an upshot–”to quit at-once. Justice demands that Iraq needs to be managed by the world body prior to a free and fair election for transfer of power to a representative Iraqi Government rather than the coterie of hand-picked stooges and parasites.

Only recently, the wake of toughest ever combat since the fall of Saddam Hussein, American Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has, simultaneously, acknowledged that his troops are facing a ‘serious problem’ in Iraq as they seek to quell uprisings across the country. At the same time, the top US General in Iraq also admitted during the mid-week that the southern towns of Najaf and Kut were in the hands of a militia loyal to deep-seated radical leader Moqtada al Sadr.

It is an irrefutable veracity that the post-war US casualties in Iraq have become a nightmare for the American public in general and war-mongering officials in Washington in meticulous. At the same time, the level of divergence put up by the Iraqis has prompted the sweet marine commander to make comparisons with the Vietnam War.

The US Forces have lost virtual control of almost entire country but its policy-makers are still not ready to see the writings on the wall. You can fight a regular army but you cannot crush the resolute will of the entire nation. What has been going on in Iraq during the last one week clearly shows that Iraqis have sunk their internal mishmash and jumble and instead they are integrated like a solid rock, in their demand for end of alien occupation of their native soil.

Despite strictest restrains on media, reports emanating from Iraq speak of popular uprising in which Sunnis and Shiites have forgotten their differences and both are struggling to make the occupation forces–”make an instantaneous exit from their land. Yet, Rumsfeld only saw a small number of ‘terrorists’ and a small number of ‘militias’ in hostility with his troops in Iraq. Paradoxically, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers also asserts that the pitched battles did not represent a popular uprising by the Iraqi people but a small number of guerillas who want to derail Iraq’s reconstruction. [What a ‘magnificent and realistic’ evaluation?]

Amid their uptight and ‘zestful’ attempts to get back the control, the US troops are even bombing mosques and killing people en masse. Nevertheless, Americans are unlikely to thrive in their bid to break the resolve of the Iraqi people as they are now being deserted even by their ostensible allies. So it is better for the United States to seek an honorable egress before it is too late to mend.

Just a few days ago, the ‘stubborn’ [only vis-à-vis their outlandish aspires] marines fired rockets at a mosque in Fallujah killing 40 worshippers amidst serious escalation in fighting in different parts of Iraq. Another 25 people died in clashes with US troops elsewhere in the country. As many as 12 US marines were also killed in the worst single day toll in Iraq over the year of occupation. Is it the way to deal with humankind, affixed in a sanctified Faith and that too on their own lawful and legitimate soils?

After all there are established civilized norms not to target places of worship, hospitals, schools and alike, even in war. The US marines’ rocket attack on a mosque in Fallujah and killing of 40 parishioners is obviously an outrageous act, as its desecration has, overtly hurt the religious sentiments of the Iraqi Muslims. Virtually, it constitutes a glaring violation of the rule of the game, besides exploding the myth of the so-called US respect for Islam. The attack on the mosque actually represents American troops’ growing annoyance over the mounting and swelling resistance in Iraq. The mosque’s debris will, of-course turn into a everlasting symbol of hatred and provocation against the US. Just gaze at it seriously. Isn’t it so?

The fact remains intact that with this type of out-look, being perused by the Bush administration, by and large, the situation is becoming grimmer for the US with every fly-by-night day as the Iraqi fighters are ascetically resisting the US assails and assaults. Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mehdi Army fought pitched gun-battles with coalition forces in the streets of southern cities of Iraq. As a consequence, at least two US helicopters were also scratched and dented in the mêlée.

Viewing with an overt [with microscopic loom] the pushy worsening situation in Iraq, one rays feelings with optimism that it’s time for the American people to take unruffled and serene analysis of the scenario since the Americans are also faced with a lot of casualties. Ironically the US soldiers are shedding their blood to promote the oil businesses of a few ‘vested interests’ and the coterie of hawks around.

The truth is that no US curiosity is being served with fighting in Iraq. On the contrary, as the free-world glances with realism, the US has, in fact come out as an eerie power with no scruples, morality and respect for international law and justice as a result of Iraq’s occupation and death and destruction that has since been unleashed by the US-led cut, cunning but–”‘laden and Machiavellian ‘ marines.

As indexed in the year-old history, the US interests are now being seriously jeopardized by Washington’s madcap and messed up demeanor in handling Iraq right from the day-one. Audibly, Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry has also questioned the motive behind Bush’s June-30 deadline for handing over power to the interim Iraqi Government and has fittingly phrased it as a political move to avoid fall-out of Iraq on the presidential elections in November–”this year.

The emblem of the Statute of Liberty–”the United States, can, in no way flout or rebuff the actuality that it [the US] is faced with a virtual revolt in Iraq as Iraqi fighters and militiamen loyal to radical Shia cleric (s) fought pitched encounters with US-led coalition in southern Iraq for the third day–”at the week-end amidst demands from US to relinquish Iraq. Over a dozen foreign soldiers including eight American marines were put to death in the skirmishing.

The resistance being put up by Moqtada al-Sadr’s militiamen against the blitz, the onslaught and the unwarranted invasion via a manic venture on Iraq by the US forces has certainly added new element in the Iraqi fighters’ struggle to regain Iraq’s sovereignty. A revolt like situation has emerged as the occupation forces fought against a resolute Shiite militia over the past week. It’s thus, now evidently clear that the Iraqi nation is united in its fight for its sovereignty and freedom–”from an alien rule.

As has been said, time and again, there is no Shia or Sunni distinction in the resistance any more. The death toll on both sides during the fighting is enormous. In fact swelling.

It’s, therefore, an apposite time for Washington to pause and ponder over the scenario in Iraq and take a unflustered and pragmatic view of the situation with a strategy to pull out from the war tattered country as expeditiously as possible. May be in phases, yet with a clear-cut deadline, beaming to the orb, the exact date of it’s’ exodus from the realm with a safe and sound flight–”back home?

Every tranquil nation is well-acquainted with the truth that the US dream to occupy Iraq and then unleash the change of its own choice and vision in the Middle East stands methodically evaporated. Let it be known to all that the US intends in the area, in fact, stand at length uncovered. The mounting resistance in Iraq has hardly left any room for any salvage for Washington. Its credibility is at the lowest ebb and it’s being doomed by all and sundry and that too–”at the global level.

The Bush administration is left with no features at all to justify its action. It has surfaced as tyrant, tormenter and architect of genocide, conflicting to its projected stance of a liberator. The best course left for it is that it should, now-on try to come to terms with the objective conditions getting into Iraq, lest it is too late and chart out a decent way-out to eschew mortification that it is apparently destined to–”in case of its any shot to perpetrate its grip over Iraq.

An early announcement of timeframe for pulling out of its troops from Iraq rather than the so-called transfer of power to the hand-picked cluster of Iraqi immigrants is the solitary answer to the situation–”for the rebirth of its’ sovereignty plus sturdy and strong security and serenity. Let all perils to peace vanish and let the people in the United States live in peace–”absolutely free from all alarms. Being lifted day-in and day-out. For no fault of theirs. Isn’t it an apt way to take the nation to the Moons and Mars–”in placing of disseminating ghastly signals to the populous that ‘last week [in Iraq] has been highly tough’–”Mr. Bush, as you have said in a televised address on Wednesday?

Let the fathers, mothers, sisters, wives, sons, daughters, kids and kin–”all innocents, live in peace with dignity and honor, their bona fide right. Let there be an end to a setting which is placing beautiful and nice-looking young girls as widows and vice versa–”other way round placing young boys as widowers, whose charming wives are ‘hitting’ sacred targets in Iraq–”and finally get-back to their abodes in coffins instead of decorous, festooned and bejeweled uniforms or in alluring, glorious and marvelous nuptial and wedding costumes or lovely honeymoon out-fits. Isn’t it something atypical–”rather cold and callous treatment with the humanity?

Let all of them have a loved and comfy sleeps–”setting aside all types of nightmarish dreams. Let them work with zest and poise of affluence–”of the universe.

And finally–”live and let others’ live with an indistinguishable way. Else you will be faced with tough questions in every episode which comes across–”at a crucial time. You know very well that the aggravating situation in Iraq is putting colossal and hefty pressure on you [to review your perceptions]–”which could, otherwise even affect the result of the election later this year. Isn’t it so?

Believe you me that no one on God’s grand and gracious Earth has, ever been a victor with the use of anesthetized and vile style of force or might–”not even Hitler or Mussolini. Or if you go back through the pages of history with a solicitous and curious urge and focus to see the actualities of the never-ending incidents wherein truth prevailed all-around–”see and analyze the upshot at Karbala. You will get a name–”Yazeed, who is, has been and shall go on with to be cataloged as an abhorrent icon–”and certainly not a caring character–”only due to his unkind and aching rather cold-blooded act and vicious state of mind.

Isn’t it apposite to be indexed along with Napoleon, Ata Turk or Tipu–”instead of having been listed with the atrocious ones? So why not to go for love, for peace, for safety, for security, for smooth life for every-one? Smooth–”as the Silk of Kashmir. Its’ not a convoluted or problematic task–”as it needs nothing except a swift change of mind in a harmonious style, if one decides to opt to do so.

So go for Love for every-one around the orb, extend them help to defeat their day-to-day dilemmas like poverty, hunger and health. Give the people of Iraq Bread not Bullets. Drop Bounties–”not Bombs. With a celestial conduct to make vanish the panic, camouflaging the world today, you will see a fit change all-over with adore for you in place of the swelling abhor.

Luck has turned you the leader of the world today. So you are the best judge for the US providence. By all means. Yet your lexis: "The consequences of failure in Iraq would be unthinkable. Everyone against America would celebrate, proclaiming our weakness" needs a down-to-earth re-appraisal. If you vacate Iraq at this moment of critical juncture, you will be a triumphant. Clutching love and adore from all dimensions–”even from Iraqis. This way, placing the United States at the high-flying zeniths, not only on the earth planet–”but even beyond, Moons and Mars–”literally in all horizons and spheres. Just try it–”only once.