Middle East Recolonised – Treachery Continues


The fate of Muslim History in India might have been very different had Mir Zafar not betrayed the ruler of Bengal at the battle of Plassey in 1757, which led to the British East India Company gaining a foothold on its soil. Like the Americans today, the British also fought in the name of ‘free’ trade. One by one, the Muslim and Non-Muslim kings were removed. By 1858 the entire country was colonised. Similarly, the brutal Spanish inquisition would not have succeeded in annihilating the Muslims and Jews from Spain, had it not been for the treachery of the Muslim leaders in colluding with Isabella, Ferdinand and Alfonso. The fundamentalist Hindu movement of India in recent times has made a close study of the ‘success’ of the brutal Spanish Inquisition. Hence, they are replicating it as the “Hindu inquisition” upon the defenceless Muslims in India. Likewise, the medieval European crusades would not have su! cceeded in gaining a foot hold in Palestine had it not been for the complicity of the deviant, and corrupt Fatimid rulers of Egypt along with the small number of petty Muslim leaders ruling over the various surrounding kingdoms. They were willing to barter everything for the preservation of their self-interests. It resembles the behaviour of the current rulers of the oil rich Gulf States. The small and divided weak states were originally created to serve the British colonial interests. These states are now functioning as American military bases, servicing America’s hegemony in the region. Perhaps with time, when Americas version of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ is enforced, these Sheiks will be willing to service the American soldiers personally, if that is not the case already!

The lesson being, that damage inflicted by treachery upon a nation can be immense and it has often altered the course of history. Not surprisingly, almost every nation or state, punishes the act of treason in the most severe manner. Islam is no different. It also treats the matter as one of the worst possible sins that an individual(s) can commit. Such people will rank in the lowest position amongst the inhabitants of the hellfire in the hereafter. Whilst in this life, the matter is equally treated with the same level of severity by the Islamic state. Traitors have existed throughout history, from its inception until the present day.

In the light of the recent events in Iraq, it is appropriate to mention the fate of those Arabs, who collaborated with the British against the Ottoman state, leading to its destruction. Subsequently, those same Arabs were betrayed by the colonial powers, and the price was paid by loosing Palestine and dividing up the Arab lands into weak states. Palestine, and Iraq continue to bleed; only recently a six-year-old child was shot dead in Palestine, was he or his killer the real terrorist? An unarmed Iraqi woman killed in Iraq by the US forces, was she a threat to the armed soldiers? Or is it simply that her killers are despicable and cultureless cowards? In the subsequent years, under the reign of Jamal Abdul Nasser, Arab Nationalism was initiated but within a decade it also started to decline. Consequently, the non-Arab Muslims were naturally isolated leading to further division and weakening of the Islam world. The ideology lacked depth and breath, failed to act as a unifying force (United Arab Republic was an appalling failure), as a consequence unable to prevent the subsequent acts of treachery. A simple examination of the facts reveals the magnitude of this treachery. The weapons of these states were used with greater ferocity against their fellow Arab/Muslim neighbours or internal repression, then against its true adversaries. The entire war on Iraq was conducted with the full cooperation of its neighbours, where it was the carrot in the form of bribes that was a more potent tool then the stick of American firepower. Is it any surprise, Mr Gaddafi, another champion of Pan-Arabism has more or less abandoned the Arab league in favour of his African identity? All the wealthy oil rich! Arab states invested heavily in the US, Europe and even indirectly in the Israeli economy rather than their own economy and/or in the neighbouring poorer Arab/Islamic countries. The occasional meagre ‘donations’ to fellow Arab/Muslims was used as a self-publicity stunt, so that they could brag amongst each other as to who is the real champion of Pan-Arabism. Now it seems that the miserable cowardice displayed by the secular Bathist regime and the so-called republican elite forces are perhaps the final nail in the coffin for the hollow concept of Arab unity and/or Arab nationalism. This will perhaps be a turning point in Arab/Islamic history.

Apart from the hollow concept of Arab Nationalism, the Arab/Muslims had to endure the years of spineless rhetoric from the various secular dictators. Mr Gaddafi’s recent announcement to unilaterally dismantle the defence of its country, giving Israel an automatic advantage, is another example of Gaddafi’s well known lunacy. The last thing one can expect from an individual who has been incessantly talking for years about Pan-Arabism, with anti-Israeli slogans. Such conduct gives credence to the principle that when these spineless secular Arab/Muslim regimes respond to humiliation by a foreign power, the response itself is a greater form humiliation. Similarly, for how many years did we hear from Tehran about the "Great Satan" (USA), now the "Satan" is on your doorstep, indiscriminately killing Shias and Sunnis alike in Iraq, what have you done about it? To the contrary the "Great Satan" was assisted du! ring the war in Afghanistan. Then Khatami has abandoned its Nuclear deterrent, with Pakistan not far behind. Apparently, Khatami just realised that after a decade that it is prohibited in accordance to Islamic Law. Surely, isn’t it simply cowering down to the combine threat of the US and Israel? Likewise, Tariq Aziz taunted the US that they would not run like the Taliban but that’s exactly what they did. If you weren’t going to fight, why not simply abandon your position and save the innocent population in Iraq a lot of pain and suffering. You cant send boys to do a mans job. The real men are those who are resisting against the US, and Israeli aggression in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, they are the real heroes, they are not the cowards, who shoot into unarmed civilians or drop bombs from high altitude upon civilians or call for war whilst insulated in their bunkers.

So, history seems to be repeating itself as these few Arabs applaud and aid the US war on ‘terrorism’ (Islam) but fail to realise the US has ulterior motives, and it is driven by corporate profits, Saddam is simply irrelevant. It is about reshaping the Middle East with the American version of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’, which translates to turning Iraq into another subservient, pro-Israeli, US colony (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt) or a US military base (e.g. Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain) and a market for US companies. As a reminder, the recent Afghan woman entering the bikini contest, perhaps soon to be followed by lap dancers and strippers are examples of what the US means by ‘free’ society. Then, the elevation of Shirin Ebadi in Iran, given prime coverage on CNN, for her fight to acquire ‘women’s rights’, which has become a by word for attacking Islamic Laws and values. It is ironic! that whilst waving the flag of ‘women’s rights’, the West has feels no shame in suppressing the ‘Women’s right’ (as defined by liberalists) to cover themselves using the Islamic veil (Hijab). Why does ‘Women’s right’ always involve the removal of her clothes? Hence, expect the bikini to replace the modest Islamic dress. Expect the first Israeli embassy in Iraq. Chalabi has all the right connections. He is well known to JINSA and AIPAC, then expect the oil pipeline from Mosul to Haifa, and the destruction of OPEC or rendering it totally ineffective. Expect an Arab version of Jerry Springer, confusing basic morality and ethics in the minds of our youths.

Now what of the remaining clowns of the Arab world, the ruling elites? In the words of one American army officer, people who have very large waistlines, love their women, brutally suppress internal dissension, and squander their rich resources. The traditional image in Hollywood was not that inaccurate after all in this case! Recently, the Saudi Ambassador to the US praised Bush for attacking Iraq and went further to criticise the War opponents for wanting a stake in the war booty. He sounded just like one of the Neo-Cons. An ambassador from the heart of the Islamic world endorsing an unprovoked attack upon fellow Arab/Muslims is something that even the non-Muslims have been horrified by. What happened to those who are always issuing ‘fatwa’ (Islamic edict)? Why the deafening silence? Or is it a religious innovation to discuss this subject? Then the regular journalists in the Kuwaiti newspaper, who are constantly urging the US to quash the Iraqi resistance movements by any means necessary. They seem more eager to spill the blood of their fellow Arab/Muslims, then the Neo-Cons, or the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) or the right wing Anglo-Saxon (US, UK and Australia) war-mongering fascist? These rich elites are simply living on imported goods from the US, Europe and Japan. Just go and see how many empty palaces that exist, and are maintained for annual conferences. Their inferiority complex has resulted in paying the white US/Europeans a salary many times more then the non-Europeans, even if the non-Europeans work much harder with greater efficiency. In order to raise their own low self-esteem, hoping that they would be accepted as equals, they would make regular ‘donations’ for the various causes in Europe and US. Anyone opening up a company in these countries would require an Arab partner, who just sits back and takes 50% of the profit share. If he gets nasty! , he can confiscate all your assets and throw you out of the country. No right of appeal. No rule of law. Even if you can file a case, the prospect is of facing a kangaroo court. Then the endless reported cases of the poor immigrant (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Philippine, and other poorer Arab countries) workers not getting their wages paid on time or less then what was agreed. Of course, there is always the Mufti (Islamic Scholar) ever ready to justify (dollar ‘fatwa’) such things under the flag of ‘Islamic Law’. Such behaviour has only made these elite Arabs a laughing stock, and reinforced the stereotyped image of the lazy, corrupt, rich, obese, useless and good for nothing. Why do these people send money to build Mosques rather than Synagogues in Europe/US? At least, that would have been consistent with their actions. Better still, they should continue to send their donation to the Zoo’s in Europe as they did in the 90s, since in the eyes of the ordinary Arabs/Muslims th! eir behaviour and intellect are comparable to the animals in the Zoos.