‘Miraculous Love’ on Peace

With his capricious visualization of the ground realities -” and of late -” his ‘miraculous love’ for peace in South Asia, AB Vajpayee has eventually broken his silence vis-à-vis his voyage to Pakistan, beaming a ‘cautious zest’ for friendly ties between the two nuke-neighbours -” India n’ Pakistan.

Perceptibly, it seems an upshot of a few compulsions -” with the ‘premature’ elections in India atop. Otherwise, despite multiple overtures for peace in the region by Pakistan, New Delhi -” overtly -” seems obdurate on its volatile posture. This is manifested by abrupt escalation of atrocities, which have perpetually been swelling -” at the hands of the Indian troops -” on the innocent people of the India held-Kashmir, day-in n’ day-out for no fault of the bona fide dwellers of the fascinating Himalayan State.

This is, rather an ironic scenario because on the one hand, India seeks ‘adore for serenity’ in South Asia and on the other, it is all-out to obliterate such a course and that too without any raison d’être. Such a hideous approach, prima facie seems yet another ploy to hoodwink the global aspire for tranquillity -” from big powers to the diminutive [in size] realms.

Almost every day -” guiltless Kashmiris are being targeted -” despite the fact that they -” too -” have explicitly welcomed the proffers for peace in the region in an earnest way, of-course with a hope that their aspirations shall stand reflected in the accord -” which, if at all surfaces in the silhouette of a podium of peace in this part of the planet.

This is, thus a time of test for India, whereby it can prove its ‘real’ intents by bringing the atrocious course in IHK to an eternal end. If it persists with the current manoeuvres -” by creating Panic in Paradise on Earth -” it shall achieve nothing except abhorrence from each dimension of the civilized world.

To quote a single instance [amongst many more] a lot of people were killed in IHK at the week-end -” as a part of State terrorism against the Kashmiri people. Among the victims were two worshippers, who perished in a grenade attack outside a mosque in a congested area in occupied-city of Jammu. The attack was ostensibly carried out by covert Indian agents in the IHK. Six others were killed in separate fierce incidents.

With the Indo-Pakistan joint statement to seek out the solution of the Kashmir dispute disseminated after a meeting between President Musharraf and Prime Minister Vajpayee, it was anticipated that India will, at least, scale down its sadistic operations in the occupied Kashmir to create congenial atmosphere for a process of ‘composite dialogue’ scheduled for the next month.

It’s nauseating that India -” instead of creating conducive environs -” has rather opted to step up its State terrorism in occupied Kashmir. The Kashmiri people are being beleaguered with no let-up, which is amply evident from thhir homicide on a regular basis.

Pakistan had undoubtedly gone out of the way to seek a negotiated settlement of the Kashmir issue. A perception, in fact, persists that Pakistan has yielded too much in its peace effort. Ceasefire on the Line of Control and permission for over-flights -” along with resumption of road, rail n’ air links -” are without doubt unilateral gestures for peace and amity in the region. It’s a paradoxical setting that India, by now has failed to respond to Islamabad’s peace overtures positively and is continuing with its vile acts of terrorism against the innocent Kashmiri people.

Side-by-side the swelling carnage of men, women n’ children, India has -” simultaneously -” resorted to fencing the LoC with clandestine n’ ulterior motives -” blatantly negating the UN resolutions of Kashmir. A compact report on this facet has instantaneously been lodged with the UN Security Council by the world body’s observers, assigned on this task, ever since the passage of the UN resolutions on Kashmir. We sturdily feel that such a milieu like the unabated killing spree in occupied Kashmir n’ barefaced acts along the LoC may endanger the ongoing peace process between the two countries.

The brutalities and atrocities against the Kashmiri people will, by all pragmatism, erode whatever credibility India has been able to build in the eyes of the worldwide community as a result of Premier Vajpayee’s recent interaction with Pakistani leaders. If -” at all -” India is in actual fact sincere in the peace process, it is ought to scale down -” its troops in occupied Kashmir -” at-once and cease State terrorism against the Kashmiri people.

Going by all norms of ethics n’ justice, its’ indeed a crucial pre-requisite as well as an essential parameter to determine the actual ‘magnitude’ of India’s sincerity towards the concurrent endeavours for amity in this appendage of the orb.

It’s also hoped that Pakistan will take up this specific issue with the Indian authorities at apposite level quickly to bring -” at least some relief to the Kashmiri people -” from the importunate Indian tyranny and despotism -” lest all efforts for peace n’ tranquility go abortive.