Mirror of war in Afghanistan

It has been a fact of history that every ruler in Afghanistan including King Zahir Shah while sitting on the throne in Kabul has been a titular head of the state in the true sense of the word, because under the tribal system their chiefs have been the defacto rulers in their respective areas and the loui jirga was formed to develop a government by consensus in Afghanistan. Till the time that Taliban under the leadership of Mulla Umar came to rule for the first time not only a model Islamic government was formed but more than 90 % of the Afghan territory came under the direct rule of Taliban for the first time, this success of Taliban is an eyesore for the Christendom led by America and the Jew money Mafia.

The hijacking drama on World Trade Center and Pentagon has been exploited to justify their genocide in Afghanistan perpetrated from 7th October 2001. Afghanis under Taliban flag are fighting inspired with the Islamic spirit of Jihad although unarmed against the mighty super power fully backed by its cohorts. Afghanis are facing devastation as the US war planes are throwing bombs and Missiles in total frustration and jeopardy from high skies for fear of Afghan reaction, this can been be witnessed that American war planes are throwing bombs and lunch boxes for people for these heights utterly confused and this is the first example in the history of warfare, which is an ample proof of American fear and out come of the war, which fully exposes that war against terrorism is in itself a brutal act of terrorism led by America, which will create more hatred against USA and this is just like pulling the pin from a hand grenade without being near to the target. Whatever happened on the so-called 11th September 2001, American nation should have exerted pressure on their rulers to be more careful in future to change their foreign policy requirement on pragmatic lines instead of treating the world as their colony under the global village programme.

Why is Americans and the West afraid of Islam and Taliban, Osama bin Laden is their own creation, they first used him in war against USSR in Afghanistan, in those days when American President had decided against the advice of the then Director of American CIA to dispatch stringer missiles to Afghans, Mr. William Casey, the CIA Director had resigned in protest, calling it a danger to American security, which is now evident from their hue and cry, Osama’s fault is reported in writing a few letters calling for American leave Saudi Arabia after the Gulf war. This has turned the friendship into enmity and innocent Afghan people are again made to suffer the atrocities of skywar on Afghanistan. In total disregard to finality of religion and revelations of Almighty Allah to mankind through the Holy Prophet Mohammed ( p.b.u.h.) The Christians and the Jews believe their races to be the master or chosen race by God. They all believed it was a God given right for them to conquer weaker peoples and exploit their kind, much like the way Hitler used Jews to make war supplies. South Africans used the blacks to mine diamonds and Israelis use Palestinians to work the grunt jobs inside Israel. Today American led coalition has again engaged itself in a war for economic gains by thrusting a war under the garb of war against terrorism which has a hidden agenda and most of the Islamic governments and their people stand divided on this issue which will lead to liquidation of sovereignty of some of these countries in times to come. One thing is not understandable why are we divided on the issue of War against Afghanistan for the so-called terrorist attack of 11th September, when the Americans have failed to provide tangible proof to rope in Osama and Taliban for this devastation. It is their fear of Islam in Iran, Afghanistan and nuclear power Pakistan that Jews and Christians are out to destroy us before we forge unity in our rank and file. The conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Africa, UK, USA and Canada within Muslims and many other Muslim and non-Muslim countries were created in the name of Islam by the Christians and the Jews. All these sects and difference are the creation of later times to divide and rule.

I have been writing in these columns that this is the beginning of a millennium war, today every civilization is filled with those good deeds and bad deeds. One must not let a bias because of race and religions interfere with judging morals. Unfortunately the world Jewry has allowed their race to interfere with their morality. Stacy Burdett, Anti Defamation League representative in the recent South African conference on racism made this remarkable ignorant remark recently ” Unfortunately, this episode is only the latest in a series of attempts to drag the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into an international forum where it does not belong.” Speaking about the UN conference on racism. Many Jews believe that Zionism is not racism, and that there is nothing wrong with the way Israel handles peaceful protestors or the Palestinians in general. However anyone with half a mind can judge that Zionism is racism coupled with terrorism, once they realize the hatred some Jews poses for the Arabs and Muslims only then Asia will know the long drawn war against terrorism by the biggest terrorist of the world is not eradicate terrorism rather this is to create more and more terrorist hubs in and around the world.

You will perhaps agree that South Africa was once a racist apartheid state. Blacks were simply not allowed the same rights as whites. They were a limited people by the powerful white exploiters, which considered the blacks as primitive. When these real South African chose to protest, soldiers armed with high-powered American guns bought from Israel shot them. Dozens of blacks were sometimes killed every day in demonstrations.

The new millennium commencing from 2001 and not 2000 has begun on an ominous note. This is not a clash of civilizations but its scope and extent is far beyond. Even the perpetrators of crime and those reacting to it massively and instinctively are not aware of the consequences of this adventure. We are not talking of ” Paradigm shifts ” but fundamental radical conflicts that are not based on universal value structures, but emanate from instincts of persecuting and prosecuting for their vested interests. USA and its allies in Europe careless alike of the state terrorism they perpetuate or sponsor overtly or covertly can not be the torch bearers of an anti terrorism drive or coalition, the war has been taken to their homeland for the first time, they have reacted with utter absence of depth and rectitude not surprising since their individual culture represents this ethos. They have no anvil to forge a policy and for reasons as given above and many more it can be almost accurately assumed that the start of the end of American might has commenced with the launching of a crusade against Islam in Afghanistan. All Muslims know the value and importance of uniting the Muslims around the world and as a result of this American blind offensive of showering missiles in God forsaken land of Afghanistan, little realizing the millions of dollars of missiles thrown in Afghanistan will be used as scrap to earn their bread as the brave Afghanis use to even capture Soviet Tanks in booty trap during the war to convert it into scrap to sell to prospective steel meltors to earn their living, therefor this wars ultimate gain will be that of Unity of Muslim Ummah and renaissance of Islam in its true sense and spirit free from all kinds of expediencies. Allah almighty has in Surah Al-I-Imran given the light and guidance to faithful believers to fight for Truth and Justice so that the entire world will then be a peaceful place and people can work for progress and prosperity without any exploitation by the West. In Verse 013, Al-I-Imran it says ” hold fast all together by the rope which Allah stretches out for you and be not divided among yourself; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love so that by His grace you became brethren; and you were on the brink of the pit fire and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you: that you may be guided.”