More Paradoxical Facts About Hezbollah / Israel

Perhaps no one has bothered to tell George Bush that Hezbollah, including its leader, ARE Lebanese. Hezbollah is not a foreign force fighting in Lebanon, as Britain and America are foreign forces that invaded and occupied Iraq. Hezbollah is organic to Lebanon.

Yes, Hezbollah has ties and financing from foreign governments, such as Syria and Iran. And so does the installed government of Iraq. But Hezbollah is actually a part of the elected democratic government of Lebanon, whereas the U.S. and Britain are occupying military forces within Iraq, propping up their selected government that was vetted by the U.S. before it could be "elected" by the Iraqis.

Moreover, Hezbollah is armed by foreign nations, especially Syria and Iran. Whereas the U.S. arms Iraqi troops as lightly as possible.

The U.S. has reason to fear that members of the U.S.-armed Iraqi Army can and will (and have) turned their weapons against U.S. troops and against fellow Iraqis.

No one fears that Hezbollah will attack Maronite Christians or Sunni Arabs in Lebanon, because Hezbollah is part of the glue that holds Lebanese society, completely unlike the U.S., which is a wedge that is driving Iraqis to fratricide and civil war.

The U.S. government, including the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Vice-President, consistently misrepresent the status of the U.S. in Iraq and demonize Hezbollah by lying about its status and role in Lebanon.

But the rest of the world and the Arab world in particular, know the truth.

Many Lebanese view Hezbollah as saviors and confederates, including members of the Lebanese government and army.

Hezbollah cannot be driven from Lebanon, because Lebanon is the home of its members. But the U.S. can be and will ultimately be driven from Iraq. It is just a question of how much treasure from the U.S. citizenry will be wasted and how many lives will be expended before things are set right in that volatile part of the world.