Mr. Bush, Soon It Won’t Be A Choice



Dear Mr. Bush,

Everyone involved (i.e. scientists, military officers, politicians, medical doctors, journalists, etc.) in the monstrous cover up concerning the radioactive and toxic Uranium-238, also referred to as Depleted Uranium (DU), should be accountable for the past, present, and future deaths and suffering of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people.  Many of these scientists and officials are ignorant about nuclear materials and their effects on human health.  Most of them have not only never worked with nuclear materials, but have never studied them; nevertheless, they present themselves on TV screens boasting with their unfounded opinions and many times lying to an uninformed and unfortunate public.  The establishment hires them, supports them, and calls them experts.  They are self-recognized and promulgate lies and deceit for the benefit of a few at the expense of many.

Scientific corruption and fraud have reached their highest level, and all the scientific organizations within the peace movement who say that they are working for the people are unable to make any statements in the main media.  Why is that?  Why do they keep silent, or why are they not allowed to speak while they claim to care for the public?  But these unfortunate days of humanity have brought something good for those that can see clearly.  Now people can know who speaks the truth and who does not, and it is becoming clearer every day that a serious unrest is growing worldwide for life, dignity, and justice.

Those intoxicated in their own world, spending millions of dollars just for a night to celebrate their victory, make one statement only, one sentence on foreign policy, and that sentence is nothing but a threat to others.  Is that world leadership?  Should we expect a better world tomorrow after such threats to other nations?  Thus, as the leader of the world, as many people call you, Mr. Bush, you make the following ominous statement during your inauguration: “The enemies of liberty should make no mistake, America remains engaged in the world, by history and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom.”

Mr. Bush, I do not believe that most Americans think about enemies of liberty when they go to sleep at night.  They do not have such anxieties and such explosive imaginations, creating enemies in their minds everywhere in the world.  They worry about how to make ends meet and how to see their beloved ones healthy and happy.  They try to envision a peaceful world for their children and grandchildren, with time to play with them and enjoy life.  But many leaders worldwide are thinking of profit and power, and to acquire them they must create enemies and war.  What happened to those in the past with the same vision?  That is not the desire of humanity, Mr. President.  The music will stop soon and the dance will be over.  The world will be drawn into great misery and agony soon unless some people within your administration stand up and speak out for humanity.  Will they?

All of the so-called “experts” and “officials” acting from self-interest, who so many times speak only on condition of anonymity, are putting millions of people in hospitals and graves and bringing great suffering and violence in the world.  These acts of violence must stop.  Those who continue to cooperate with this pure evil must come to their senses.  These are crimes against humanity.  How can they be forgotten?  The great suffering is yet to unfold; we have seen nothing yet.  If we do not act against this insanity, we might as well expect to see the unthinkable soon.  If you do not unite with ALL world leaders and act soon, offering nonviolence to the world, we will be irreversibly headed toward fulfilling the old prophecies of doomsday.  Do we have to fulfill them?  For the sake of our children, let us stop these senseless murders and our final destruction.

Mr. President, along with all of your advisors, people know how power can intoxicate humans and take them out of reality, but don’t you see what is coming upon everyone on earth tomorrow because of such ambitions?  I am sure it is very hard to see through the clouds of power.  To think that we are better than others because we have more power is nothing else but arrogance. The power that placed humans and all life on earth will never allow any humans to control humanity by holding nuclear bombs in their hand.  That will not happen; the New World Order will not succeed, not when it is based on violence and exploitation.  Only compassion will make America be respected, loved, and followed by other nations in the world, and then it will be truly powerful.

Mr. Gorbachev, in his open letter to you on Christmas day just before the new millennium, correctly stated:  “For while America’s role is acknowledged throughout the world, her claim to hegemony, not to say domination, is not similarly recognized.  For this reason, I hope, Mr. Bush, as the new American president, that you will give up any illusion that the 21st century can, or even should, be the “American Century.”  Globalization is a given – but “American globalization” would be a mistake.  In fact, it would be something devoid of meaning and even dangerous.”

How can you and your administration speak about justice and democracy when the USA sells half of the world weapons?  A government protected by nuclear extortion towards other nations cannot claim itself to be a democracy; we might as well call it oligarchy because that is what it is.  Let us not deceive and brainwash the public.

Government scientists and experts have kept millions of people busy lately doing research to prove the obvious, simply that war with nuclear materials kills millions of people.  Some suspect that this is a population control policy, or just a way of getting rid of nuclear waste from American soil, or both.  Whatever it is, it will not last for too long because no nation can have authority over the people of the earth.  Final authority belongs to the power that placed humans on the face of the earth.

In one of your recent speeches, you mentioned that history has not recorded World War III because of the existence of NATO.  But we have not grasped the fact that after World War III, most likely there will be no humans left to record history.  The world knows that NATO stands for the expansion of Western power at the expense of world peace. With this attitude, the West demonstrates unequivocally that its desire is world domination by any means.  The West in its blindness boasts that it won the Cold War.  Immersed in comfort, we willingly deny what the wise of the past warned us about, “and in those days people will seek death and death will flee from them.”

The National Missile Defense System (NMD) has been criticized by many of the US’s Nobel Prize winners as fundamentally flawed.  Close U.S. allies have questioned the prudence of your administration’s decision to deploy the NMD system and other major nuclear powers strongly oppose it.  You have been closing every one of your major speeches mentioning the word God and I feel compelled to ask you to which god you are referring to, the God of peace or the god of war?  You are surrounded by many religious leaders and I wonder, has any one of those Christian leaders holding the Bible in their hands told you what you are about to fulfill?  Einstein warned us that unless we changed our thinking we would soon face the unthinkable.

I am sure most American citizens are not proud of their government when it threatens other nations.  In fact, all desire freedom, peace and health, but these are being taken away piece by piece daily.  Mr. Bush, we have heard and know that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  You and your administration, along with your families, are citizens of this earth.  Your destiny is tied to the destiny of the earth, and its destiny appears to be in your hands and in the hands of those who advise you.  Will you choose life or death for the world? Time will show. Soon it won’t even be a choice unless your administration has the wisdom and courage to forge a new and peaceful path in our world.

Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.

Mr. Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. is a Former Research Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.