Mr. Powell, The blood of Palestine’s children is on your hands

Mr. Secretary:

I’m writing this letter in regards to your recent trip to the Middle East, in particular occupied Palestine.

What you did, or rather what you didn’t do, cannot be described in terms other than despicable, cowardly, and morally reprehensible.

You started off by touring the other countries in the region, to give Israel a free hand in continuing its’ onslaught of death and destruction against the Palestinian people. This was done under the pretext that it was important to meet with moderate Arab leaders first, discuss the situation with them, the schedule was set this way, and other types of nonsense.éWhat a joke. You are a military man and realize the strategy of time in this shameful maneuver that fools no one.

As you continued your dance around the Mediterranean, hundreds more Palestinians were being killed, wounded, and dispossessed as refugees once again.

When you finally arrived you met with Sharon unconditionally, with no pressure or demands that he “withdraw without delay”, as the Israeli tanks continued to roll onto the civilian population in your presence.

To add insult to injury, you demanded that Arafat, in his besieged compound, condemn the suicide bombing that killed 6 Israelis! , while you blindly ignored the hundreds of Palestinians getting massacred in the Jenin refugee camp right before you.

It was indeed naive of me, as it was the rest of the world, to believe that one of the murderers of innocent men, women and children in the Amariya shelter and elsewhere in Iraq, would behave otherwise with the people of Palestine.

Your, and the White House’s cowardly silence towards these crimes, makes you accomplices in them, and you, along with theépresident for that matter, will forever have the blood of Palestine’s children on your hands.