Murders on the Roads


The swelling hapless episodes of day in, day out road mishaps in Pakistan have-by n’ large-turned into a ritual of paradoxical nature. A bona fide n’ fortified study of this death-defying course exhaustively portrays that the scale of the chronicled cataclysmic accidents-like the one on Monday, which took over 30 loved lives in a single day-is far fewer than the those which in fact take place in assorted vicinities-explicitly-the rural terrain, detached from the enticing n’ mesmerizing life-size cities.

Global set-ups can-conveniently-evaluate the mortality-rate any where in the world via their set parameters, yet sardonically nothing is in existence to gauge the magnitude of carnage on the roads nor does any dominant shot, set off to cease the day-to-day catastrophes to an eternal end. No one knows as to how many guiltless lives vanish in a spur of moment at the hands of a few wicked n’ wild vested interests-composed of a bunch of illicit species-for the sake of a few elfin coins.

At the same time, no one is-unfortunately-upset n’ uptight vis-é-vis the reality that the unvarying lust-for-money [by a crazy class of egocentrics] is inserting the jovial adolescents into the index of orphans n’ juvenile brides as widows plus innocent parents into a state of a undeviating anguish-with the frequent lifting of copious funerals just in one go. And even no one has a compassion on such a dilemma, exploding with the advent of almost every dawn. It’s plainly a callous state of affairs.

Who is to be held liable? It’s not complex to weigh up as the heartless sky-rocketing raw n’ reckless drivers, the title-holders of the flabby vehicles, the mechanical surveyors n’ examiners, the driving license issuing authorities, the traffic police n’ above all every-one related to the business, from top to bottom-stands accountable for such ill-fated occurrences.

Even with scant funds, a heavier yoke-is being placed on the national coffers-just to match the ‘pulsating traffic detectives’ with the needs of the 21st century epoch. Such groups are being even equipped with dexterous gadgets like cosy n’ comfy cabs n’ wireless radars-obviously not as opulence, but to shield the humankind-which is being impeached via escalating road mishaps-just for indispensable cruise from one place to another to survive.

Obviously such a risky scenario can not be allowed to persist unabated. An instant cognizance of this corrupt practice-at all levels-needs to be addressed as a top priority through combined n’ all-inclusive ways n’ means. It is thus imperative that as an outset measure the real ownership of all the vehicles-plying cold-bloodedly on all routes across the country be fixed to uncover the ‘full-throttled n’ powerful’ scruffy n’ shady faces-to take them to task as they are deemed as the perceptible cause of the frequent accident-both as the merchants, operators plus overseer.

Without the evaporation of such a setting how can a poor cop can cage a repulsive violator of the traffic rules, the driver. The motor vehicle law should-simultaneously-be put into effect in a tangible way. All licenses-issued by now-are required to be scrutinized n’ even seized, specifically when a pricey issuance of computerized driving licenses has been kicked off with a fantastic zest. A meticulous re-checks of all the vehicles-irrespective of ones’ sway is likewise vital to put the outlived ones into a ditch or den-of course with any commuter. Initiation of a strict driving test, requisite course, for all the pliers, irrespective of status and gender, strong-worded instructions to traffic constables and on-time maintenance of signals is all the more is necessary along with proper maintenance of roads and highways to avert the loss of precious lives with no fault on their part at all.

The poor-who are perpetually the victims-expect n’ hope that their elected-representatives-the Legislators-shall take-up the plight of their electorates by getting the genocide on pathways, highways, streets n’ even on boulevard-with mounting travel accidents-stopped at-once, side-by-side  clutching their peculiar political plans-in whatever fashion they wish-lest the killings on roads blow up as a volcanic emission for any-one.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).