Muslim Ethnic Cleansing in Europe Planned!

Anti-Muslim Jewish leadership is after Muslim blood. It does not matter for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership that it is spilled on Muslim or non- Muslim soil. It does not matter for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership that the butchers of Muslims are racist Bharatis (Indians), racist European Jews who are occupying Palestine, Russians or Americans. The only thing that matters for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership is that Muslim blood must spill all over the world –” wherever they are.

It does not matter for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership that Muslim blood is spilled by fueling wars between two Muslim countries or dividing Muslim Ummah between ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘progressive secularists.’ The only thing that matters for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership is that Muslim blood should spill from dawn to dust –” from dust to dawn.

It also does not matter for the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership that hired butcher and traitors like Musharaf or Karzai spills the blood of Muslim.

So it was not a surprise to anyone when Jewish Sentinel published “EU Security Alert.” Subtitle of the article is “More Muslims may mean more extremism.”

Author of the article is Jacob Stein. He served as a special advisor to the Reagan White House and as a member of the U.S. human rights delegation to Geneva.

Jewish Jacob Stein warns the European Union about the growing Muslims population, Muslims growing interest in Islam, Muslim incompatibility with the ‘European values.’ and al Qaeeda cells next door.

The importance of the E.U. should not be ignored. It outnumbers the U.S. in population. It challenges the U.S. economic worldwide economy. And its leadership is counting to bog down the U.S. in an international crisis. British, French and Germans has never forgotten that it was an international crises like World War 1 and World War 11 which extend the U.S. empire all over the world, depriving them of their monopoly. Clash is un-inevitable.


The European Union is warned that the “nature of Europe is changing as many countries are serving as a home for immigrating Muslims. Islam is already the fastest-growing religion in Europe. The number of Muslims in Europe has tripled over the last 30 years, and demographers project a higher Muslim growth rate in the years ahead. The high Muslim birthrate is coupled with a low birthrate among native Europeans, who create only 1.45 children a year, to maintain the population; a birthrate of 2.1 children is needed. Given their low birthrate, the EU states’ population will decline by 30 million by the year 2050. Meanwhile, there are 300 million people in Muslim countries under the age of 20, living in nations which will be unable to create jobs for them. Demographers predict that within six years the three largest cities in the Netherlands will have a majority Muslim population. (EU Security Alert, Jacob Stein, Jewish Sentinel, April 1-7, 2005.


Other factor which anti-Muslim Jewish leadership is highlighting to scares the world is the Muslim growing interest in Islam. “It is no longer strange to see women wearing headscarves on European streets and Arabic sings in store windows. The Pew Forum reports that this new interest in faith is especially keen among Muslims born in Europe, mostly the children and grandchildren of the immigrants who arrived in the 1960s and 70s. Will the growing interest in the religion of Islam in the EU states cause problems? We remember 9/11, as well as the Madrid train bombing. The concern in Europe is that the growing Muslim interest in Islam will give greater voice to radical Islam and ultimately lead to more violence. The economic setting may be stirring the Muslim to more actively engage in their religion. A poll in England showed 60 percent of the Muslims saying they attend Mosque services regularly. A poll in France by the newspaper Le Monde showed that there, too, Muslims were attending Mosques, praying more frequently and fasting more on Ramadan. That was the situation in 1994, the time of the last poll.” EU Security Alert, Jacob Stein, Jewish Sentinel, April 1-7, 2005.


Jewish leadership has another tool to fuel anti-Muslim propaganda. It reminds the EU that al-Qaeda cells exist in E.U. “Police have uncovered al-Qaeda cells in Britain, Spain and Germany. There has been an increase of violent anti-Semitic attacks that have plagued the continent. Many Muslims have been expelled from Europe as they called for violence or expressed sympathy for Osman bin Laden or other terrorists. Thirteen percent of British Muslim have indicated in a recent poll by the newspaper The Guardian that ‘further attacks by al-Qaeda on the U.S. would be justified. The Netherlands suffered recently when a prominent filmmaker, Theodor von Gogh, was brutally murdered in Amsterdam, allegedly by a 20-year-old Moroccan. He was probably targeted by Muslim extremist for making a film critical of Islam’s treatment of women.” EU Security Alert, Jacob Stein, Jewish Sentinel, April 1-7, 2005.


The crafty anti-Muslim Jewish leadership repeats again and again that Muslims and Christians cannot live together. It chews that “European nations have strong cultural religious and linguistic traditions. An excellent study by the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life reports that ‘most nations in Europe are constructed around a population with a common ethnicity’ and that Europeans are concerned that their core values, such as tolerance, democracy, and equal rights for women, will be eroded. According to the Pew report, the centrality of Islam in the lives of so many Muslim is hard for increasing secular Scandinavians, Germans and Frenchmen to comprehend, and tensions have already risen over the Muslim religion. This is happening as Turkey, a modern Islamic country, seeks entrance to the European Union (EU), and there is an intense debate on the issue among EU members.” EU Security Alert, Jacob Stein, Jewish Sentinel, April 1-7, 2005.


Anti-Muslim Jewish leadership knows the worth and effectiveness of false propaganda. It knows that minds of the millions human beings can be poisoned by painting a community or a religion in negative colors.

This is the reason that anti-Muslim Jewish is waging an anti-Muslim propaganda war and is winning. Anti-Muslim hate is increasing. Anti-Muslims measures are adopted every day. And above all the perception of the Muslims and Islam is changing due to the incessant propaganda by the anti-Muslim Jewish leadership and its paid agenda-setters.

This is the reason that Mr. Stein boasts while smiling that “France sees its challenge as bringing Muslims into European society without changing the foundation of secular democracy. The deputy prime minister [Netherlands] declared war on radical Islam. Europe is reacting: Italian Prime Minister Silva Berlusconi declared that ‘Islamic civilization is inferior to that of the West’ and the Belgium minister of interior criticized the Muslim culture, ‘where women are put in a position of inferiority because they have to cover up their bodies.” EU Security Alert, Jacob Stein, Jewish Sentinel, April 1-7, 2005.


A big challenge for the Muslim leadership all over the world and particularly in America is the development of an effective strategy to respond to the anti-Muslim hate campaign by the Jewish leadership. One appropriate response is to negate whatever anti-Jewish leadership says and wherever it says. Other response is to prove that the Jewish leadership is the number one enemy of America and the European Union. Or to put this reality in another way that Jewish leadership is the number one enemy of Christians all over the world. Anti-Muslim and anti-Christian leadership benefits from any rift, clash or misunderstanding between the Christian and the Muslim World. Any rift between the two gives a chance to the Jewish leadership that it is on the side of the Christian World in a war with the Muslim World. And Christian World should rewards the Jew leadership for taking side with the Christian World.

Every day articles should be published in the newspapers all over the world about the anti-Muslim and anti-Christian activities of the Jewish leadership. Universities, religious institutions, and every available platform should be used to expose the hidden agenda of the Jewish leadership. The motives of any voice supporting the activities of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim Jewish leadership should be exposed. Jewish leadership should be on the defensive and not on the offensive. The list of its crime against the Christian and the Muslim World is very long.

Let us start with one website, with one newsletter, with one weekly and with one daily which exclusively concentrates on the anti-Christian and anti-Muslim activities of the Jewish leadership.