Muslims must reject the Talmudist’s laws of oppression and occupation and adhere to Islam


The Jews have a law that prohibits anyone except a Jewish person from negotiating on behalf of Jews, and also from overseeing their affairs. This is one way that we know that the US is not wagging Israel, and that Israel does in fact wag the US, and uses its many Jewish brethren and sisters in the US government, and throughout our society, and the various Zionist organizations, synagogues and Zionist Christian churches, to see that Zionist Israel’s dictates are carried out, and that Israel is funded and supplied with military armaments. To ensure that its interests and commands are protected here, Israel has used blackmail of US public officials, threats of physical violence and assassination, and even threats of nuclear attacks against the US to get its way.

This explains why it was so very important to Israel, that the people of the United States be denied our right to have our elected representatives decide who would be our Ambassador to the United Nations, and why John Bolton was put in place as a recess appointment. Whereas it was not unconstitutional to do so, it certainly undermined the spirit of our constitution, since he has proven to be a man who has no respect for the law of this land, or any other law except the Talmud. His statements regarding the so-called war on terror, and US foreign policy in the Muslim and Arab world, made both prior to, and after the inception of the present war between Islam and Zionism in Lebanon and Palestine, make it very clear that Bolton is playing the role of Israel’s overseer and protector of its interests by exploiting, and misdirecting our country’s diplomatic mission, hoping to impose and cause the world to follow the law and worldview of the Talmudist Jews, of which he is one. As a result of Bolton’s UN ambassadorship, and Condoleeza Rice’s unwillingness, or inability to uphold US values and our Constitutional philosophy, and moral values through our US State Department, which has also become a bastion of Talmudic idealism, and policies formulated to advance the Talmudic worldview, nearly the entire world follows Israel’s dictates, and also to abides by its law, for fear mostly of the US. This approach to foreign policy is a mistake for the US.

It is wrong for the US to capitulate to Israel’s attempts to coerce international acceptance, and conformity to the Talmud through violence and threats. It is also very dangerous, and counter productive, particularly in respect to US interests in the Muslim and Arab world. The US, by allowing itself to be used as a Zionist puppet, and emissary, John Bolton carrying Zionism’s racists and inhumane Talmudic world view and law into the United Nations through US patronage, giving the wrong impression that the people of the United States agree with these ideas, rules and philosophy, and that our military should be sacrificed for the sake of the Zionist ideological domination, has put the entire world at risk, since it has, by so doing, presented the world with an ultimatum, which is either to capitulate to Zionist world domination through coerced conformity to its ideology, laws, and demands, or to be “against” the US, and its dwindling list of allies, in the so-called war on terrorism, which everyone now knows, is actually an ideological battle between Zionism and Islam.

Unfortunately some Christians, convinced by the Zionist church that Israel resulted from a divine decree and that Jews are God’s chosen people, have for the most part cast their lot with the Zionists. Muslims will not. Even if the Arab and Muslim governments decide to forsaken the Islamic law, and to instead adopt the Talmudic law casting their fate with the US and Europe, and thereby worshipping the golden calf, which represents the idols, and false gods, the people of the Arab and Muslim world will not, the Muslims will not.

In the Holy Qur’an, chapter 7 (Al, A’raf), verse 3, God said, “Follow the revelation given unto you from your Lord, and follow not as friends or protectors other than God. Little is it that you remember of admonition.”

France cannot be an interlocutor for Muslims. It cannot negotiate on behalf of Muslims, and neither can people who claim to be Muslims, and yet have forsaken Islam which is defined and expressed, and exacts its influence upon the lives of its adherents through its law. Certain Muslims have asked us to believe that the war on terrorism is a war against what they call “Muslim extremism.” Isn’t it interesting that the so-called “extremists” are always the Muslims who believe that we must uphold and abide by the Shariah? Isn’t it interesting that the enemies of Islam have informed us very honestly, and in no uncertain terms, that they are in an ideological war with Islam, yet it is mostly Muslims working to convince us that they are not?

Ideology is the philosophy of a people that manifests through its laws. While the so-called Muslim intellectuals want to convince us that this war is against extremism, it is very clear now that this war of ideology is about laws, and cultural hegemony. Is it extreme for the Muslim to live according to the Islamic law? There answer is of course “no.” It is only extremism if we reject the Talmudic law that they seek to impose upon us. They don’t care if we don’t eat pork, or gamble. They don’t care if we go to Jummah on Friday, or pray five times a day. Yet, we are extremists when we say that we will not bow down to Israel and Zionism, or to any man, idea or entity that violates what God has revealed to the prophet Muhammad (sa) as the law, and the right way for mankind to think and to live. We will never accept that we are inferior to Jews or anyone else. As they have sought to convince us that extremism is any attempt to impose, or to force our beliefs upon others, they have been imposing their beliefs upon us, and through the use of threat and violence, doing everything they can, including writing and publishing counterfeit Qur’an, in an attempt to distort God’s message and to prevent people from having access to what Islam truly is, and what God has truly said, and revealed to his prophets, including Jesus and Moses.

If we, the Muslims of the world hope to succeed in our struggle to survive, and preserve our faith, our cultures and history and our Holy book, we must never worship the idols of this world, including the false prophets, the counterfeit book of the Pharisees the Talmud, and the cults of Zionism, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim or secular. We must never seek protection from the people, who have come to worship these idols, and we must never fear them, and they cannot lead us. The world must know that Muslims cannot accept a UN resolution that calls our attempts to protect Muslim life “attacks” and that portrays Israel’s illegal acts of aggression against our lands and people by contrast, as “military operations.” We must not accept this Talmudic view that the Zionist Jew is superior, and that when they kill us it is justified, but when we fight back against them, that it is criminal. We will never accept that Israel can invade the sovereign countries, and carve out for itself areas that it will occupy, or control until international forces are put in place to protect its interest, and to undermine the rights and sovereignty of other non-Jewish people, simply because we are not Jewish or Zionist.

That time has arrived when every Muslim must choose for him and herself what it means to worship one God. Who do we fear? What can they do to us? If we have suffered, has it been because we were living according to our faith, or was it because for years we have been worshipping this golden calf, and as we have worshipped it, and it has been killing and oppressing us? Is God showing us that this calf, this idol, these people, and their law are not worthy, or capable of being our God, and they are not entitled to our fear or our worship?

God says in the Qur’an, Chapter 2, (Al-Baqarah), verses, 138-143, the following:

“Our religion is the baptism of God. And who is better to baptize than God. And it is He (God) whom we worship. Say: Will you dispute with us about God, seeing that He is our Lord, and your Lord, that we are responsible for our doings, and you for yours, and that we are sincere in our faith in Him (God)? Or do you say that Abraham, Ismail, Isaac and the tribes were Jews or Christians? Say: “Do you know better than God? Oh, who is more unjust than those who conceal the testimony they have from God? But God is not unmindful of what you do.”

That was a people who have passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did, and you of what you do. Of their merit there is no question in your case.

The fools among the people will say:

“What has turned them from their Qibla to which they were used? Say" To God belongs the East and the West. He guides whom he will to a way that is straight. Thus have we made you an Ummah, justly balanced, that you may be witnesses to the nations!”

May God make us steadfast on His straight path. May he strengthen our resolve for righteousness. May he purify our hearts and souls and make us love to meet Him, and hate to be far from Him. May He bless us to be those people who do sincerely believe in Him, and worship Him, and who refuse to bow down to anyone, or anything except Him and His law, the one that He revealed to Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and the other prophets of monotheism, may he be pleased with them, and us, their followers. May He make us those people, whose struggle was not for self, or the aggrandizement of any idea, except that there is Only One God. This struggle is for every human being who knows that God created them equal to all other human beings, and bestowed upon us, regardless of our race, gender, skin color, nationality, age, etc., unalienable rights that includes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should not allow fear of any human being, any army, any threat, poverty, or anything else to cause us to fail in our struggle, or to leave this battlefield called life without victory. We have hurt and suffered many losses. The solution is not to forsaken our beliefs and to adopt the beliefs of the Zionists and criminals, and place ourselves under their authority. We must not be under the authority of Satan and his followers, and to abide by their law, is to be under their authority. We must live by our law, and we must be steadfast, even in such times as these. May God make it so. Honor… piety… justice.